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About this mod

Replaces the vanilla ballistic weapons with the weapons fromMisriah Armory

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces the following weapons:

.44 Pistol
Laser Musket
Pipe Gun variants
Combat Rifle Variants
Assault Rifle
Hunting Rifle
Gauss Rifle
Railroad Rifle 
Double Barrel Shotgun
Submachine Gun

This mod was made by manually editing the levelled lists for individual weapons. I didn't do it with scripts because I wanted to have the replace vanilla weapons, not be available in addition to.
It will conflict with any mod that manually edits the same levelled lists, but should work fine with any that add weapons via scripts.

I did not set up variants that are more/less powerful to follow the vanilla level structure due to a bug where NPC's would no longer use the correct animation. 

Therefore, enemies may deal a lot of damage at low level.

Should cover all weapons listed above, though some hand placed or unique variants may still exist in game.
Report as you find them, and I'll keep a list to update.