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This mod add a gun to your game who will allow you to spawn a functional workbench anywhere you want. You want to settle somewhere without being forced to go in one of the base game settlements? Now you can !

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a new weapon, the Workshop spawner.

The Workshop spawner is an invisible gun (at first i decided to use the Liberator, but I made it invisible by mistake, and I thought it would be funnier, so i kept it) who shoot a laser anywhere you aim, this laser will spawn a perfectly functional workshop you will be able to use immediately.

You can spawn a workshop ANYWHERE you want, EVEN IN INTERIORS ! Want to make a base in the sewers or in the metro station? You can ! Want to settle on the highroad? You can ! In the middle of the Glowing Sea? You can !

The Workshop spawner has infinite ammo.

The screens above give you some examples of places i used the gun, you can see that i can build in those places, for example, the boat and the metal walls are all built by myself.

DON'T pay attention to the french text in the screens, it has nothing to do with the mod and it won't affect your game.

The mod also include a tweak to the settlements border: now, you will be able to stay outside a settlement while in building mode (base game gives you 5 sec before canceling the menu), you still won't be able to build, but with the correct mod, you will be able to bypass this.

You will quickly see that the Workshop spawner has a damage output. Don't worry: the weapon is set on Non-hostile: no one will react if you shot at them by accident. Plus, even if you shoot someone, they will receive a full healing effect over time, so even with the low damage the weapon is doing, you won't risk to kill people. (The damage displayed on my screen are because the character who is using it is overpowered, you should not have the same numbers).

Oh, you are the ONLY ONE who can equip and use that weapon, this is to avoid companions shooting with that gun and spawning workshops everywhere.

The version 1.1 is available.

The version 1.1 fix the french name of the workshops.
A bat file has also been added in the archive (You have to manually place it in your Fallout 4 folder and not in the Data folder), this bat file fix the bug where your settlement (from the vanilla game+DLC's)  doesn't show in the list.
To properly use that bat file, you have to be inside the settlement's territory.

Take note of the following:

--> Spawning a workshop is a definitive move: the area will FOREVER stay buildable. EVERYTHING you will build will stay permanently: it is a settlement after all.

--> Because it is not a base game buildable area, it will not have visible borders while in construction mode; the cause is that the green borders are a simple visual indicator who is manually placed and as nothing to do with the actual construction functionalities.

--> Don't spawn a workshop inside the territory of a base game settlement, because the two will overlap and the game will permanently think you are outside the settlement, effectively barring you from building in this place, no matter which workshop you are activating.

--> The buildable area generated by the workshop will always have the workshop as it's center.

--> You can spawn a buildable area near the edge of another area (be it a spawned one or a base game one), but they won't share their inventories.

--> The workbenches who happen to be here before you spawn a workshop will not share their inventory with it, however, every workbench built after will. Note that if you decide to remove those workbenches and stock them, placing them again WILL make them share their inventory with the workshop.

--> The bases or settlements you will make with those workshops won't be registered as official settlements by the game, which means you will not be able to send settlers nor open supply lines to them.
In the same fashion, because they don't have any map marker, you won't be able to place a custom fast travel marker, so I strongly recommend you to put a map marker or to remember the location of your base.

--> It is most possible that you will need the mod Place Everywhere because the game is not designed to be built everywhere. Anyway, if you download my mod, i assume you already own Place Everywhere, and if you don't, download it now.

--> I strongly encourage you to download Scrap Everything ; this mod is NOT required, it is just a commodity because most of the things you can scrap in settlements are made to be scrapped (like cars), while those you see in the rest of the game are not; Scrap Everything will allow you to clean a little.

--> Last but not least: THE BUILDABLE AREAS WILL STILL BE BUILDABLE EVEN IF YOU UNINSTALL THE MOD. When i was saying it was permanent, i wasn't joking.

The good news is that being able to build anywhere by spawning a workshop does not bring any issue: the quests are not affected, the NPCs are not affected (unless you are building walls to keep them away), nothing is.

This mod does not have any known issue nor incompatibilities.

Place this mod anywhere you want in your load order, after all, it's fit the mod's theme, right?

If you are using my other mod: Infinite outside settlement border time ; you can remove it and replace it by Settle anywhere. It WON'T affect your save in any way.

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