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About this mod

Adds a highly customisable suit of ODST armor from the Halo series of games to Fallout 4. Featuring a wide array of cosmetic and gameplay changing modifications to suit anyone's needs.

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Xbox Version Now Available:

Jump feet first into hell

The ODST Battle Dress Uniform is the signature piece of equipment used by the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. The armor provides numerous advantages in the field, including ballistic protection, temperature control, as well as thermal insulation against extreme temperatures experienced during atmospheric entry and thermal protection from energy weapons.

This mod adds 3 new sets of armor to Fallout 4:
- Halo 3/ODST Style ODST Armor
- Halo 2 Anniversary Style ODST Armor
- Halo: Combat Evolved Style Marine Armor

Along with an extensive list of customisation options from skins to powerful attachments to protect yourself or tear apart those who dare stand in your way. 


3 Suits of Armor
4 Helmets

Visual Customisation:
Visor Colors
Glow Colors (where applicable)
HUD overlays (requires framework)
Write your name on the armor (CE and H3 ODST only, up to 5/6 letters)

Practical Customisation:
Various Helmet and Armor attachments
VISR Night Vision with additional modes
Many Armor variants with different looks and effects

New facility under The Castle with enemies to fight, secrets to find and gear to acquire.


Fallout 4
F4SE (Only Required for the custom HUD overlays)
HUD Overlay Framework by Scrivener (Only Required for the custom HUD overlays)

Recommended Body Shapes:
Due to the slightly bulky nature of the armor we recommend having a thinner build, high muscle and high fat characters have some weird stretching when wearing the armor and we found these to be the best results, closest to matching the original games.


There are multiple ways to get the armor.

1: Add it via console commands "help ODST 4 armo" and "help Marine 4 armo" will give you the relevant IDs

2: Craft it at the new crafting table "ODST HoloBench" that should be available from the very start.

3: Explore the facility under The Castle, discover it's secrets and shatter your enemies resolve.

- Is it lore friendly?
Yes and No, on the one hand it's from Halo and too scifi and advanced looking for Fallout and on the other we've done some writing to help ease it into the world a bit easier than just plopping it in and saying "this is from Halo".

- Why is the ODST Marine armor less customisable than the others?
Essentially the ODST Marine is the oldest and in the months working on this project we have all improved greatly including the person who originally made the armor who also made the others afterwards. We feel the quality of it isn't nearly as good as the others and is there more as legacy content for the people that want it.

- Will you do x/y/z?
We currently have plans about to be put into motion on our next project(s) and will let everyone know what that is soon(ish) so we won't be taking requests.

- Xbox?
Available here: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4084715

This was built for the vanilla Fallout 4 body but it should be compatible on a base level, if someone wishes to make a full CBBE patch they are more than welcome to but please message us so we can add a link to it on this page and don't redistribute the whole mod in full, make it so people have to download this one first.

- Why did it take so long?

- Is it added to levelled lists?
No, due to the somewhat lore unfriendly nature and potential to be very powerful we decided not to have enemies spawn wearing the armour and leave it as a limited player/companion/settler item

- Patch for Horizon/other overhaul mods?
Not by us but anyone is free to create and distribute their own patches so long as the original mod is a requirement.

- Where is the emblem editor?
It will come later on either as an update or an addon released by Scrivener sometime soon.

If you enjoy our work and wish to support us, please consider a small donation.

This project would never have been more than a simple dream if not for all these people.
NovaFinch - Textures, Materials, Implementation, delays.
U653748 - Armor fitting, textures, attachments
Darkman32197 - Rigging, materials
Scrivener07 - HUD Overlay, emblem editor (coming later), other scripting.
OstrovakCZ - Custom ODST Vault Boy
Spiff - ODST Facility and asset creation
Malcontent1692 (Click the name for Artstation)  - Misc Models/Attachments
AbiSV (Click the name for Artstation) - H2A/H3/Marine models
Samuel & Joshua McCarthy (Click the name for Artstation) - Recon Helmet, Prosthetic Arm, Misc Models/Attachments
TrulyBritsy - Misc Models/Attachments
SierraI07 - H2A commission
Team Asxas™ - PR, Loving Halo
Exotic Engram - Screenshots
Calminte - Screenshots
Ajhakra - Cubemaps
Furente7 - HUD Overlay source files

(If your name is missing from the credits please contact us and let us know)

If you would like to come hang with us, talk about Halo/Fallout or just use the server's emojis then click the image below:

Halo © Microsoft Corporation. ODST Battle Armor was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo 3: ODST, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

Authors Note: None of the models or textures were taken from a Microsoft owned product, all assets were created by ourselves or by third parties, the line is just a requirement due to the designs and names being owned by Microsoft. Thank you and have fun!