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Adds a large number of weapons faithfully recreated and expanded upon from the Halo series with many attachments ranging from receivers and sights to ammo types and more.

Permissions and credits
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"It took you long enough"

Finally after nearly 2 years of delays, WIP images and the odd video it's finished.

Misriah Armory is a collection of 8 faithfully recreated weapons drawing inspiration from a number of weapons in the Halo series but with a focus more on the Reach art style than the others all with a good variety of customisation ranging from sights and receivers to ammo types and muzzles.

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Enough shilling, onto the mod!

Ammo Counter on several weapons.
Support for the Scope Overlay Framework

Several new workbenches for crafting the Misriah Armory weapons, ammo and customising them.
Expansive and sometimes strange set of customisation options.

Fallout 4 Script Extender 0.6.11 or laterDownload (For the Ammo Counters)
Scope Overlay Framework: Download (For Custom Scope Overlays)

Ammo counter has performance issues on weak machines and when the game is installed on slow hard drive disks, I recommend using an SSD or the Lite version.

- Is it lore friendly?
Yes and No, on the one hand it's from Halo and too scifi and advanced looking for Fallout and on the other It's eased into the world somewhat rather than just being dropped into a chest somewhere.

- I'm having issues with the ammo counter?
I recommend you start a new game and see if the issue persists, old saves can get bogged down by scripts and uninstalling mods uncleanly. If you continue to have issues try the Lite version, the only difference is the ammo counter is removed (will be 00 instead, tell yourself it's broken or something)

- How do I get the weapons?
Several methods of acquiring the weapons:
- Console commands/esp explorer.
- Crafting using one of the new workbenches in the crafting section.
- Some of the weapons have been placed in the world (M6 in Vault 111) and on several new NPC's scattered around

- Why is it so big?
8 weapons so it works out to be about 130mb each so it's not too unreasonable, if demand is high enough I might be able to get the size down/upload the low res texture xbox version.

- Why did it take soooooooooooo long?

- Patch for Horizon/other overhaul mods?
Not by me but anyone is free to create and distribute their own patches so long as the original mod is a requirement.

- Xbox?
Available Here

NovaFinch - Textures, Materials, Implementation, delays.
Scrivener07 - Scope Overlay framework, Ammo counter scripts.
Samuel & Joshua McCarthy (Click the name for Artstation) - M7 and DMR models and textures.
Joris Brouwers (Click the name for Artstation) - SRS99 Model and Textures.
U653748 - M6 Model.
Vince5754 (Click the name for Deviantart) - MA5D Model
Martyn Lee Ball - M45 and M319 Models.
Ha_ru - Animations
WarDaddy - Animations
Dorkman - Table collisions, delays, pain.
Ico Harbinger (Click the name for Sketchfab)- Recon Scope
DannySavage95 - Xbox Port

Team Asxas™ - PR, Loving Halo
Exotic Engram - Screenshots
Calminte - Screenshots
Ajhakra - Cubemaps

All the Beta Testers on the Misriah Lounge Discord Server.
SPC Gang.

(If your name is missing from the credits please contact me and let me know, not intentionally leaving anyone out)

Halo © Microsoft Corporation. Misriah Armory was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from The Halo Series, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

Authors Note: None of the models or textures were taken from a Microsoft owned product, all assets were created by myself or by third parties, the line is just a requirement due to the designs and names being owned by Microsoft. Thank you and have fun!