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Pineview Retreat is a player home which can be installed with Transfer Settlements or Clipboard Resurrection.

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Pineview Retreat is a luxury vacation home in the mountains with the best views in the Commonwealth. The design is a contemporary take on a country house with brick and plaster walls and a simple rectangular 3-story layout with a high degree of symmetry. An 11.25 degree slant in the roof and plaster walls next to and on top of a rectangular brick wall segment is a repeating design element that can be seen in variations from many different angles. The western side towards the overgrown driveway has a central entrance with the stairwell to the left and the garage to the right. While the entrance hall is connected all the way to the top floor (on the inside and also visually on the outside with the glass entrance door and glass pane above it), the brick walls to the left and right, as well as the brick segments on the northern and southern walls, only have narrow horizontal window slits. The eastern side of the building is entirely made of glass, providing a panoramic view of the Boston skyline from every room. It is supported high above the ground of the steep hillside by 4 large columns. The kitchen and one bedroom are located on the first floor, with two more bedrooms, a bathroom and a utility room on the second floor. The top floor contains the second bathroom and a large living area with a fireplace, balcony and an extra observation deck.

Required DLCs:
  • DLC: Contraptions Workshop
  • DLC: Vault-Tec Workshop

Required mods:

Note that these are direct requirements only. Some of them have additional requirements of their own that need to be installed as well.

Additional environment mods used for the screenshots (not required):

  • Install with a mod manager.
  • The settlement lies outside the regular border of the Commonwealth worldspace. Make sure you have this setting in your fallout4.ini so you can go there:
  • [General]
  • I recommend saving after each of the following steps. The game is prone to crashing after a large building import. Note that the first save after such a large import can take several minutes even on a high-end PC! If the game appears to be hanging, give it some time.
  • Paste this line into the console to go to the right location:
  • player.setpos x -112867; player.setpos y -27344; player.setpos z 10700; player.setangle z 110
  • Build a settlement (with Conquest or another mod) at this location. The Transfer Settlements blueprint is designed for the Lyon Outpost of Conquest. See below for using a different settlement. The Clipboard pattern should work with any settlement without modification.
  • When using Clipboard Resurrection (preferred because it's much faster and doesn't require a specific settlement): Build the clipboard tool, choose "Move To Pattern Source Location" in the action menu first, then "Paste From Clipboard".
  • Alternatively, when using Transfer Settlements: Use the holotape to import the blueprint. Make sure "Import or nuke marker-based items" is selected. Note that I only test with the "Stable" preset. Use anything else at your own risk. If you get a "wrong worldspace" error, follow the instructions below for using a different settlement.
  • If you want to move the workshop to the location where it is in the screenshots, select it in the console and run setpos x -111913.91; setpos y -27448.13; setpos z 10241.05; setangle z 90

Using a different settlement with Transfer Settlements / in case of "wrong worldspace" errors:
  • After creating the new settlement at the right location, build some object in it (because exports can't be empty), export it with Transfer Settlements and exit Fallout 4.
  • Open the bp.json file from this mod in a text editor and look for the "workshop" section at the very end.
  • Replace it with the "workshop" section from your exported settlement. Now you should be able to import the modified blueprint.