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This mod replaces the Kai Leng shuttle scene during the Cerberus Coup with an introduction scene for the Phantom. As such, this restore Biowares original intended introduction to the Phantom enemy class.

Permissions and credits
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Phantom Introduction Mod was created to address one section of the game that I felt was terrible; Kai Leng. It is bad enough that he looks like a space ninja, but his scene where he stabs Shepard's vehicle and escapes on a flying car is almost farcical. With small changes, this scene can serve as an introduction cinematic for a new enemy type (the Phantom), and makes Kai Leng feel less pathetic. In addition to switching Leng for a Phantom, I have switched the flying car for a Cerberus Dropship, which felt more immersive and believable.

Phantom Introduction Mod is an OPEN SOURCE mod. Feel free to download it, edit it, use it however you want.

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Is the mod complete?

Almost. There are small issues including the Cerberus shuttle lacking certain emitters, but beyond that it is mostly complete. If anyone takes the time to amend these issues, I'll be happy to update the base file to get this as good as it can be.

Why have you made this mod open source? What can I do with it?

Although I have two overhaul mods that are not open source, I'm very keen on the idea of letting anyone use edits that I believe make the game stronger.

By making this open source, anyone can download it and include it in their mod, they can also edit the file to do or be anything they wish. No credits are needed to be given, but it's always nice to receive them.

Why does the mod require the LE3 Community Patch Modding Framework

This file contains some of the fixes found inside the modding framework, but the reason why it requires it is because it is the best way for mods to edit the game, and by supporting this mod and tying to it, it will only serve to benefit the community as a whole.

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Animcutscene Editing: Tydeous
Model Editing: Mellin & NoiraFayn
Bug Testing: Tydeous, NoiraFayn, Audemus, Lunkensko
Field of View Testing: Audemus

Special Thanks:

Gabe: - Your Kai Leng Refined mod gave me the inspiration for this one.