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Gives Default Femshep a buzzcut instead of her iconic hairstyle.

Permissions and credits
This mod removes Default Femshep's hair mesh, giving her a buzzcut hairstyle. Optionally the buzzcut available to Custom Femsheps can be chosen instead. This variant has a darker colour and slightly lower hairline. 

This is a small-scope, single-issue project. For more widespread, complex, choice-based overhauls of the Default Characters, I would recommend checking out Hairy Sheploo or the Customizable Femshep Replacer.


Download the .7z file.
Drag and drop onto the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
Either install directly, or import into your library then install.
Play the game.


This mod is incompatible with other DLC mods that amend Default Shepards of either gender. This includes Hairy Sheploo, Customizable Femshep Replacer and Cullen Shepard

This mod is compatible with texture-based overhauls of Default Femshep, such as this Default Femshep Retexture

This mod is incompatible with the Shepard Movement Animation Replacer

This mod is incompatible with birefringent's mods adjusting the omniweapons of various classes.

Known Issue

The Character Creator will always show the ligher buzzcut. The installed buzzcut will appear as intended in the actual game. Correcting this requires shipping two larger files, which would need to be manually chosen by the user, and introduce further compatibility issues with a number of mods. 

Credits and Thanks

SpaceD0lphin - for the idea
Marcus22Khaar - for the glitch that spawned the idea
Jenya66 - for the upscaled textures and permission to edit them
Mgamerz, SirCxyrtyx and KinkoJiro for the tools