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Power Armor, Magazines, Bobbleheads and Unique Objects collector and guide (NO CELL EDITS AND NO PRECOMBINES ISSUES)

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Are you a collector, like me, who wants to get all magazines, bobbleheads, power armors and other unique objects but had trouble with cell edits?

The Collector's Guides is an awesome mod. But the cells edits became a problem to me. This mod has no cell edits and touches no precombines.

This is my first mod, and I created it because I want to have a nice showroom with all possible power armors. The thing is, to achieve that not only I would need to get all the power armors normally spawning once all around (not enough of those), but I would also have to get them from living enemies.

What does this mod do and offer?

  • (cell edit free) Quests to help you collect all your desired objects.
  • Proximity Detector. So you can find the objects nearby as you travel through the map.
  • Respawnable Power Armors notifications. Re-enables the objective of the Respawnable Power Armors Quest when enough time has passed for the cell to be reset. So allowing you to go and get the PA again.

Current Content:

Quests to collect:

  • All Vanilla magazines
  • You Are Special Book
  • Bobbleheads
  • Power Armors
  • Unique Vanilla Weapons
  • Nuka-World Magazines and Power Armors
  • Nuka-World Star Cores

To a total of 27 quests and 275 tracked items. (These numbers will increase on future versions)

It works in 2 modes. 1 that is the default one, which creates the quests by type, and another mode that works as a Proximity Detector.

Proximity Detection.

This mode, which can be enabled and configured through the holotape, hides all the quests objectives from this mod and only enables those within a certain range. This mode uses the Papyrus RegisterForDistanceLessThanEvent to enable / disable objectives.

Once the mod has been tested and is fully featured I will upload it to Bethesda.

Disabling Quests

It might be that you don't care about Power Armors, or that you don't want to get the Bobbleheads, or even that you just don't want a cluttered Data menu.

To change that you can use the settings holotape and Toggle Packages/Quests on and off. (This is a bit experimental, so please let me know if you find any issue with it)


  • Some players are having an issue if they install this mod for the first time where not all the markers are being created. I tried to create a quick fix to this issue (it worked here), but not to the bug reporter. So I am working on a proper fix. But to do it I will need some time. As I was already working on the new markers to reach version 1.0, I will release both the fix and the full version together. Again, this will take some time.
  • In the meantime there is a possible work around to get it to work if it does happen to you. Basically, without ever installing the mod, go to the commonwealth, to an external area, save and install the 0.5.0 version of this mod. If it does properly work (you get the mini quest and the initial markers for magazines, boobleheads and power armors), make a new save and install version 0.6.0. If it works, adds the new unique weapons quests, install version 0.6.2, after it creates the new quests for Nuka-World (you have to go there), install version 0.6.5b. No need to install 0.6.5 at this point as they are basically the same.
  • If this work around works for you, please let me know, it did work here too.
  • When entering an interior scene for the first time, it takes some time for the script to verify the reference and show the marker.

Check this article about some specific details on some not so ordinary items.

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There is a settings holotape which the initial quest will ask you to get from the terminal. With this Holotape you can enable / disable the Proximity Detector, change some Settings and Prepare to Uninstall the mod. It will be placed at the Misc option in your inventory with the name:

"(Settings) BARD_UltimateObjectsCollectorSettings"

If you lose the holotape, a new one can be crafted at any Chemistry Workbench

Inventory Detection

If you already picked up some items, the mod will check for them on the player inventory and tag them as done already. If they are in a different container, picking them up will complete the respective objective.
Power Armors which were already picked cannot be detected with the method above. You will need to go to the marker so that it tags it as completed.

Development State:


  • Nuka-World Uniques
  • Should I add park medalions and recipes?

For 0.8.0

  • Deciding on which of Package bellow to work on:
  1. Unique Armors
  2. Far Harbors Mags and PAs
  3. Far Harbor Uniques
  4. Automatron

Full plan for 1.0.0

  • Vanilla Unique Items
  • DLCs magazines, Power Armors and Unique Items
  • Any suggestion? Wanna track some MOD's uniques?


What is the current status of this mod?
I will first gather feedback and bugs reports from the players and myself to get this mod as polished as needed. I am also adding DLCs magazines and Power Armors.

How does the Power Armors detection works?
When the player gets in range of the targeted PA, the objective is completed. If the PA is a respawnable PA, a timer is started with the duration of a cell reset plus some in-game hours. Once the timer is over, the objective is shown again to the player to go and collect it again.

Isn't there anything that you can do about all those quests showing up on my screen?
Not as far as I know. If you do know of a way to start them hidden and still keep the title in the data menu please let me know.
One workaround though, is that once you got the 100% completed message, a QuickSave + QuickLoad will stop the new quest messages from showing up.

Will it conflict with X?
Nope, this mod is dependent only on the Vanilla game. Makes no cell edits and uses no external objects.

Can I make a suggestion, give feedback. report a bug?
Please do! This is my first mod and I am still learning a lot about both CK and Papyrus.

I don't have the DLCs, will that be a problem?
No. The Mod verifies if you have a DLC installed and only installs the packages you can play.

Objectives with issues:

Astoundingly Awesome Tales have an objective that requires access to the institute. Right now it is pointing to a point in the map. Once you have access to the Institute it will automatically show the magazine target.
USS Constitution changing place. In the current state, the mod is pointing to an object in the original position of the USS Constitution. A check will be added later.

If you use this mod to get items for your show case and wants to share the image, I will be more than happy to share it!