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Fallout 4-76 transforms the Commonwealth into an open world with all areas unlocked and no human NPCs for a quest free land of scavenging opportunity. Options to replace all humans with nothing/ferals/synths, rescue new settlers, spawn stalkers to grief you, dodge loot coughing nukes randomly launched at you.

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Fallout 4-76 transforms the Commonwealth into an open world with all areas unlocked and no human NPCs for a quest free land of scavenging opportunity. Options to replace all humans with nothing/ferals/synths, rescue new settlers, spawn stalkers to grief you, dodge loot coughing nukes randomly launched at you. 

Create the narrative for another survive, scavenge and rebuild experience with your imagination.
No quests, NPCs or Appalachian mountains needed:

EMPTY WORLD: a human extinction event has occurred. I am alone.

FERAL WORLD: the t-virus has crossed franchises, mutating irradiated human DNA into feral. I AM LEGEND.

SYNTH WORLD: skynet** controls old model hunter/killer synths to exterminate all humans. I am John Connor.

RAIDER WORLD: bullet in the knee time.

This mod started as a griefing simulator with all human NPCs removed to explore some of the likely Fallout 76 game play mechanics, evolving into an empty open world to build dynamic systems that deliver unpredictable experiences. When you have done every quest and NPC dialogue to death, but still want to spend time in the Fallout 4 world ... try to survive and rebuild the Commonwealth whilst I AM LEGEND feral hunting.

Install this mod at any time in any game stage, from a new game start to main quest completion with any faction, and you are given a [ Fallout 4-76 Open World Holotape ] in MISC inventory after exiting V111. It does nothing to your game  until you are ready to select:

[ >>> ENABLE Fallout 4-76 Open World  ]

Baseline Configuration (one time changes)

(1) All human, ghoul and synth NPC references in the Commonwealth exterior are removed within 3 minutes* of enabling the OpenWorld for a nearZeroNPC™ experience. Human, ghoul and synth actors that are triggered to spawn in the game are dynamically removed when their cell loads. 

(*) Can take up to 10 minutes to process with all factions unlocked and 500 settlers.

(2) Most quest or key locked doors in the Commonwealth and internal spaces are unlocked or opened so you can access all areas without quests or NPC key holders. The Player is automatically granted ownership of any workshops as they are discovered. Survival Fast Travel to and from Institute, RailRoad, NukaWorld and Far Harbor enabled (if DLCs installed). You can start a new game outside Vault 111 and go nearly anywhere in the Commonwealth without having to chitchat with anyone. 

Dynamic configuration Options (change as much as you like) 

(3) EMPTY WORLD  |  FERAL WORLD  |  SYNTH WORLD  |  RAIDER WORLD  replaces all human NPCs with your choice. Populated in a radius around the player during movement to ensure they level. Options for timed respawns [1 to 64 game days] and headshot kills only. Replacements  will not spawn in owned workshop locations to spoil your arts and crafts. If you can’t handle Replacements, no problem change the setting at any time. Or populate the world with something slower like Zombie Walkers, or both.

(4) GRIEFERS [ enables | disables ] an irregular random spawn of human or replacement griefers to stalk you anywhere (interiors,  settlements ... they don't care). Leveling ensures this combat experience can start from the Vault 111 exit with a fresh player, growing with your ability. Configure different levels of hostile notification from silent, through warning message to map markers for comfort. If you don’t like these hostiles, no problem don’t enable them, or disable when you have had enough. Combine or replace with your preferred hostile spawn mods, such as SKK Combat Stalkers.

(5) NUKES  [ enables | disables ] occasional nukes to be launched at you (by griefers, a mad AI or your imagination) with 3 stage warnings [ Codes Released, Target Selected, Nukes Inbound ] for plenty of get-away time. Nukes leave legendary chance loot, dirty radiation areas and ferals (if enabled) behind which cleans up on the respawn setting. They will never be launched at settlement or workshop locations. If you don’t like nukes being launched at you, no problem don’t enable them, or disable when you have had enough.

(6) GriefProof PlayerUndead™  [ enables | disables ] player re-life after death at a random owned settlement. You keep your full inventory, but a small caps charge is taken. You will feel weary with the grief of your inadequacy for a while. As this works by making the player Essential (unkillable like a companion) Stimpaks also heal rads, no way to have one without the other. 

(7) ROBOT VENDORS  [ enables | disables ] 7 new trade counter replacements for consumers who have to shop for stuff, rather than traditional scavenging and crafting. They may not all offer 24 hour service, but they do stock legendary items 'cos if you must shop, then do it properly. There is one centrally located doctor to cure your survival itches and scratches when you're out of antibiotics (new ! a  handy Doc Drumlin, WoW !) 

(8) SURVIVOR RESCUE  [ enables | disables ] radiant missions to rescue extinction event survivors from random locations around the Commonwealth to your nearest workshop. If you don't like the location just disable/enable to re-roll. Survivors health levels with the player, if configured to use Stimpaks and stuck bleeding out, talk to trade them.

If you use map fast travel whilst they are following you, there is a % chance they will get lost on the way so you need to go back and find them for the joy of foot travel.  On safe arrival at the target workshop, the survivor becomes a settler ready to work for you (no population cap).  The missions can run back to back when your establishing settlement populations, make random after 1~2 real hours if your scavving, or stop them if you are busy surviving and don't like open jobs in the log.

(9) VERTIBIRD FAST TRAVEL. After every rescue there is a chance that a vertibird pilot survivor will turn up and ask for help. If you say (No) they will never return, (Later) defers them to another rescue, there is no time limit to complete (Yes). If you give up searching for landed vertibirds (quitter) and didn't ask the pilot to mark them on your map, you can always return and ask again.

(10) VERTIBIRD WORLD TRAVEL. Travel direct between worldspaces Commonwealth <>Nuka <> Harbor <> Commonwealth using Vertibirds positioned at the regular travel markers, plus a workshop construction item  [ Workshop Resources > Miscellaneous ].

(11) SETTLER RECRUITMENT if you are too lazy to do the survivor missions, or want to customise boring vanilla settlers, build a 4-76 Settler Recruitment Radio [ Workshop Resources > Miscellaneous ] which will bring one standard (protected from 4-76 removal obviously) WorkshopNPC settler per game day. Your game Timescale setting will affect the real time this takes. If you don't like waiting, use the SKK Combat Settlers that has an on demand protected settler spawn button.

(12) WASTELAND SCAVVER dynamic loot and junk reduction. Options to reduce the amount of stuff in containers from 100% standard to 75%, 50%, 25% or Zero. Does *NOT* affect locked containers, Boss chests, Vendor stock, NPC actor inventory, or Scrounger/Fortune Finder perks. Also removes Gluey Glue and Screwy Screw items placed in the world by the same amount to make every desk fan and hot plate find exciting again (steady !). This is a dynamic setting that takes effect at first cell load or respawn time, change it as much as you like as you wander the world.  

Known Issues, considerations & FAQ

(0) This mod is constantly evolving to deliver interesting new player experiences. It is probably not a good platform for highly invested player development or elaborate settlement builds, but, every release is scripted to update existing save games so you don't have to plod along on an old version with limited functionality.

(1) If you have a human companion that uses the standard companion slot, they will be protected, otherwise human companions may be cleared. Non human companions such as Codsworth and dog are always available. Use the SKK Unlock all companions mod to enable and protect any/all base game companions before the 4-76 conversion. 

(2) THIS MOD REMOVES EXISTING SETTLERS (except DLC01 robots). You will need to rescue or recruit new 4-76 compatible actors for your settlements, or run SKK Combat Settlers mod which can protect all existing settlers before the 4-76 conversion.

(3) If you want to protect any other companions or actors, use the PC console to select a survivor and enter [ addkeyword skk_476nodisable ]. Spawning mods will need to implement the keyword to avoid their product being automatically disabled (and replaced). The article Fallout 4-76 protect other NPC mods provides players and mod authors with all the info.

(4) When you first convert the world with replacements active, they are not populated in the active cells around you for safety. As you start wandering around the world they will appear over a minimum distance, but entering an uncleared interior space can get hectic. If you change the replacement setting [ on or off ] after the conversion, it only takes effect on movement when cells load and unload the actors in a 10K radius around the player. 

(5) With { replacements + headshots + respawn + griefers + all your other mods } framerates will suffer in busy spaces like College Square and outside Diamond City. That’s simply the compute load it takes to manage that number of angry actors and render their polygons. There are no fixes except to reduce or disable something, even dead bodies are an overhead. I use a shoot & scoot technique to draw hostiles out and reduce the render count in a busy cells.

(6) Headshot kills only apply to Fallout 4-76 generated replacement ferals or synths, not base game or other mods.

(7) Rescue survivors may need a couple of talking ats to clear out Eh? What? idle topics before they offer you the actual rescue pickup and complete dialogue.  If that doesn't work, switch their stimpak/recovery setting to change the dialogue tree.

(8) Base game Container_Loot*  level lists have been modified to add a ChanceNone global variable to manage loot spawning. If a mod later in your load order modifies those level lists and over-writes, the loot reduction setting will clearly not work. This is the first time an SKK mod could not script a workaround and had to change base game forms. Feel my shame.

(9) If you find any access doors key locked, blocked or inaccessible, post or PM me the DLC/Worldspace and 8 digit object ID [console click PRID] to include it if missed. They are easy updates to publish.

(10) CUSTOM REPLACEMENT ACTORS if you know how to use xEDIT you can use any level actor you desire from the base game or another mod as a replacement, read Fallout 4-76 Define your own custom replacement actors.

Compatibility & disable

The mod makes ZERO changes to any base game scripts, items, actors, stats so should be safe to use with overhauls that do hack items, actors and stats around (not scripts, never ever use hacked scripts). Let's be super clear, I know with all your mod conflicts, load order nonsense, patches and mod induced issues skepticism is high, but this mod really does not make any base game changes.  Ahem, except those Container_Loot* level lists from version 021. 

The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs. It's 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and wrapper scripts. As it performs major surgery to actors and quests the running world, unlike most elegantly engineered SKK mods it is a one way conversion and CAN NOT BE DISABLED OR REMOVED FROM A SAVEGAME.

I understand that Start me Up is well regarded by end users. Unfortunately it is rather insular, not setting any standard start game triggers so other mods can detect when its safe to add player inventory or run. If you choose to use that mod, expect problems. 

Relevant & associated mods 

(1) SKK Combat Settlers protects existing settlers from removal.

(2) SKK Unlock all companions enables and protects any/all base game companion(s).

(3) For the ultimate Feral apocalypse new game start suggestion: SKK FastStart new game (in 2 minutes) + SKK FastStart Settlement (pick a start location, the airport is great) + Fallout 4-76 OpenWorld feral edition (replace humans with ferals) + Zombie Walkers (more slow undead) + True Storms (more feral spawns).

Human actor spawning mods known to be compatible

Missions Committee  
SKK Combat Stalkers
SKK Settlement Attack System
SKK Instant Battleground
Gun Games by SKK users

Disregard PC manual install and any console commands. I use this same description text on and for PC & XBOX as I CBA to maintain multiple edits. Always check the master change log on

Nexus PC manual download installation

Copy SKK476OpenWorld.esp, SKK476OpenWorld – Main.BA2 and SKK476OpenWorld – Textures.BA2 to your ...\Fallout 4\Data directory, enable in the Bethesda mod menu, mod manger or whatever.

With thanks to  

RedRocketTV for new retro-future visual assets.
The voice talent of HadToRegister for the male aviator.
The space and patience of MrsSKK for the female aviator.


PC or
PlayStation® can not be supported due to Sony Corp. scripted content restrictions.

(**) Skynet infection vector to Institute systems most probably via 1996 Bethesda XnGine code archives