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These patches fix the sped-up footsteps when using certain custom weapons in 1st person power armor.

Permissions and credits
Video can explain what the patches do better than I can:

I am not an animator and I have no idea what I'm doing. I just applied DrunkenMasterX's method from this page to the necessary animation files and added new paths when required.

All patches obviously require the original mod that they're patching. Permissions for modifications/patches were either given from the author directly or from the "permissions and credits" section of their mod page. If you want a patch for your weapon removed let me know and I'll take it down.

.45 Auto Pistol by DeadPool2099
Crude Blowback by asXas
Grease Gun SMG by DeadPool2099
Hunting Shotgun by DeadPool2099
Lee Enfield No.4 Mk. 1 by asXas
Misriah Armory by NovaFinch
R91 Assault Rifle by C1ph3rr
Sjogren Inertia by asXas
Varmint Rifle by asXas
Wattz Laser Gun by DeadPool2099

The Varmint Rifle patch works with either the standalone version or A Bundle of Tape
The .45 Auto Pistol patch is only needed for the Ha_ru anims version and is compatible with the .45 Auto Pistol Unofficial Update.
The Hunting Shotgun, Lee Enfield and Sjogren Inertia patches are compatible with Bullet Count Reload - Patches.
The Sjogren Inertia's sprint animation is unaltered as changing it caused CTDs when equipping the gun in power armor. 

asXas for the Crude Blowback, Lee Enfield, Sjogren Inertia and Varmint Rifle
C1ph3rr for the R91 Assault Rifle
DeadPool2099 for the .45 Auto Pistol, Grease Gun SMG, Hunting Shotgun and Wattz Laser Gun
DrunkenMasterX for finding and sharing this fix
NovaFinch for the Misriah Armory