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SKK Combat Stalkers brings the FEAR, UNCERTAINTY and EXCITEMENT to you, randomly spawning small groups of properly levelled hostiles around you who hide and ambush, stalk, or chase depending on your actions.

Permissions and credits
SKK Combat Stalkers brings the FEAR, UNCERTAINTY and EXCITEMENT to you, randomly spawning small groups of properly levelled hostiles around you who hide and ambush, stalk, or chase depending on your actions.

>>> Update 005 a number of goodies, see the change log <<<

Wandering the wasteland for an hour without any action from the same old encounter zones or cleared areas is rather dull. Messing with game setting respawn timers is tedious, as are spawning mod induced CTDs. 
SKK Combat Stalkers spawns small groups of hostiles at totally random points (no fixed locations) around you, but only when you are moving. This avoids the inconvenience of being attacked when you are building, in dialogue, sleeping, or already in combat. Configurable notifications let you know stalkers are active if you do start any of those activities.  

TO BE CLEAR in most of Fallout 4 you wander around to find hostiles and initiate engagements, with this mod THE HOSTILES HUNT AND ENGAGE YOU. If you do not enjoy that incipient fear and uncertainty, you can enable hostile map markers for comfort and assurance.
The mod starts with *default settings that you can tune with (sorry, yet another) automatically generated MISC inventory [.SKK Combat Stalkers Holotape] to configure;
>  Stalker spawns *enabled - disabled.
>  Hostile difficulty level indexed to player level [50%, 75%, *100%. 125%, 150%]
>  Number of hostiles [*1-2, 2-4, 3-6, 8]
>  Minimum & maximum real time spawn interval minutes [1-2, *5-10, 10-20, 20-40, 30-60]
>  Hostile notification silent, *warning, number & direction, map markers.

Features  and product specs (RTFM)

Spawn difficulty and numbers are balanced to be survivable starting with a fresh new player at vault 111 exit in survival (try SKK Fast Start new game) and will scale with level. Tested from  L1 to L99 using standard and survival game difficulty mechanics. At 100% player difficulty in survival, you should be able to manage 3 hostiles with care. If you want the vanity volumes, reduce the difficulty.

To avoid loading the game engine with stacked CTD inducing spawns, only one hostile group is active. The spawn timer does not reset until all the existing hostiles are killed, or you use the Holotape disable/reset, or you teleport/fast travel so the current active spawn can clean itself up.

Spawned hostiles will not trash any base game settlement like DC,Bunker, GoodN or Covenant whilst you are shopping there, or attack vendor NPCs to preserve your supply. 

This mod tunes the hostile pre-combat movement packages to be more real world, they speed up when falling behind and slow down to sneak when closing in. At hard and v.hard difficulty when one NPC is in combat, the whole team will run to engage. Sounds minor, but can make mob engagements really hard, much like feral ghoul packs.

The pre-combat hostile ambush, sneak, walk, run dynamic has worked well with the in-combat PackAttack NPC edition behaviors which modify many of the levelled NPCs this mod uses.

Compatibility: The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs and does not change any existing base game scripts, assets or objects. As with 98% of SKK mods, its 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and scripts. As it does not touch any other stuff in your save-game, you can install and remove (in between spawns, best to disable in the Holotape first) with impunity. 

TL;DR: This mod will not conflict with any other mods as it doesn't change any existing stuff in the game, and it won't CTD because it cleans up spawns as it goes.

Known Issues 
(1) Spawn times are real-time to allow for the range of different game Timescales that players are configuring from the default 20:1. This means that the timer does not tick for player wait or sleep durations.
(2) Spawns don’t pop until both the timer dings and the player crosses a non settlement map location boundary after leaving a settlement or interior to ensure safe movement. It's supposed to be more of a surprise than rocking up to the same old fixed encounter zones.
(3) If spawned hostiles become stuck and fall so far behind the player that their 3D unloads (managed by your Fallout4Presfs.ini uGridsToLoad setting), the spawn is cleaned up and reset. If messages are enabled you will see a [Hostile stalkers no longer a threat] message, or map markers disappear, even though you didn’t kill any.

(4) V005 Institute, Brotherhood of Steel and Railroad hostiles now spawn, but only when you are hostile to those factions. users: Disregard PC manual install, removal and console sections. I use this same description text on and for PC & XBOX as I CBA to maintain multiple edits.

Nexus PC manual download installation: Copy SKKCombatStalkers.esp and  SKKCombatStalkers – Main.BA2 to your...\Fallout 4\Data directory, enable in the Bethesda mod menu, mod manger or whatever. 
Nexus PC manual disable: The mod can be disabled if a spawn is not active, best to run the Holotape, set [ Spawn Hostiles Disabled >>> Submit ] to clear any active stuff. Only remove mods if you are happy to accept potential conflicts from load order changes in a save game.  

Nexus PC FAQ

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this far. Between us chums, whats the wager that the TL;DR instant gratification snowflake generation can't be arsed and just blindly post the same questions over and over ?

What about an ESL version ? No, SKK brand mods will not be published in ESL format. Because technical reasons.

What about MCM ? Sure, as soon as MCM supports XBOX because 90% of SKK mod users are on that platform.  If MCM is vital to your long life and happiness, you can write your own MCM patch using the settings published in the Console Configuration article.

What about disable holotape auto generation ? Yes from v005 onwards using the PC console, refer to the  Console Configuration article.

So what’s this all about then ?
There are plenty of NPC spawning mods out there, but they don’t meet my combat focused needs as they are either static locations, defined paths or complex CTD generators. This mod creates the levelled combat surprises for fear, uncertainty and excitement using the same spawning code proven by 20,000 active users of the player initiated SKK Instant Battlegrounds. SKK offers a zero spawn related CTD guarantee ... until it does ;-)


PC or
PlayStation® can not be supported due to Sony Corp. scripted content restrictions.