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Allows loading of blueprint mods without requiring a DLL hook. Can load a user-defined list of logic mods, meant to alleviate the problem of logic mods overwriting each other.

Permissions and credits
This mod loader will add a menu that you can open with the F1 key, you can add logic mods with this menu and your list of mods will be saved
and automatically loaded every time the level is loaded in.

Install by dropping the zBPApparate_P.pak, zBPApparate_P.ucas, and zBPApparate_P.utoc files in your "...\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods" folder.  If you do not have a ~mods folder, create one.

´╗┐This comes with no built-in mods, this is just a way for mod authors and users to use multiple logic mods without them overwriting and conflicting with each other, and without the need for a DLL.

How to use(users):
To use the menu press the F8 key, and a menu should open up.
With this menu opened you can click in the uppermost white box to enter a mod name and press enter to load the mod.

To exit the menu simply click out of the text box and hit F8 again.

Changing Hotkey:
To change the Hotkey used to open BP Apparate in game, navigate to your Engine.ini file (for Steam this is located in "\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Engine.ini").
Add the following text with your desired key selected:


Note that number keys and numpad keys must be spelled out (e.g., Zero; NumPadZero).  However the "F" keys are basic (e.g., F7).

Known Issues:
Certain mods may not load (pressing Enter will not clear the entered text).  This means that the blueprint mod has a conflict or is not loading, it is not related to BP Apparate directly.  Try renaming the blueprint mod files to start with ! or ~

How to use(modders):
The mod loader simply loads up custom map instances, and those maps must be placed in this specific UE4 project path;
"/Content/CustomContent/", for example "/Content/CustomContent/MyMod.umap"
Inside that newly created map, Blueprints -> Open Level Blueprint (at the top), and create your logic there or spawn your own blueprint and continue from there.
Pak your level and any related assets, and once in-game just open the mod menu (F8) and type in your mod name (umap name).

Instructions for making BP Apparate-compatible mods can be found here (it's easy): ModLoader Mod Creation
(the guide was made for Stray but the same principles apply)

Make sure you package your mod with IO Store turned on. See: https://github.com/narknon/CCFF7RUproj#to-pak-files-as-ucasutoc

This mod loader is heavily based on YuriLewd from KH3's mod loader.