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Adds a holotape for Sim Settlement troubleshooting

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This is a tool designed to detect and fix some problems, which can occur while using Sim Settlements. Primarily, it goes through all plots in the current settlement, and checks them for plausibility. Plots deemed "Potentially Problematic" can be marked with quest markers, or refreshed directly.

The Holotape can be crafted at the City Planner's Desk.

Plot Tools
Plots chan be checked for certain issues, or you can load a list of all current plots, or a list of plots of a certain type. By selecting a plot you get an overview, where you can refresh or mark it manually, or summon it's owner, if any. You can also view a list of all objects contained within the plot.

Following plot checks are currently supported:
  • Whenever the plot has spawned any objects
  • Whenever all objects spawned by the plot belong to the plot's owner
  • Whenever the plot has an owner
  • Whenever the plot has a bed (if residential plot)*
  • Whenever all electrical objects in the plot are powered
  • Whenever the plot itself is powered (if it requires power)
  • Whenever the plot has a building plan assigned
  • Whenever the plot has been constructed already (Level > 0)
Any of these checks can be disabled in the settings.

* Bed-less residentials can sometimes be fixed by selecting "Fix Bed..." within the plot's submenu. However, this doesn't work on all plots, and updating or refreshing the plot undoes this "fix". Specifically, this feature looks for player-only beds within the plot, and tries to replace them with a settler bed.

Settler Tools
If ASAM vision is acting up, you can update the Settlers' keywords regarding it from here. Also, you can summon all homeless or all unemployed from this menu, or send them all to their home or job plots.
A list of all settlers in the current settlement is also available. By selecting one, you can view a list of their property.

If MCM is installed, the features "Call Homeless", "Call Unemployed" and "Call owner of nearest plot" can also be bound to hotkeys.

Other Objects
Workshop objects aren't directly manageable from this mod, but can sometimes be accessed by viewing a settler's property, or the objects contained within a plot. By selecting an object, it can be marked with a quest marker, or unassigned from it's current owner, if applicable.

Other Features
This mod is compatible with settler renaming mods, like What's Your Name or Rename Anything, without requiring F4SE.

Please keep in mind that in order to use an ESL mod, you will need the latest NMM or Mod Organizer 2.
If you use NMM, you need to install the mod, then restart NMM, then manually check the ESL file in the Load Order.