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Fully functional and customizable bethesda-style compass with dynamic markers.


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Get rid of the minimap for more immersion! This is a brand new UI widget that adds a compass on screen with dynamic markers.



  • Fully customizable color, opacity and scale
  • Toggle markers on/off
  • Remap your own toggle and options menu keys
  • Hides dynamically like any other HUD element


  • Extract .zip content into "Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks"
  • Download and install Blueprint Apparate Modloader
  • Open BP Apparate menu with F8 and type in: CompassMod

In my .zip file the mod is in "mods" folder, but you can change it to "~mods"  if you need it. Should work in any folder that is under "Paks"

You can toggle the Compass by pressing B
To open the Options Menu press F7.
Both keys can be changed in the menu.

When you close the Options Menu the changes are automatically saved and you don't need to change it every time you open the game :)

If you use a controller remember that you can redirect a button (like Share/Touchpad click) to a keyboard key using Steam Controller Layout edit.

 When you change the menu key, it is instantly active so you can already use it to close the menu and save.

If you're a modder you can edit these files in z_CompassModTextures_P.pak
  • Compass_Band.png
  • Compass_Pointer.png
  • ActiveMission.png
  • WayMarker.png
Make sure PNGs are saved in 8-bit color, or you may see different color palette in editor and game.

If you want the RGB customization to work properly, make the Band and Pointer in grayscale.
You can of course make it with your own colors and white tint, but inform the users to adjust the RGB bars accordingly.

Compass Logic: chunk 137
Compass Textures: chunk 138

For now the compass can only show the active mission and the player custom marker on map. I'm planning to show also near resources, enemies and points of interest. It's a very difficult task so don't expect it too soon.

  • Some missions may not show up on compass, this is because the devs forgot to mark them properly. I'm working on an alternative way to find these missions' position.
  • Missions that have more than one marker will show only one point on compass. I'm working on a fix.
Check sticky post in comments section

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