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Plant grass bushes and vines in the crafting menu.

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Craftable Grass, Bushes, and Vines

I am adding more plants! Feel free to suggest some!
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- Version 1.1 Adds many grass mounds which are good for flat large areas. Blend them with the other grass assets. A solution for deleting grass has also been found! There is currently about 10 new items added.
- NEW: Version 1.2 adds custom nif files for patches of grass. Makes larger areas easier to fill. I patch large fields of dirt in minutes with the new grassbundle.

Description: Craft and plant grass, bushes and vines through the crafting menu. In all the settlements mods so far I have not seen grass. When using a mod like Spring cleaning, your settlement ends up with a lot of bare dirt. With this mod you can fill in those gaps and add foliage. All items cost 1 wood to craft and can be places anywhere even clipped in anything to allow for better control. Yours will not be green if your have vanilla textures! I am using Fallout seasons summer edition. 

Make sure to click endorse in NMM if you find the mod useful!

Installation: It's an esp made with FO4Edit. Just install normally with NMM.

Usage: The plants are under Structures > Wood > Miscellaneous. NOTE: You have to quicksave and quickload back in to be able to select the grass for deletion. This is only required for some items.

It looks like a grass mod went live about the same time as this mod. This mod adds individual grass assets for much more control which is why I will continue development.

Many of the grass are tiny and useless. I have gone through many and added the ones that would be useful for settlements.

Thanks to the FO4Edit team and Bethesda! My UI is crazy because I play as 21:9 aspect ratio.