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Replace the irritating base game settlement attacks with a properly configurable combat attack system based on SKK combat stalkers spawning technology and user experience. Now with optional attacking and defending Vertibirds.

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Replace the irritating base game settlement attacks with a properly configurable combat attack system based on SKK combat stalkers spawning technology and user experience. Now with optional attacking and defending Vertibirds. 

[ You hear that THE CASTLE may soon be attacked ]  

Configuration Settings

Install this mod at any point in any game and the player is automatically given a [.SKK Settlement Attack System Holotape] in MISC inventory after Vault 111 exit to configure:

> Settlement Attack System  [ *Enabled - *Disabled ]
> Attack real time interval [ Constant  15min  30min  *1hour  2hour  4hour  8hour  Random ]
> Attack strength [ 50%  *100%  150%  200% ]
> Attack difficulty [ 50%  75%  *100%  125%  150% ]
> Attack faction [ *Random - Feral - Raider - Synth - SuperM - Gunner - Vertibird ]
> Attacker map markers  [ Enabled - *Disabled
> Workshop auto repair   [ Enabled - *Disabled ]  
> Irritating base game attacks [ *Enabled - Disabled ]

What its does and how it works (RTFM)

At a configurable real time interval, an owned exterior workshop in the player worldspace that has a defense rating is selected to be attacked. If the player is near a suitable workshop, that will be selected. The holotape menu will notify if there are no candidate workshops in the current worldspace, as you may have owned workshops with no defense. Yes that's right, no more stupid attacks in Far Harbor when you are in Nuka World with Survival fast travel disabled.

When the player is not in dialog or combat, a proper modal message pops [ You hear that SETTLEMENT NAME may soon be attacked ] and a misc quest objective marker is added to remind you.  Yes that's right, no more WHAT was that notification flashing past in the middle of a fight.

The attack holds for as long as necessary for the player to turn up at the settlement to start. Yes that's right, no more bogus off screen calculations that totally ignore your finely crafted defenses if you don't get there in time.

Attack factions are mostly ranged actors. Animals are not included as their lack of opposable thumbs to open your settlement doors may cause them to teleport straight to the workshop target if its walled in. The random selection will include actors that depend on player level (surprises) or Faction relations (BOS, RR) or DLC install (Rustdevils, Nuka raiders). If you have specific needs and urges, use xEdit to add whatever lvlActors you want to the SKK_SASAttackFactionList formlist to be included in the random selection. 

The attack strength is based on the number of settlers and defense rating  min 2, max 64. It assumes you are keeping your settlers properly tooled up for player level combat, if not reduce the strength and/or difficulty. For the full detail on calculations read the console configuration article. This doesn't mess about counting food and water resources, infact settlement damage to them can be automatically repaired after an attack .

The attacker difficulty (level & health) is a percentage of the player level, based on the standard game actor level lists.

There is an option to map mark attackers if you like that sort of thing, or if they get stuck/lost on the navmesh and you need to track 'em down. Some base game workshop spawn points can have this issue. Attacker map markers can be enabled and disabled without affecting an attack in progress. 

This solution uses the existing base game WorkshopLinkAttackMarkers to spawn attackers, it does not move them around to avoid conflicts. If you want to ensure spawns are always outside of a build area, you will need to use one of the mods which does move or add markers without breaking the LinkedReferences. 

The base game attacks option will disable or enable irritating standard [ Help defend <Alias=myLocation> ] settlement attacks on all workshops.

Cancel attack & spawn cleanup

This mod is based on the usual SKK quality spawning craftsmanship for low system overhead and zero spawning CTDs.

A selected settlement can be re-rolled by switching DISABLE > ENABLE > SUBMIT holotape option, but if you are near a suitable workshop that will always be picked. Wont work in interior worldspaces as the UX is nasty.

An attack in progress can be cancelled and cleaned up at any time using the DISABLE > SUBMIT holotape option, or if the player teleports away from the fight to put on pink panties.

If the player moves far enough away from a settlement attack in progress so actors 3D unloads (around 15,000 game units), combat should freeze until the player returns. After 60 real time minutes the attack will be automatically cancelled and live spawns cleaned up ready for another attack timer.

Dead bodies are released and hang around for looting until the game engine decides to clean them up (iRemoveExcessDeadCount).

Settlement Close Air Support

Craft Air Support Signal Grenades at a Chemistry Lab to call ONE friendly Vertibird to your settlement for 15 minutes of air support. This does not count towards defense rating if an attack starts. 

[ Sanctuary Hills air support inbound with 15 minutes fuel. ] 

Vertibird support is provided by qualifying factions: MM, BOS, Inst, RR, 4-76Pilot so the player must be a member of one (or more). Finally, a reason to join the Minutemen, or do Arcjet again.

To initiate a mission the player must be within an owned settlement build area when throwing a signal grenade. Only one mission can be active at a time. After a successful request has completed (out of fuel or destruction) there is a 30 minute cooldown before the next mission request will be answered. Check for service availability in the Holotape [ Air Support is available ]. With vertibirds attacking and air support active, amusing air to air minigun combat will happen.


The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs and does not change any existing base game scripts, assets or objects. As with 99% of SKK mods, its 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and scripts. As it does not touch any other stuff in your save-game, there should be no load order issues or mod conflicts. If you run stuff that modifies base game scrips/assets or tries to mess around with spawns there may be problems, but they are on you.
SKK Settlement Attack System is totally independent of the base game settlement attacks. It will work with any workshop settlement that conforms to the base game WorkshopAttack specifications, and any other independent attack system. 

Works with or can disable base game [Help defend] attacks  
Works with base game [Build Defenses] Minutemen radiant attacks
Works with Sim Settlements 
Works with Conqueror 
Works with Endless Warfare 
Works with Attackers - Get Off My Buildzone
Works with UFO4P  
Works with Fallout 4-76 Open World 

*** we have yet to discover something so appalling it DOESN'T work with ***

Known Issues

(1) If mods have removed or do not provide WorkshopLinkCenter and WorkshopLinkAttackMarkers that settlement will never be attacked. Base game settlements Bunker, Boston and Spectacle do not have WorkshopLinkAttackMarkers as they were never meant to be attacked.  Install the optional SKKSettlmentAttackSystemMarkers.esp which adds new markers and adjusts a couple of problematic AI pathing markers at Sanctuary.

(2) This mod can disable the base game [ Help defend <Alias=myLocation> ] attacks by configuring an existing WorkshopScript.AllowAttacks setting which does not modify the base game in any way or affect any quest lines. This does not stop Minuteman radiants that include some [Defend] [Build Defenses] [Help defend] attacks as the player may be doing MM faction quests, use SKK Workshop Ownership Utilities to manage them.

(3) The question "can I kill synths in the world when I am friendly with the institute ?" is ambiguous, like when you are doing RR quests to kill Coursers whilst also Institutionalized. As I enjoy fighting them, they are in. To avoid the murder stats increasing, spawned synths are removed from the Institute faction if the player is in the Institute faction. In v006 if the player is not a member of the institute and synths attack, any synth infiltrators will exit power armor and turn hostile. Killing them will not affect settlement happiness.

(4) Hostile Vertibirds are spawned without door minigunners below player level 15 unless 150% difficulty is enabled or Air Support is active.

(5) No holotape ? Then you have run an ALT start mod that has forgotten to set key new game start triggers for the benefit of others (MQ102.Stage10 specifically, naughty mods). Craft one at a Chemlab under [Utility]. 


(1) Is this mod compatible with SKK Combat Stalkers ? YES please do use both together for great results. CS is focused on the player (best to disable attacks in settlements) and SAS is focused on player owned settlements.

(2) Will settlers be killed ? Not in the base game which protects WorkshopNPC settlers so only the player can kill them. BORING. Use a mod like  SKK Combat Settlers to configure them to level health, take damage and even use stimpaks for MAH combat MMURSION !

(3) What about an ESL version ? NO, SKK mods will not be published in ESL format because life contains sufficient hassle.

(4) What about MCM ? NO, as 90% of SKK mod users are Xbox. You can write an MCM json thing using the settings thoughtfully published in the Console Configuration article.

Nexus PC manual installation & removal

Copy  SKKSettlementAttackSystem.esp and SKKSettlementAttackSystem - Main.ba2 to your ...\Fallout 4\Data directory, enable in the Bethesda mod menu, mod manger or whatever.

The mod can be disabled if the holotape DISABLE setting is submitted then no scripts run, it sleeps. Only remove mods if you are happy to accept potential conflicts from load order changes in a save game.