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Allows you to rename settlers by asking them for their name

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This mod adds the second activation option "What's Your Name?' to settlers. Using it will assign a random name to them and remove that option. There is also a holotape to disable the option, as usual craftable at the Chem Station under Utilities.

Contains 358 male, 263 female, and 105 unisex names, taken from the list of the names which Codsworth can say. I removed the "funny" names and then  looked the rest up on behindthename.com to check whenever it actually exists and for which genders it is possible.

This *MIGHT* be able to rename settlers who have names already, even though I tried blacklisting most pre-named vanilla settlers. If you have F4SE, it should intercept such an attempt and display a message, but maybe save before you try that.

None, although I recommend F4SE. I also recommend MCM. If installed, this mod can be configured from there, and hotkeys to ask name/toggle/enable/disable renaming can be set.

By default, you can look to any settler, and an option to ask them for their name will appear.

Since version 1.9.0, you can also use a hotkey to rename a settler. There are 3 ways of doing this:
  • You can craft an item called "Ask Settler Name" from the Chemistry Workbench -> Utility, then bind it to a hotkey like any AID item.
  • If you use MCM, you can bind the hotkey from the Whats Your Name MCM submenu.
  • If you use Fo4 Hotkeys, see the console command below.

Afterwards, look at a settler and press your hotkey. There will be a slight delay until the name appears, however.
You can now disable the prompt from the holotape or the MCM submenu.

Compatibility Issues
Prompt Conflict
The "What's Your Name?" prompt conflicts with mods which add secondary activation options to living settler NPCs, in particular Quick Trade and Horizon >= 1.8. The result is that neither mod's extra options are shown. This is an engine bug and therefore unfixable.

As a workaround, you can disable the prompt and use the hotkey instead.

Alternatively, you can selectively disable such mods (or their prompts). For WYN, this can be done via the holotape or the MCM menu. A hotkey for this can be bound through the MCM as well. See below for console commands for FO4 Hotkeys.

Other Renaming Mods
A mod which uses the same mechanism for NPC renaming (Using a quest alias) will not be compatible. Here, whichever mod grabs the NPC first will win.

Settler Name Display
Some mods which display settler information in a list, like Settlement Management Software, are unable to display the names given by this mod.
This is a problem on that mod's side. If you are a modder and want to solve this problem in your mod, see here.

Compatible Mods
WYN is definitely compatible with Sim Settlements and should be compatible with mods which add new Settlers as well. Mods which add secondary options to corpses shouldn't be an issue either, since "What's your name?" is only added to living settlers.

It is now also able to rename vanilla provisioners, provisioners renamed by IDEK's Logistics Station, and "Comm Operators" from Salvage Beacons. If you tried that before version 1.5, you should enable rerenaming or name forgetting to really give them a name. Compatibility for other mods which do this can be added on request.

Console Commands
These commands can be used with FO4 Hotkeys or something similar.

cqf praRenameQuest togglePerk : toggles renaming
cqf praRenameQuest toggleRerename : toggles re-renaming
cqf praRenameQuest addPerk : enables renaming
cqf praRenameQuest removePerk : disables renaming
cqf praRenameQuest hotkeyRenameFirstPart : attempts to rename the NPC you are currently looking at

For some people, re-renaming gets turned on when updating from 1.3 to 1.4. With that, the option to ask for a settler's name never goes away. Simply use either the holotape or the MCM to turn it back off.

Sometimes the mod doesn't start correctly when a new game is started. Craft the config holotape or use the MCM menu to turn it on manually.

Thanks to CyrusFyre, now available there, too:
I won't provide any real support for this, though.