Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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A large-scale immersive overhaul for Mass Effect 1, designed to breathe more life into the world in every way possible.

Permissions and credits
LE1 Diversification Project is a large-scale immersive overhaul of the first Mass Effect game. Its goal is to bring every aspect of the world forward to create a greater sense of asset and population diversity that was not possible in the original release of ME1 due to memory limitations. Here are the core features of this mod:

  • Female Turians have been seamlessly integrated into the entire game, from the Citadel to Noveria to Pinnacle Station and Uncharted Worlds. They will appear in every position across galactic society, from civilians and scientists to C-Sec officers, mercs, and more.
  • The mod increases asset diversity, and "un-cuts" the corners that BioWare took to save on memory, such as only using one outfit per non-human species in any single area, and adding a much greater variety of outfit meshes/tints, faces/hairs, and weapon models.
  • More life is breathed into the world by increasing the number of NPCs in the game and populating areas that are effectively empty in vanilla (such as Dr. Michel's clinic with 0 patients, or Opold's empty shop on Noveria). Additionally, dynamic lighting has been manually improved through many conversations, designed to optimise the lighting within LE's lighting engine rather than the light settings that were designed for the classic edition.
  • Hub populations have been increased/rebalanced to create a more lore-accurate and fair balancing of species and equality of genders across the game. For example, no human women exist in C-Sec in vanilla compared to half of the humans in C-Sec being women in this mod. There is also better racial diversity among humans, and the population of minor species such as Hanar/Elcor/Volus has increased.
  • Cut/unused/bugged content has been restored. (LE1DP is currently the largest dialogue restoration mod at over 400+ restored lines and counting!) but restored content extends to character appearances, cut NPCs, items (such as a Thorian acid mine), and more.
  • Other various miscellaneous improvements have been made such as in-world beautification passes (like adding more ambient decorative objects, corpses, points of interest etc.) or otherwise whatever other changes are possible to make the world feel more lived-in and immersive and unifying the trilogy (such as the ME2/3 door holograms, or Alliance ships).

This mod is still in active development but has now fully covered the main story areas. These are Eden Prime, The Citadel, Therum, Feros, Noveria, Virmire, Ilos, and the Endgame/Epilogue. There are also completed overhauls for the Freighter missions, as well as initial minor edits to Uncharted Worlds.

Normandy and Uncharted Worlds/Bring Down the Sky overhauls are coming soon.

I'm more than happy to listen to ideas and suggestions, though please understand that certain things will be unfeasible or conflict with my vision for the project, and may not be included. I'm aiming to have this mod completed in 2024.

For LE2, I highly recommend using Fate of Executor Pallin, a continuity bridge mod developed in collaboration with Team Pyjak that ensures Pallin's fate in this mod is reflected in Mass Effect 2, as well as in either LE3 Diversification Project or Project Variety.

  • Female Turians have been added throughout the game, in every place where male Turians can be found. Examples include C-Sec officers, citizens, diplomats, ERCS guards, businesswomen, scientists at Peak 15, thugs/assassins on the Citadel, mercenaries and more. There is also a female Turian consort acolyte, as well as dancers in Chora's Den. As of now - two Female Turians are voiced. One can be found in the Citadel Tower, another in the Med Bay at Peak 15 on Noveria.
  • Door Consistency Overhaul: All doors have been updated with new hologram graphics that are consistent with how door buttons look in ME2/3. Additionally, the Citadel doors have had their animations and sound effects updated to be consistent as well. Elevator buttons have also been replaced with a new hologram button, and the elevator buttons on Ilos have been given a unique Prothean-esque design.
  • More NPCs added, and all NPCs given unique appearances. There are now a greater variety of faces, hairstyles, outfits (+ tints) and animations.
  • BioWare backported the Asari textures used in ME2/3, which caused all the Asari in ME1 to look different (the only one they corrected was the Asari councillor). To compensate, I've manually restored the appearances of all the plot-based Asari, and focused on backporting Asari appearances from LE2/3 to the ambient Asari to give them appearances better tailored to these textures.
  • Many cutscenes have been given cinematic lighting overhauls to improve the visual presentation in the conversion from OT to LE's lighting system. These edits pair really nicely with MELLO and I highly recommend using both mods together to get the best experience, but that isn't a requirement.
  • The global population has been rebalanced, so humans no longer comprise the majority of the population. The number of Asari, Salarian, Turian and Human NPCs are now roughly equal. The population of other species has also been dramatically increased, with many more Hanar, Elcor and Volus, with a few extra Krogan and even a couple of Quarians added. 
  • Hanar, Elcor now have a much greater variety of appearances, instead of all looking identical. Additional Volus appearances have been backported from LE2 and LE3, with a few new extra ones created.
  • Mod Settings have been added thanks to LE1 Community Patch. These are: "Remember Me" (Colonist Only vs For All), Male Consort Acolytes (Human/Turian), Female Turian Chora's Dancers (Enabled or Disabled) and Alliance Ships (ME1 Design vs ME3 Design).
  • LE1DP has several features that have been included in LE1 Community Patch via the mod settings menu. These are things such as fixed NPC appearances like Morlan/Han Olar that were bugged, or the restored M-29 Grizzly in the Noveria Garage. Please note that these options will be forced ON when this mod is installed. They were made optional in LE1 CP due to the strict nature of how that mod fixes bugs, while these fixes/cut content restorations are features of this mod and therefore not designed to be optional.
  • The "Race Against Time" quest will now appear in your journal as soon as you gain command of the Normandy.



  • Citadel Rapid Transit has been redesigned. You can no longer automatically unlock destinations from the beginning (such as the Tower or Chora's Den). A Request Squad Member option has also been added, allowing you to change your party without having to return to the Normandy. A new loading screen when traveling to the Presidium has also been added, and dynamic lighting has been added to the fast travel terminals.
  • Several quests have been moved to their originally intended location (as shown in the files). Chorban and Emily Wong (2nd appearance) have been moved from the Council Tower to the Presidium. Elias Keeler and Charles Saracino/Protestors have been moved from the Wards to the Presidium Embassies.
  • There is now a more logical progression of the Cerberus questline. You can now only unlock Kahoku's missing marines mission after completing Dr Michel's blackmail quest and learning about Banes. The Sparta system on the galaxy map will also be disabled until you have unlocked this mission.
  • C-Sec has been overhauled and now has much better representation. Human women and more asari (previously there were only 2) have been added, and the global C-Sec species balance has been adjusted. Turians still make up the majority of C-Sec however, as per canon. 
  • Weapons from Advanced Weapon Models have been added throughout the Citadel, primarily used by C-Sec guards (examples include the Incisor, Argus, Phaeston and Acolyte).
  • Some NPCs have had their appearances fixed, which have been bugged ever since the original 2007 release. For example, Morlan, whose intended headmorph was left unused and instead he was a Schells clone, and the Banes Blackmailer Krogan was using the Chora's Den Krogan headmorph instead of his intended appearance.
  • Many cinematic conversations have had their dynamic lighting overhauled (or had dynamic lighting added where it wasn't present) to either recapture the look of OT, or simply improve the visual presentation within Legendary Edition's graphics.
  • Added datapads to a few places on the Citadel to replace the computer terminals that could be hacked for UNC plot aquisition. This is to avoid situations where you could end up hacking terminals that are now in use by LE1DP's new NPCs.
  • Diversified the skycars with more colours, so that they're no longer all white.
  • Restored unused female diplomat lines. These lines have been edited for use on a female Turian.
  • Kahoku now has a new animation he uses to better illustrate that he's using a communicator.
  • Since Chorban has been moved, the Keeper in the middle of the room has been moved to one of the side alcoves and given a terminal to work on.
  • The human embassy now has more NPCs, including diplomats and Alliance officers.
  • Added quest marker when Udina is available for a post-mission debrief in the Embassies.
  • The Volus/Elcor embassy now has more NPCs. Din Korlack, Calyn and Xeltan now have unique appearances.
  • C-Sec HQ now has more NPCs, including a meeting at the conference table.
  • Salarian diplomats have been added to the embassies.
  • Restored unused lines for a Volus diplomat to the embassies.
  • Barla Von's Bank now has ATM machines, customers, more furniture and LOKI Mechs guards.
  • Restored unused human male consort acolytes to the Consort Chambers.
  • The C-Sec officer arguing with the Hanar now wears C-Sec armour.
  • Helena Blake has a new outfit by Zeb.
  • The Wards access area is no longer barren and has been populated with NPCs.
  • The Embassy Receptionist's and Emporium Shopkeeper's names will now dynamically change to Saphyria/Delanynder once you ask for their names.
  • Restored 5 previously inaccessible lines from Delanynder's conversation in the Emporium.
  • The human embassy will now be locked when you're grounded.
  • The "Hmm" banter prompts from squadmates have been removed when walking past the Krogan statue & Relay monument on the Presidium. Instead, the unique banter now plays automatically.
  • The Alliance docking bay has been overhauled, with an Alliance Frigate, Kodiak shuttle, and alliance marines/officers/crewmen from the Normandy, and C-Sec officers.
  • Overhauled the outside of the Citadel Control room in C-Sec Academy, replacing the empty white room with a skybox of the nebula, with randomised shuttle/fighter flybys.
  • C-Sec wall holograms added.
  • The trees are now a unique glowing blue instead of being the same as the ones in the Council Chambers.
  • Khalisah Al-Jilani's interview has been expanded with new questions that were previously incredibly hard to unlock. She will also now only appear when Noveria has been completed.
  • Replaced Khalisah's camera mesh with the one from ME3, which actually has a camera on it.
  • Jahleed now has a unique appearance.
  • Restored unused Traffic Controller ambient lines.
  • The hallway between the C-Sec elevator and the Wards is no longer barren and has been populated with C-Sec officers.
  • A slightly modified version of the Colonist quest, I Remember Me, is now optionally available to Spacer/Earthborn Shepards (via mod settings menu).
  • Alliance/Turian/Asari Ships will now fly past the wards vista - this is randomised.
  • Trees in the wards are now purple instead of being the same as the ones in the Council Chambers.
  • Conrad Verner will now appear in a new location each time you meet him. He hasn't gone far, don't worry!
  • The Wards alleyway is no longer barren and has been populated with NPCs. Ambient smoke has been added for a more seedy atmosphere.
  • Chora's Den exterior is no longer barren and has been populated with NPCs. I've also restored 3 unused ambient conversations between a Salarian/Volus in this area.
  • Edited the Chora's Den plaza ambient skycars so that the skycars fly past more often.
  • Dr Michel's clinic now has much more furniture including a waiting area and NPCs including patients and a nurse.
  • Lower wards area with Officer Lang now has a C-Sec Kodiak shuttle.
  • Zabeleta now has a proper hair mesh.
  • Emily Wong has a new outfit by Zeb.
  • Jenna is no longer wearing a stripper outfit and has a new hair mesh.
  • The stripper you can sit and watch in Chora's Den will randomise between a human and Asari on each visit.
  • More dancing animations in Chora's Den.
  • More dancing animations in Flux.
  • The Flux bouncer is now a Turian (the voiced lines have been moved to the C-Sec officer at the bar).
  • Easter egg at Flux dance floor enhanced with new dancing animations for LIs.

  • Nihlus now uses a Gladius Spectre AR from Advanced Weapon Models throughout the mission (Huge thanks/credit to Knighthawk for providing a compatibility-safe script to do this on the Normandy).
  • Restored a missing Kaidan response to Jenkins about the gas bags.
  • Restored an ambient line from Jenkins when first landing on Eden Prime.
  • Added more corpses (including fully detailed 212 marines) to the landing site.
  • Restored a line from Shepard telling Jenkins to take point during a cutscene.
  • Added a point of interest to the spiked farmer that plays some banter between Ashley/Kaidan about dragons' teeth.
  • Restored 2 missing lines of dialogue from Ashley/Kaidan about the geth swarming the dig site.
  • Reworked sequencing to make additional banter from Ashley/Kaidan play after dispatching the first group of husks.
  • Saren now uses a Spectre pistol.
  • The longer version of the Powell intro scene now always plays, regardless of whether or not you've asked people about Nihlus.
  • Restored 2 missing lines of dialogue from Ashley/Kaidan when looking at the glowing crater next to the beacon.

  • The Krogan Battlemaster now wears Geth Armory Rage Armour


  • Turian ERCS guards now have a new visor helmet so you can see their faces (Thanks Munchyfly!)
  • Instead of returning directly to the Normandy when leaving Peak 15, you will instead be returned to Port Hanshan. This is to give you an opportunity to view new content that has been restored when returning.
  • Practically every single cinematic conversation on Noveria has been given new or adjusted dynamic lighting edits to improve the visual presentation.
  • Dynamic lights added to screens/terminals/datapads that NPCs are using.
  • Salarians have been added to ERCS.
  • Added a fast travel system to Port Hanshan, similar to the one on the Citadel.
  • Added map markers to the Port Hanshan Mezzanine.
  • Overhauled the ambient audio of the Mezzanine, with more background chatter and sound effects.
  • Opold's package will appear behind the kiosk if you deliver it to him.
  • Non-Turian ERCS ambient NPCs added.
  • All Turian ERCS in the hub now wear armour to better differentiate them from the new civilian turians.
  • Added ERCS guards to the Mezzanine.
  • Gianna Parasini now has a hairpin
  • Kaira Stirling has a new hair mesh.
  • Maeko Matsuo now has unique armour.
  • Mallene Calis has been given a facial appearance overhaul, and has been moved to the upper level so that she's not within Rafael Vargas' field of view.
  • More ships are now present in the adjacent docking bays.
  • Opold's shop has been completely overhauled, with a kiosk, crates, shelves and other decoration, as well as customers.
  • Added a trigger for Maeko Matsuo when passing through the docking bay while carrying Opold's package
  • Carpets have been added to the Synthetic Insights offices
  • Anoleis now has an Executive Desk, backported from LE3.
  • The crime scene in the aftermath of the scene where Shepard betrays Gianna has been overhauled.
  • A gambling area with Quasar stations has been added to the Mezzanine.
  • Restored 8 bugged ambient branches of dialogue between the two humans, and the Salarian in the Mezzanine.
  • If you give Lorik the evidence or convince him to testify, he can be found in Anoleis' office after returning from Peak 15.
  • Restored a conversation with Liliheirax after returning from Peak 15 (this replaces the 'vehicle repairs' dialogue that did nothing).
  • Restored an ambient message when trying to enter the garage after returning from Peak 15.
  • Restored the hackable Grizzly rover from the original ME1. This feature has been ported to the LE1 Community Patch's settings menu, but Diversification Project will force this on when installed.
  • Creatures encountered at Peak 15 will now be labeled "Unknown Creature/Bug" until you are told more about them. This feature has been ported to the LE1 Community Patch's settings menu, but Diversification Project will force this on when installed.
  • The scientists at Peak 15 now have a bespoke colour scheme that matches the Binary Helix logo.
  • Asari commandos have been improved with unique appearances, as well as a more detailed armour ported from ME3 MP.
  • Restored Han Olar's unused scientist outfit. This feature has been ported to the LE1 Community Patch's settings menu, but Diversification Project will force this on when installed.
  • Mira now has a unique hair mesh. (Thanks Silvay!)
  • Restored a missing investigate option with Mira ("Your appearance").
  • Added bruises/blood to Tartakovsky's face, as well as a proper hair mesh.
  • Alestia Iallis now uses a meditation animation that she exits/enters when speaking to her.
  • Added more signs to Peak 15 (some of which can be read for more info) and restored the previously unused Binary Helix logo.
  • Added corpse tarps and blood stains to the crew quarters.
  • Added visual/audio feedback when asking Mira to run the medical equipment in the med bay, to make it more clear that she's healing the party to full health.
  • Added many more corpses, pools of blood, and more horror to Peak 15 to improve the atmosphere.
  • Overhauled the Peak 15 alarm system. The alarm now makes the facility flash red, and a unique alarm sound has been activated when arming the Neutron Purge.
  • If you return to the crew quarters after going to the Hot Labs, all the scientists will be dead on the ground instead of simply disappearing.
  • Reworked the ERCS/Scientist dialogue trees to restore several one-liners that would never play.
  • Restored cut dialogue with the (now Salarian instead of human) ERCS merc at the barricade with Ventralis.
  • Restored a cut conversation with Ventralis about Shepard's service history.
  • Restored a voiced Mira line when attempting to access the maintenance door without a keycard.
  • Restored a cutscene with Tartakovsky in the Hot Labs.
  • All Mira conversations now have a dynamic light that toggles on/off when interacting with her.


  • The yellow filter on the planet has been adjusted to reduce the crushed blacks (particularly in HDR mode) and soften the intensity somewhat. The overall look is still yellow but now has more colour range, particularly in the midtones.
  • Improved lighting in some of the darkest areas, where it was near impossible to see.
  • Added lots more corpses throughout Zhu's Hope, the Tunnels and ExoGeni HQ.
  • Restored a previously inaccessible renegade outcome where Jeong can be convinced to pay for the colonists' silence and shut down the colony. This can now be chosen after successfully intimidating Jeong. This will also restore ambient comments from various NPCs, as well as comments from Ashley/Kaidan on the Normandy when asking about the previous mission.
  • Diversified all Zhu's Hope colonists with more varied appearances, hairstyles, and clothing, as well as given them 'frontier militia' weapon models such as the Mattock.
  • Restored 5 fully voiced Zhu's Hope colonists cut from the game, who will be present in the colony in all 3 states (First arrival, Thorian controlled, Post-plot).
  • More references to the crashed freighter's name (Borealis) have been added, such as decals on the ship, map markers, journal notes, and a datapad.
  • Improved dynamic conversation lighting for Ledra, Fai Dan/Arcelia, and Ian Newstead.
  • Added dynamic conversation lighting for Macha Doyle, May O'Connell, Davin Reynolds, Hollis Blake, and Hana Murakami.
  • The Geth transmitter in the tunnels is now protected by a kinetic barrier. You must now hold the line against Geth reinforcements for 2 minutes while the barrier is bypassed.
  • Restored unused ambient squadmate comments when entering the Varren tunnels, and after killing the Alpha.
  • Added a text pop-up at the start of the infected colonists encounter to let players know that a melee attack can safely knock out a colonist in addition to the gas grenades.
  • Restored an unused ambient combat bark from Hana Murakami when fighting the Thorian-controlled colonists.
  • The 3 ExoGeni security will now appear in Zhu's Hope instead of vanishing when the rest of the refugees move there from the skyway.
  • Diversified all ExoGeni refugees with more varied appearances, hairstyles, and clothing.
  • Restored cut dialogue lines from squadmates if you try to venture out onto the skyway without the Mako.
  • Reworked the final radio comment from Julianna if you approach the refugee camp on your way to the Exogeni HQ, which didn't play unless you backtracked after driving to the upper level. It will now always play if you get close to the entrance.
  • Lowered the Charm/Intimidate requirement for Jeong from 12 charm/10 intimidate to 9 for both, ensuring that it's still high but not unrealistically high, especially for a planet that is often completed early.
  • Added ExoGeni logos throughout the HQ.
  • Restored an unused line from the Krogan Commander arguing with the VI and fixed the volume on "Oh good, I really need to kill someone" so that you can actually hear it.
  • Restored a few unused ambient lines from squadmates when witnessing the Geth praying.
  • The claw cutscene at the geth 'Church' has been expanded with a restored camera shot and improved dynamic lighting.
  • Diversified the 3 Krogan near Gavin Hossle's terminal.
  • Restored unused squadmate comments after reading the valve terminal note.
  • Improved lighting during the cutscene where the Geth ship falls.
  • Added an extra combat encounter after the Geth ship falls, since the dialogue references "clearing this place of these damn synthetics before we go".
  • Lizbeth will now follow the player to the Mako instead of vanishing after speaking to her at the deactivated forcefield entrance.
  • The Asari Clone & Shiala now wear the improved Asari Commando armour, while the Clone is using improved face textures from LEUITM (Thanks Catachrism!).
  • Restored several unused ambient squadmate lines after killing the first clone.
  • Restored several unused combat barks from the asari clone.
  • Added Thorian acid sacs to the Thorian lair. Watch your step! (Thanks to Vegz for porting this from unused OT files!).
  • Improved lighting for the Shiala conversation & Cipher cutscene.


  • The AA Guns now match the Geth AA Gun appearance from ME3, and will be lowered into an 'off' position when disabled.
  • All the breeding tubes in the Saren's base now have dormant Krogan present inside. Water VFX has also been added to the tanks.
  • Most Krogan have had their helmets removed as well as their heads/armour diversified - no more Wrex clones!

  • Restored 20 missing lines of one-liner dialogue from Salarians/Squadmates that never played due to poorly structured dialogue trees. As such, these one-liner dialogue trees have all been restructured and re-ordered.

  • Restored an unused line from each squadmate when beginning the base infiltration.
  • Restored squad comments that would usually not play when at the Geth communications tower.
  • Restored an unused line from each squadmate when dealing with the alarms at the base entrance.
  • Improved dynamic lighting in the cutscene when dealing with the alarms at the base entrance.

  • The indoctrinated STG operatives outside of the cells have been buffed. They now wear armour (with unique tints) and use the Infiltrator enemy archetype
  • Restored 3 cut ambient combat barks from the indoctrinated STG operatives (1 at each of the base entrances, 1 at the elevator to the labs).
  • All Salarians (both combat + imprisoned) now have unique appearances.
  • Fixed missing face appearance for Pvt Menos Avot, dating back to the original 2007 release.
  • Restored unused squadmate comments on the genophage labs.
  • Restored and rebuilt a deleted cutscene with Dr Droyas.
  • Overhauled the security office with more decoration, in the same vein as Michel's clinic and Opold shop overhauls.
  • Adjusted Rana Thanoptis' face morph to be fully consistent with her LE2 appearance.
  • Rana's body will no longer disappear on level reload (such as when returning from Sovereign) if she was killed. Also added a blood decal.
  • The door to the security office will now open and close in the cutscene when Rana flees.
  • Rana's personal logs can be read on her computer.
  • Restored unused grunts from Shepard when using the beacon.
  • Restored unused squadmate comments after Shepard uses the beacon.

  • Restored the explosive fuel tanks that were present in OT but missing in LE.
  • Added louder explosion SFX and screen shake when the Salarians blow up the second AA gun.
  • Restored unused lines from Joker, Shepard and Ashley/Kaidan when delivering the nuke.
  • Replaced the fake Normandy CIC backdrop at the end of Virmire with the actual Normandy level (this is a particularly noticeable change for ultrawide and 4K users).



  • More of the Normandy CIC is streamed in during the opening cutscene. The galaxy map and CIC crewmen can be seen in the background.
  • The elevator buttons now have a unique Prothean hologram design, instead of using the same design found everywhere else in the game. They also have a unique sound effect.
  • Restored unused squadmate comments when entering the Security Station.
  • Restored unused squadmate comments about the inactive Geth Armatures.
  • Improved lighting in the cutscene at the Security Terminal.
  • Restored a cut gameplay step where shutting down the security override reactivates the Armatures, as well as deploys Geth reinforcements, which the Armatures will attack. You either have to join in the 3-way combat brawl, reprogram the Armatures (via a nearby terminal if your decryption skill is high enough), or flee to the elevator.
  • Restored a cut quest step in which power must be restored to the door in addition to shutting down the security override. This is in the form of a new puzzle centered around a Prothean generator.
  • The Destiny Ascension commander's subtitle name is now Matriarch Lidanya.
  • Matriarch Lidanya now wears unique armour.
  • The Destiny Ascension navigator now wears the more detailed commando armour ported from ME3 multiplayer.
  • Avina's ambient line in the Presidium is now much more glitchy, with her distorted audio cycling through a variety of languages.
  • Dead C-Sec officers and civilians are now present at the base of the tower.
  • Restored cut lines from the Matriarch Lidanya/Navigator via a communicator next to a dead C-Sec officer.
  • Executor Pallin has been added to the cutscene where Sovereign rams a Turian dreadnaught - as part of a coordination with LE3 Diversification Project which restores the concept of Chellick becoming the executor after Pallin's death at the battle of the Citadel. This is also reflected in the LE2 mod Fate of Executor Pallin.
  • The ensign next to Pallin is now a female Turian.
  • Diversified the Krogan in the Citadel tower exterior section.
  • The iconic ME3 Reaper sounds have been added to Sovereign's ambients when fighting up the Citadel tower exterior.
  • The Paragon Epilogue has been overhauled, with the Presidium now appearing in a more lore-accurate destroyed state to reflect the battle
  • The Renegade Epilogue has been overhauled and no longer takes place inside a fake 2D backdrop, but rather inside a lore-accurate destroyed Council Chambers to reflect the battle aftermath.

  • All Freighter levels now include the Normandy airlock for a much more seamless transition to/from the ship.
  • Several Turian mercenaries and pirates on Uncharted Worlds are now female, as well as one of the dead Turians on Ontatom.
  • New unique purple lighting for the derelict ship.
  • New unique blue lighting for the biotics' ship.
  • The biotic terrorists have been diversified with unique outfits, rather than all wearing Alliance fatigues.
  • Chairman Burns has a new outfit.
  • Level lighting has been overhauled with much darker, dim red lighting, to properly reflect the fact that most of the ship is shut down.
  • This mission has been overhauled with a much more investigative flow and new content. You will now have to search the ship for clues to piece together what happened to the crew.
  • The crew logs are now video logs instead of just audio logs.
  • Restored missing lines of dialogue from Shepard when the life support is turned off.
  • Julia has a new outfit and hairstyle.
  • New white, clinical lighting for Saleon's ship.
  • Dr Saleon now wears a scientist outfit.
  • Added Cerberus corpses (These will appear in ME3-style uniforms if using Alliance Uniform Consistency).
  • Reworked mission flow: additional step required to access the data log.
  • Elena Flores' datalog is now a hologram complete with animations.
  • Added alarm system for when the scram charges are armed, similar to the neutron purge on Noveria.
  • Intense music now plays during the escape from the ship.

Text based localization are available for all languages. But Japanese translation is currently unavailable - please send me a DM if you can translate and are willing to help translate upcoming content as well..

If you want to play the game with non-english voiceover, please download the LE1DP Non-English VO Pack.

Translations are available for Spanish (Text Only), French, German, Russian, Italian & Polish.

If using LEUITM, do NOT install AsariScalyLEUITM.mem or AsariSmootherLEUITM.mem - Instead, install AsariLE1DPCompatLEUITM.mem which is designed to work properly with LE1DP's Asari faces.

The following mods are required:
Compatibility patches are included for:

LE1 Diversification Project is natively compatible with the following mods thanks to the permissions of their respective authors:

The following mods are incompatible:


Use the Mod Manager Download button, or drag the .7z into the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and install.

Technical Info for Modders
Mount: 1080
Due to issues with 2DA merge with GalaxyMap_System the mod contains a merge mod that asset updates the entire 2DA. If your mod also edits that 2DA, a patch will be necessary.
Reserved Bool/Transition/Conditional Range: 8110 - 8300
Reserved Integer Range: 265 - 275
Reserved TLK Range:  500800 - 502000

Special Thanks
Mistyvail for our original conversations and collaboration that led to the inception of this project. We both agreed that porting outfits from Andromeda simply doesn't work very well, as the aesthetic and texture work doesn't blend seamlessly with OT/LE assets. Her subsequent work reshaping Turian outfit/armour meshes has resulted in (in my opinion) the best realization of seamlessly integrated Female Turian NPCs so far, and was the inception of the Diversification Project.

Vegz for being my fellow LE1 modding masochist, and for being the one who cracked how to set up new voiced dialogue in LE1, which has allowed for a wealth of cut content to be restored.

Herobrine24 for providing some pre-made level streaming edits that greatly improve immersion.

Mgamerz, 55tumbl, Kinkojiro, Mistyvail, rondeeno, Knighthawk, Vegz, Khaar and Catachrism, for kindly allowing for compatibility patches with their mods.

The Elcor Hamlet Appreciation Society for their support/guidance throughout the development of this mod.

French Translation: Loadingue
Russian Translation: Dowewl
Spanish Translation: marcodgf, noxbalvarine & Treyker
German Translation: AuRora, KrKks & Clover
Polish Translation: TreoPL
Italian Translation: TittyFish

Assets Used