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Mary Jane, a new companion with custom voice, affinity, body and, face. Having a bad day? She will give you a joint. Quests and more!

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    Mary was only Mary when she was young. She didn't remember much about her family but knew a pack of Raiders had slaughtered them. Mary was now being brought up by an old husky man who found her aimlessly wandering down a trail near her old home. Mary and the old man now live in a remote area called TownsEnd (NW of Vault 111). Every month the old man has to take a trip to the near market, which usually took about a week to get rations for the month. You would think he was born with a green thumb, Mary keeps herself busy by caring for the old man's plants while he is away on the trip. Mary loves growing and dreaming about a lush green world before the great war. The old man returning from the trip to the market this time has a surprise for Mary, he tells Mary in his gravelly voice with a hint of excitement behind it, about the Commonwealth and how rumors have spread through the market of what a thriving community they have there and how beautiful it has become. Without a second thought, Mary and the old man excitedly start packing as they are set on finding a permanent home with more stability.
    As they leave their dwelling in TownsEnd they only say good riddance for they are off to a better way of life. They almost made it, when they were spotted by a small raider group setting up camp for the night. Mary might make it but not the old man who cared for her, there's no chance he can't move fast enough and there's nowhere to hide. He looks Mary dead in the eyes and sternly says, "RUN!" He then starts firing his rifle with the raiders in his sights. Mary hesitated, then took off like a rocket running into the dark. In the morning she woke shaken knowing she was truly all alone now but was determined to make it. When she arrived in the Commonwealth she saw that everything was the same as where she had come from - devastation and hopelessness. Mary sees a Red Rocket station and decides to check it out, perhaps she can set up shelter there until she figures out what to do now that her guardian angel had passed but his caring soul lives on through Mary.
    Mary wakes having made it through another night alone. She has to find food, water, a more permanent place to live or she knows her life will be cut short. From the water tower up the hill, she could get a better view of the area and then decide on a plan. She sees a farm, but without a weapon can't risk it, they might be cannibals. She began to climb the water tower to get a further view. She slipped and fell to the ground smacking her head hard on something metal, but it sounded hollow like a metal drum. After coming to her senses a little she started to rip away the overgrowth of grass and couldn't believe it. It was a door, not sure where it leads she went back to the Red Rocket to get some materials to make a torch. On entering the bunker it had many pre-war amenities and after 200 years, water was still dripping from the hose in the back room. Everything seemed too surreal and Mary couldn't believe her eyes - the backroom had withered plants, this was someone's long forgotten garden!


- Don't care for Mary's Outfit or Dress? That's okay! Use BodySlide to create your own outfit for Mary, grab the newly created .nif from BodySlide and overwrite the PersonalOutfit.nif located in the Meshes/LtC_MaryJaneMesh folder with your newly created outfit. Video

- XDI / FDI compatible!

- Mary Jane is located around the Red Rocket settlement.

- DisLikes - (DogMeat Bleedsout, Addiction, Cannibalism)
- Likes - (Hacking, Lockpicking, Player getting Naked, Falling from Heights, Legendary Loot)
- Loves - (Healing dogmeat, Drinking, Smoking, Swimming)

- Gives you Joints if you're having a bad day.

- Holotape includes more stories and other cool features.

- Trap raid system, raids occur every 1-2 weeks. (Default: Disabled)

- Ability to quick Hack and Lockpick. (Default: Enabled)

- Mary's Quick Call for when you need Mary fast.

- Custom Combat Styles and Following Distances.

- Assignable as a Sim Settlements - Settlement Leader or Conqueror Commander.

- Complete quests and take over the marijuana industry!

- Custom fitted outfits, craftable at the chemistry station.

- Craft Weed Plants / Pots / Dance Poles / Water Hoses / Interior Fusebox and MORE from the WorkShop menu -Rss -Misc.

- 5 Full Interior Settlements to unlock. (Dismiss companions, Send settlers, Connect supply lines, and View details from pipboy!

- Mary's Trap Unlocked by reaching 250 Affinity (Friend Level) and completing the quest, activated through dialogue.
If Mary fails to offer key after reaching 250 Affinity, it can be crafted at the Chem Station.

- Other settlements unlocked by reaching 500 Affinity (Admire Level) and completing the quests, activated through dialogue.

- Romance is unlocked by reaching 1000 Affinity (Infatuate Level) and completing the quest, activated through dialogue.

Creators below with great mods and more, If you don't recognize a name I suggest checking them out!

I'm extremely grateful, JebRWocky thank you for creating such an EXUBERANT and KINDHEARTED voice for Mary Jane!
Are you seeking assistance with voice acting? Contact: JebRWocky / Nexus, JebRWocky.com / Website, JebRWocky#6281 / Discord
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JebRWocky - Voice Acting

A lot of people have helped make my dream a reality with Mary Jane becoming a respectable Companion. I would like to thank Kinggath, Sim Settlements Team, ThuggySmurf, Project Valkyrie Team, Seddon, Darkfox127, and every youtuber who make video tutorials.

AliasNe0 - Flash
Caliente - Models & Textures
Elianora -
Models & Textures
Gambit77 - Models & Textures
HighhThere - Models & Textures
HumanNature66 - Models & Textures
imAarwyn - Models & Textures
Misc Hair - Models & Textures
Ousnius - Models & Textures

PeekabooCorp - Models & Textures
ShadowLiger -
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Tyronjam - Models & Textures

Vtaw - Models & Textures

Whisper - Textures

Making companions is hard, if any issues arise please leave comments. ENJOY!