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Daddy's back, and better than ever! Take a trip to Rapture to get yourself a brand new suit of fully customisable Submersible Power Armor, a Big Sister outfit and some new settlement items!

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Take a trip to Rapture, the ruins of a mysterious underwater city, in search of a unique suit of power armor
inspired by BioShock's Rosie Big Daddy!
Submersible Power Armor Redux is the sequel to the original Bioshock Inspired Power Armor, and so much more.
Introducing not only a new suit of power armor to the game, but also the suit of the Big Sisters and their iconic
needle weapon. There's also new settlement objects to take a little of Rapture home.
Enjoy your stay.

Get it for Xbox One or PC Bethesda.net too!
XB1: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4027930
PC: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4027931

Need a Russian translation? kopasov has you covered:

To the North-East of the map there's a rickety old boat. Take it to a mysterious new lighthouse where you'll find
a bathysphere to take you into the depths of Rapture...

One full set of power armor heavily inspired by BioShock's Rosie Big Daddy. The torso and helmet are one piece,
but offer increased protection to account for this, and the ability to add both body and helmet modifications.
Rebalanced modifications from Submersible 1.0, including underwater movement speed increase, carry weight increase
and waterbreathing.
Brand new headlamp FX in 6 colors. Yellow, White, Red, Blue, Purple and Green.
3 variants. The classic Rosie look, the Elite Rosie look with optional head ornamentation and the Deco look
inspired by how the Little Sisters perceive the world.
3 new settlement objects. A statue of the Big Daddy, a Little Sister vent and a unique power armor frame designed
to work best with Submersible PA Redux. It has no shoulders to reduce clipping.
A brand new loading screen featuring the Big Daddy.
A full Big Sister outfit (currently female only, no CBBE support as of yet) and accompanying needle weapon.
Small Rapture location. Will possibly be expanded in future updates to include new areas.

UPDATE 1.2: Retextured the Big Sister suit, added hood options, new oxygen tank, porthole colours, ballistic weave support,
new loadscreen art and Big Sister settlement statue. Needle can now also be modified a bit.

There's a lot of stretching when getting in the new Submersible Power Armor. This is unavoidable because of how
the cloth parts need to move once you're wearing it. I hope no one finds it too distracting.
The power armor UI will show that you have no chest piece equipped when wearing the full set. This is just a visual thing and
stats have been adjusted to account for the helmet and chest being one piece.

(Keep in mind none of these are confirmed, just things I'd like to do in future)
Adding more variants/paint jobs.
Expansion of the Rapture location.
Possible male version of Big Sister outfit.
New weapons to accompany the Submersible Power Armor.

Vicyorus - Helping with various scripting including some of the unique frame and Big Sister encounter. Also navmeshing.
And for not letting me give up on this mod, no matter how long it was stuck in development hell.

Galvon94 - Power Armor frame script from 'Unique Power Armor Frames'

DogtoothCG - Saving this mod on multiple occasions from my overthinking of relatively basic things.

Unoctium - For making the unique enchantments for the original Submersible, which were brought over to the Redux.

Hopper31 - Playtesting and some of the screenshots for the page.

'My Heart belongs to daddy' and 'La Mer', by Mary Martin and Django Reinhardt respectively, are listed under
public domain. I sourced them from archive.org.