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A project designed to diversify LE3 through better species' population balancing, outfit/appearance diversification and overall breathing more life into the world. This project is currently in ALPHA and is only partially complete.

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The LE3 Diversification Project is an initiative that aims to improve the immersive elements of Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition by overhauling species population numbers, introducing female aliens for most humanoid races, and making the world feel less static. The mod is built from the ground up to work for vanilla players, while also serving as a foundation for new content introduced by content mods such as Spectre Expansion Mod.

Below are some of the changes we have made so far in this mod:

Rebalanced NPC Population
Vanilla has a serious issue of population imbalance which is most notable with the human population, which is often two or three times greater than the total number of aliens in the same area. There are now roughly equal numbers of Asari, Humans, Salarians and Turians in a given area on the Citadel, with smaller numbers of Batarians, Drell, Elcor, Hanar, Krogan, Quarians and Volus added, depending upon location, with numbers dictated by how rare a species is in Citadel space.

The rebalance is not only relegated to species, as we have also rebalanced the number of NPCs wearing certain outfits while also importing meshes from Mass Effect 1 & 2 to broaden the range of clothing on view while playing the game. Alongside this we imported hundreds of headmorphs and clothing colour schemes from across the entire trilogy and introduced female batarians, drell and turians to the Citadel.

As of the alpha release, we've made good progress towards our goal and minor NPCs now have much greater representation, and we will continue to improve the ratio of Council species for 1.0. We'll continue to improve the representation of female turians/batarians/drell as we cover more areas of the game.

C-SEC Overhaul
Citadel Security has undergone a major overhaul. In vanilla ME3, their numbers were almost entirely made up of male turians, but now they have roughly equal numbers of asari, humans and salarians, as well as a very small number of volus. These races will wear their C-SEC equipment from Mass Effect 1 & 2, to keep them consistent and thereby increasing the immersion for a player who has imported a Shepard from those games. If they are carrying weapons, these weapons will change based upon whether or not Humans are the dominant race on the Council.

Additionally, prior to the Cerberus Coup all C-SEC in the Embassies will be human and after it they will all be alien, and in the immediate aftermath of the Coup you'll find many injured and dying C-SEC officers in Huerta Memorial Hospital. This CSEC overhaul also reaches into the Cerberus Coup mission itself, with the NPCs there now wearing lore accurate uniforms, with more aliens present and many ME1 & 2 C-SEC officers found among the dead.

Evolving Citadel
The Citadel is no longer static! We have started to introduce changes that will make the Citadel feel different each time you visit. Whether its randomising what ships fly past the docks or the music in Purgatory changing each time you visit, these changes will help make each visit to the Citadel feel unique, and feel as if it is reacting to the story. Some changes happen based around complete missions, others upon imported choices. These are among the changes that can happen:

- Holograms in Purgatory will change based on whether Citadel: Improved Power Grid is complete
- Trees in the Embassy change based on who is the dominant race in the Council
- Adverts in the Embassy change over time and are somewhat randomised as well
- Ships outside the dock are randomised, and will change based on what allies you've collected
- Keepers may or may not appear in various locations
- Grissom students will be found on the Citadel when Jack is on shore leave
- When Irune is attacked, the refugee area and hospital will flood with volus refugees
- Purgatory music can either be vanilla or the same as Dark Star Lounge in LE2

There are more than that, with many others planned down the line in future patches. These will eventually spill out into other missions and the Omega hub areas.

Improved Power Grid Mod is included in this mod.

Immersive Warzones
In addition to the hub changes, we're also looking to improve the immersion of various missions throughout the game. Though these edits will not be as deep as our changes for our sister mod Take Earth Back, we're hoping that the edits will help to sell that Shepard is in the midst of a galaxy-wide, genocidal conflict. Among the changes that are included on release:

- A wide variety of skintones are present on Sur'kesh, with many of the soldiers reusing headmorphs from the Virmire mission in Mass Effect 1
- Overhauled the CSEC massacre in Priority: Citadel II to give CSEC the correct uniforms, adding other Council races as dead CSEC, and applying gunshot vfx to many of them
- Corpses throughout Priority: Thessia have had blood vfx applied to them, and many of the body bags have been replaced with dead/injured asari on stretchers
- Static mesh corpses on Priority: Eden Prime have been replaced by skeletal meshes using dead poses, and have had blood and gunshot vfx applied to them
- Turian population rebalanced on Priority: Palaven, with alternate armour suits added and additional NPCs for the hub
- Krogan armour and headmorphs are now more varied, with clan appearances from other games making an appearance

These changes will help sell the massacres that we're witnessing, but down the line we're hoping to include less gory changes like NPC composition that changes based on imported decisions or war assets gathered, terrain alterations and more.

Common Sense Improvements
Where something was added poorly we've tried to fix them. For example in vanilla, on Priority: Eden Prime all the protheans not only used the same mesh but the same textures. We've now edited them so Javik will wear his standard red armour, while all the others will use black armour and different colour skin tones.

The Future...
LE3 Diversification Project is a vast project, so we have decided to release it as an alpha before we expand it further. As you might expect, we have hundreds of ideas for how to improve the Citadel and many missions, as well as finding ways to introduce brand new content alongside it. Here are some of the things we are happy to admit we're aiming to make for future patches but this is by no means the definitive list of whats to come:

- Cinematic dialogue for Zaeed in the refugee area
- Cinematic recruitment dialogue for Ken & Gabby in Purgatory
- 4 more club tracks for Purgatory
- Increased outfit diversity
- Priority: Palaven NPC numbers change based on whether Garrus is alive or not
- Memory & FPS improvements where required
- Advert changes on the Citadel
- Silversun Strip NPC overhaul
- Omega NPC overhaul
- Hanar Embassy...

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Using Mod Manager, then drag and drop the archive into Mod Manager to import it. After that all you need to do is apply the mod.

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"Why is this an alpha?"

Because overhauling an entire game in one go is a monumental task, so by releasing as an alpha we can break down the workload into patches while simultaneously getting bug reports and feedback while at an early stage of the mod.

"Does this mod include the Improved Power Grid Mod?"

Yes! If you have that mod, make sure you delete it before installing this one.

"This looks like Project Variety, is it the same mod?"

It isn't, although this mod and Project Variety do share many similarities in design goals. LE3 Diversification Project is the Mass Effect 3 version of the original diversification project released for Mass Effect 1 by Audemus. The link is to that mod is found here.

As our mods edit many of the same things, it's unlikely that Project Variety and this mod will be compatible, but its probable that down the line compatibility patches will be made.

"Is this mod compatible with ending mods?"

It is!

"Is this mod linked with the other Diversity Mod Projects?"

It is!

"Is this mod compatible with A Lot Of Textures?"

It is! We have worked hard to keep the memory usage far below the memory limits and tested this frequently, so there should be no issues. If there are any, let us know.

"Is this mod compatible with Spectre Expansion Mod?"

Of course!

I have an idea, I'd love for you to add it to the mod! Would you?

Potentially! We have a lot of our own ideas to sift through first, but you can always post it in the comments section.

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Credits & The Team:

Team Leader:


Modding & Sequencing:


Terrain Editing:




Models & Textures:

Mellin - Many, many, many mesh edits
Mistyvail - Turian female head and body meshes
PickleJuice - Batarian & Drell female headmeshes

Bug Testers:




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