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Switch your settlers combat damage from normal boring to stay in bleedout until healed or be mortal. Command them in and out of power armor individually or all at once. Scale health and shooting perks with player level. All to help settlement attacks scale to be more challenging and immersive.

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Switch your settlers combat damage from normal boring to stay in bleedout until healed or be mortal. Command them in and out of power armor individually or all at once. Scale health and shooting perks with player level. All to help settlement attacks scale to be more challenging and immersive. 


(1) Holotape: disable > submit.
(2) Save game, exit
(3) Load game, save game, exit
(4) Install update 014 

Default base game settlers are protected, so only the player can kill them. This invulnerability makes settlement attacks, spawns or the ambush kit rather lame as a combat challenge and not immersive. Settlers will randomly grab power armor in combat and break components which may irritate you.

This mod provides a [.SKK Combat Settlers Holotape] in MISC inventory which enables all human settlers assigned to player owned workshops to be dynamically switched between:


(1.1) Immortal base game default. Protected, only taking damage from and killable by the player.  Will turn hostile on player damage.

(1.2) Take damage from anyone, go into bleedout for ~15 seconds, then automatically recover. Will not aggro player damage.

(1.3) Take damage from anyone, go into bleedout, needing a stimpak to recover. If in inventory they will self medicate, or wait for the player to trade or heal them and are map marked to find. Will not aggro player on damage. 

(1.4) Mortal take damage from and be killable by anyone. They do not use stimpaks and die, which is a setting to recycle your actors. Will turn hostile on player damage. This can kill quest related settlers, so do not use this setting if you have settlement quests open.

Protect Unique Actors will apply (1.2) to any workshop assigned named unique actor (Sturges, Finch, Abernathy) regardless of the general setting to ensure their dialogue wont be blocked by bleedout and they can't be killed. This will not protect any settlement spokespersons you need to turn settlement quests in to as they are not unique.


Enable or disable settlers taking one Stimpak from their local workshop (or SKK Global Workshop Storage) if they are configured (1.3) to use them. Checks workshop stock after each Stimpak use and replenishes. Run "Find Settlers ..." after restocking to force a refresh. 


Enable or disable scaling settler health from their base of 100 hp at configurable  [ 0,  2.5,  5,  10 ] hp per player level. If you already level health, no problem this stores whatever value you start with and restores that when the setting is disabled. The base game leveled actor index is +5 hp per level for most humans.


Add and maintain the same shooting perks as the player (Gunslinger, Reifleman, Commando, HeavyGunner) to settlers, updated whenever player perks change. Combined with weapon mods, settlers can become OP lords of war.


Enable or disable all settlers using Power Armor (including Raider, BOS, Atomcat etc.) so no need to hide fusion cores any more.

Force all settlers in the local settlement to EXIT or ENTER (if enabled and available) power armor. Priority is Guards then Scavengers then high aggression before losers like Jun and Marcy who wont stay in PA anyway. This depends on 3D being loaded to work consistently, so don't ask for a global function. The command will force settlers to use power armor with or without fusion cores. 

Enable or disable settlers taking damage to power armor pieces. If your settlers are unkillable, put them in unbreakable power armor you wont lose another frame.


Enable or disable a settler command menu which enables individual settlers to:

> Command in and out of Power Armor.

> Trade when in Power Armor (normally you can not).

> Become a player Follower with their own dialogue tree  [ Trade - Wait - Go Home - PowerArmor ]. If they are going to mule, skip the dialog interface with hotkeys.ini [ cqf SKK_CSETQuest "SKK_CSETFollowerScript.OpenInventory" ]

> Reset the actor to re-roll appearance and starting inventory (if not follower or in power armor). Careful, anything in their inventory will be lost, like your tears in the rain and this can bugger up other settler management mods. 

An object can only have one additional activate command item for the [R] button. As it is not possible to detect if something is already using that space, its up to you to choose what to prioritise and enable if you have multiple mods trying to add activate commands to settlers. 


A constructable settler spawn button (Resources > Miscellaneous) to add or replenish an unlimited number of standard WorkshopNPCs as carne por your machina if your into recycling actors. They are automatically included in managed settings on arrival.


If you are considering Fallout 4-76 Open World, but want to keep your existing settlers, this mod can protect them all before humans are removed from the world. It protects any new spawn button adds when it is running, but will not protect base game radio beacon recruits in time (so use the 4-76 recruiting systems). 

Operators Notes (RTFM)

(1) This only affects human settler actors that are assigned to player owned workshops. It does not manage children (to stick with Bethesda game morality rating), DLC01 robots (so no DLC dependency on repair kits), or companions dismissed to a workshop as they have their own Stimpak and power armor systems.

(2) The bleedout need Stimpak 1.3 and Mortal 1.4 settings are imperfect as Settlers have a natural health regeneration that can not be disabled. Damage is not cumulative, so they only go into bleedout/die  if there is enough damage per second to get them to zero health faster than they regenerate. This natural regeneration is probably to offset the lack of health scaling with player level in the base game.

(3) Switching holotape settings [ >>> SUBMIT CHANGES ] or [ Find Settlers ] forces a general refresh of all settings on all local settlers, automatically heals any settlers stuck in bleedout, forces stimpack collections or power armor entries to complete if AI pathing is stuck.  

(4) If you are still running Minutemen post ownership radiant quests (trouble at, kidnapping, help defend) often a settler is assigned spokesperson to hand completed quests in to and close. If mortal option (1.4) is selected they will not be protected and can die so the quest will not be completed (but will eventually time out).  Either use SKK Workshop Ownership Utilities to disable MM post ownership quests or do not use the mortal setting.

(5) If you are running DLC04 NukaWorld (or Conquerer ?) raids on your player owned settlements, you need to configure settlers mortal if you want raiders to do the killing for you.

(6) New radio beacon settler recruits are found and included in the managed settings every 10 minutes, or when the player enters a workshop build area, or when you force a [ Find Settlers ] refresh.

(7) Base game settlers using the WorkshopNPC actor are always spawned Level 2 with 100 or 110 health. With no health scaling they are rather useless at taking damage in a high level fight, and will hoover through your stock of Stimpaks if allowed.

(8) If your alt start mod prevents player inventory from populating the holotape, craft at a chem station or console [ help skk_snsholotape 4 ] then [ player.additem 8digitrefid ]

(9) WARNING hostile humans that can path to your power armor will use it in an attack, and the frame becomes unusable when they die. Removing fusion cores may or may not stop this, having unkillable settlers using them absolutely will.

Spawning settlement attack systems this makes more fun

SKK Settlement Attack System << This was designed to compliment Combat Settlers.
Wave Spawner  
SKK Instant Battleground
SKK Combat Stalkers
Creation Club Settlement Ambush Kit thing

... but not the irritating base game attacks that happen when the player is not there.


The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs and does not change any base game assets or objects, its 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and wrapper scripts.  

Settlers: This mod will not conflict with settler mods that are unscripted ESPs such as Better Settlers and Lots More Settlers. If you have a mod that hacks base game workshop scripts, or already manages settler Actor health with scripts there may be trouble.

Companions: this mod does not touch any actor running the companionactorscript (or dogactorscript) to avoid conflicting with your companion management mods. 

Power Armor: If you run a mod that messes with base game power armor keywords or does not follow the base game conventions, there may be trouble. 

Nexus PC manual installation

Copy  SKKCombatSettlers.esp and SKKCombatSettlers - main.ba2 to your ...\Fallout 4\Data directory, enable in the Bethesda mod menu, mod manger or whatever. To disable the mod, select the holotape disable setting and destroy constructed spawn buttons. Only remove mods if you are happy to accept potential conflicts from load order changes in a save game.

Nexus FAQ

> Why is there no ESL version ? Because maintaining and updating 30 scripted mods already involves enough hassle. Be happy, or move on.

> Why holotape rather than MCM ? Because 90% of SKK mod users are on Xbox which does not support F4SE. Plus I CBA with the regular update admin.  If you would like to write an MCM json thing, all the info you need is in Combat Settlers console configuration article.

SKK Combat oriented mods 

SKK Combat Stalkers - the hostile spawning solution.
SKK Settlement Attack System - replace base game settlement attacks with something that actually works.
SKK Combat Settlers - manage settlers health, damage and power armor use.
SKK Instant Battleground - when you want to fight, now.
SKK Dynamic Damage manager - tune damage in and out in realtime to find the perfect game balance.