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This intends to overhaul the Reaper faction to use more of the husk monsters they have used through the rest of the trilogy, starting with the Abominations and eventually adding both the Scions and Praetorians that were first featured in Mass Effect 2.

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Husk & Abomination Consistency
Husks and Abominations now use the same appearance that they had during Mass Effect 2. This is done partly because the older models have more of a creepy body-horror vibe, but also so that they remain consistent in appearance across the entire trilogy.

In some instances there are FMVs that show the vanilla ME3 model for husks. To accommodate these, a newer, tougher version of a husk called a Wretched will spawn on certain missions. This will be tougher to fight but retain the same appearance as the ME3 Husk, which will keep these FMVs feeling immersive

Collector Enemies
Do you long for the days of shooting Praetorians?

The Mass Effect trilogy has shown us that the Reapers like to experiment with creating husk monsters, and that new battlefields bring fresh horrors. Well, this mod is aiming at bringing a few of those horrors back.

This alpha mod ports the Abomination enemy from Armax Arena & Mass Effect 2 to Priority: Palaven, with the intention of porting over Scions and Praetorians in future updates on select maps. As this mod is an alpha, it needs a lot of testing to make sure the AI is working as intended. These have been skilfully woven into the mission where appropriate, and will only be fought if the player imports a save from Mass Effect 2.

Missions Encountered On:
Attican Traverse: The Rachni
Mahavid: Leviathan
N7: Fuel Reactors
Priority: Horizon
Priority: Palaven
Priority: Thessia
Priority: Tuchanka

Reaper Possession
All types of husk enemies can now be possessed by the Reapers. When they do, they become more aggressive, gain shields, and deal more damage to the player. You can tell the possessed enemies by the glowing VFX that applies to them. This is the biggest balance change I've made so far and is most definitely a work-in-progress, one that will be balanced over time.

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Is this mod compatible with X?

Hard to say. The mod will be compatible with all of Expanded Galaxy Mod and Spectre Expansion Mod, as well as any and all of my other mods. Any others are on a case-by-case basis.

What enemies are add by this mod?

The intention is to add ME3's Abominations, Scions and Praetorians to all missions that they make sense to appear in. It is possible that they will not appear in certain missions, or that in others they'll replace existing fights. It all depends on what feels best for each individual mission map.

The original ME3 husk design has been reused for a new enemy called the Wretched. This is because the full-motion videos display its mesh, and so I needed to find a way to keep those FMVs feeling immersive.

Will you add Adjutants?

That is my intention in a future patch, it'll only be for those who have made a certain decision during a story arc in Spectre Expansion Mod.

Will you add new enemies?

I am still weighing up whether or not to add the Reaper Tyrant from Spectre Expansion Mod to this project, and I have a few ideas for some other enemies. It all boils down to what time I have available to mod, what successes I have with my experiments, and how much mesh making support I receive.

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Sil/Tydeous - Created the mod
Audemus - Created the logo, testing
Deadspear - Testing
Pauju - Testing

Spectre Expansion Mod - LE2

My Resources:

LE3 Modding Repository
Space - A Modders Resource