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This mod adds 3 wireless power ranges: NoWireless, WeakWireless and StrongWireless, options to the conduits and pylons that can be crafted without changing the default ones.

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While spending about 50 hours trying all kinds of setups and combinations to automatically turn on lights in a settlement I found out the default conduits and pylons have wireless power (500 range) interaction with light bulbs that can cause unwanted effects on your housing setup.

What this mod does:

adds NoWireless (range is 0) options to the conduits and pylons that can be crafted without changing the default ones

adds WeakWireless (range is 50) options to the conduits and pylons that can be crafted without changing the default ones

adds StrongWireless (range is 1000 for conduit, 5000 for small pylon and 10000 for large) options to the conduits and pylons that can be crafted without changing the default ones

Optional file adds:
Smaller wall and ceiling conduits and wall switches of vanilla range, NoWireless, WeakWireless and StrongWireless conduits and wall switches.

NoWireless switch option

What this mod does NOT do:

It does NOT replace the vanilla conduits and pylons (500 range), just adds more wireless power ranges.

It does NOT eliminate the need for conduits and pylons to have a wire connection to the generator, either directly or as part of a chain. (There is a way to get a light bulb to act as a wire but it is buggy and inconsistent to be practical).

Optional file does NOT do:
It does NOT make the vanilla conduits smaller but it does ADD a smaller vanilla range variant. This is to keep an option of untouched conduits that should not break if this mod is removed.

It does NOT make floor conduits smaller since the connecting wire sag make placement of two floor conduits too close to each other for any real benefit.

It does NOT change the collision boxes from what I could see. I could not get them to change.

It does NOT re-size any pylons. I am personally not interested in pylons that are tiny or giant since the game already has variants that are feasible and functional.

Examples of uses:

Use NoWireless pylons and conduits to wire switches to separate room and and a WeakWireless or vanilla conduit to each room to actually give the bulbs power. This allows rooms to be individually lit up without the NoWireless pylons or NoWireless conduits accidentally powering a different room.

Use the NoWireless to make a power pole out of the large pylon that will not give off power wirelessly but raises the power lines off the street. I used NoWireless pylons and conduits in conjunction with pressure plates to make an ugly yet functional way for my settlement to have lights that turn on at night and off during the day. Requires finding out where your settlers (the more the better) congregate after "work" and luck that they will stand on the plates (again the more the more likely they will).

Sometimes it seems they actively avoid standing on the pressure plates out of pure spite. I also placed a sleeping bag over a pressure plate and assigned a settler to it so the light will always come on at least when she sleeps. It will also allow the close placement of counters and interval pylons that will not interfere with each other.

NOTE this is the same wireless power the vanilla ones use for lights. It will not power things that require a wire connected like pressure plates. Also any item crafted that is added to the game via this mod will be gone if this mod is deleted.

IF someone can give me a good reason I may be willing to create a floor conduit or pylon versions as well.