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GXP2 adds over 60 new craftable explosives and a detailed M79 Grenade Launcher that can use those explosives to the game with live ammo swapping, all while making tweaks to vanilla explosives and adding these items to spawn lists.

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Hello! Welcome to the...

This mod is no longer receiving support. You are welcome to use any part of this mod in a new mod, or to improve, fix or modify this mod without needing to seek permission or credit me.

Grenade Expansion Pack 2 is a mod that includes over 60 new explosives, a high quality M79 Grenade Launcher with the ability to fire most of the grenades from the pack and swap ammo out in the field without a workbench, and moderate changes to vanilla to help line up the mod with the rest of the game.

There are also compatibility patches for Valdacil's Item Sorting sorting tags, Loads of Ammo to allow the option to swap ammo types with it's ammo switchers, and the Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) to make all grenades and mines (including vanilla ones) craftable at a Weaponsmith Workbench located in the mod installer, no need to hunt them down.

Want to see some examples? Check this out!

Grenade Expansion Pack 2 is an almost complete remake of the original Grenade Expansion Pack. The original GXP, now known as GXP Classic, was made before the Creation Kit and is now riddled with mistakes that make the Creation Kit recoil with terror! Not that it was unstable in-game, but I felt it was time to start from scratch with the same ideas, and some new ones, and see what could be done better than last time.

This version of GXP has three primary components that adds to it's content:

High Quality M79 Grenade Launcher
The Grenade Launcher added by this pack fits well with the aesthetics of the game. It's main purpose is to act as a launcher for the majority of the grenades in the game. You can fire grenades like you would any other weapon, and use VATS as well. This means you can finally use VATS to fire grenades! Also, thanks to a recent update, the launcher can now fire projectiles much further and faster than throwing grenades by hand.

The Grenade Launcher can fire 40mm Grenades, Contact Explosives, Timed Explosives, and Dart Weapons, but you'll find this still covers the meat and potatoes of this mod. You can locate standard Grenade Launchers being sold at vendors, used by enemies, and found within the Commonwealth. However, there is a legendary version that allows live ammo swapping without a workbench! It can be obtained in the cellar under Gorski's Cabin.

Over 60 New Explosives
There is a wide range of explosives (and other items) included in this pack. There are eight categories these items come in, Contact Explosives, Timed Explosives, Dart Weapons, Chemical Weapons, Cluster Bombs, Traditional Mines, Throwable Disguised Mines, and Remote Detonated Charges.

Almost all these items can be crafted at a Chemistry Station under new categories, the ones I just listed. A lot of them can also be found at vendors, used by enemies, and discoverable in the Commonwealth.

Modifications to Vanilla
This plugin does make some subtle edits to the vanilla game. Not only have the explosives of this pack been added to spawn lists, several other things have been modified here or there for better cohesion between the main game and GXP. For now, the changes are simple and I've tried to limit the number of effected records to improve compatibility. As of now, all spawn lists have been edited using scripts, to further improve compatibility.

Some changes include converting Baseball Grenades to Contact Explosives, energy damage from grenades scale with levels of the Science! perk, the duration of fire damage from grenades scales with the Chemist perk, Frag Mines now do the same damage as their grenade counterparts, and Nuka Grenades and Nuke Mines are now craftable. More changes may be made overtime as more suggestions come in. Just let me know what vanilla changes you want added!

There are so many changes from GXP Classic that I could not list them all. I will, however, list some of them:

  • Over 20 new explosives, with everything now properly categorized and more niches for explosives filled.
  • Too many buffs, debuffs, and balance changes to mention.
  • Crafting recipes, while largely similar, have been adjusted.
  • Most notable are Disguised Mines, which now only require the main mine and what you're disguising it as.
  • Unique models for more explosives and items, either completely new or composited from vanilla assets.
  • Energy weapon damage from grenades scales with ranks of the Science! perk.
  • Even damage duration from poisons and acid from grenades now scale with ranks of the Chemist perk.
  • Buffed Mole Rat Repellent is now a timed explosive, making it the timed counterpart to Buffed Rat Poison.
  • The Repellent also now causes an explosive reaction of ones head on death.
  • The original dismemberment effect the Repellent had is now applied to Tremor Toxicant.
  • Darts now stick out of their victims, including the chem darts.
  • Throwing Knives included, and they are retrievable from bodies.
  • Throwing Knife damage also scale with ranks of the Big Leagues perk.
  • The Bleeder Dart is notably more powerful, but also visibly drains blood from your target.
  • The Bleeder Dart's damage also scales with ranks of the Bloody Mess perk.
  • Chem darts with largely positive effects (such as Stimpak Darts) no longer agitate targets.
  • The Cryo Cell Cluster now behaves very differently, as it is tossed on the floor and then launches the cells.
  • The Fire Bomb also behaves differently, acting more like a throwable 10 barreled gun of fiery death.
  • Overcharged Batteries and Full Jerrycans have been converted to Dud Pulse Grenades and Dud Incendiary Grenades.

And again, there are more changes than what I could list...or remember. GXP2 is sincerely a remake of GXP Classic. The only records spared were the very base WEAP records (a surprisingly little amount of data) and some crafting records that didn't need replaced. The main reason I kept the base weapon records is because if you're upgrading from GXP Classic to GXP2, you won't loose your grenades! The only thing you may loose is that some grenades will loose their legendary status, but will remain functionally the same. Everything is new data, created with the Creation Kit to ensure better practices, data integrity, and no large plugin errors.

There are some interesting mechanics about the Grenade Launchers we will go over here:

The most important thing to know about Grenade Launchers is how they handle their ammo. All Grenade Launchers from this mod have to have grenades converted to sabots in order to be functional. There are currently two methods of converting grenades to sabots. The first is that there are options under UTILITIES in a Chemistry Station to convert all grenades to sabots and convert all sabots to grenades. These options will only appear if you have a Grenade Launcher in your inventory. The second option is simply using the ammo swapping ability of the legendary Grenade Launcher. Simply select the ammo type on the menu and all of that type of grenade will be converted to it's sabot form in your inventory.

There are two different kinds of Grenade Launchers. There are the normal Grenade Launchers, which can be found randomly around the game. They've been made to spawn where you would find Missile Launchers, so shops, enemies, and maybe some loot crates. There is a reasonable range of modding options for this weapon, though it's no Walther P99 by TrophiHunter by any measure, you'll find it's about as many mods as you would expect for a vanilla weapon. Most notable about Grenade Launchers is that you can swap what type of grenade it fires with a Weapons Workbench.

There is also the legendary Grenade Launcher, which can be found under Gorski's Cabin. There is only one of these in the game, so treat it well! It functions the same way as the normal grenade launchers, except it has a special ability. It's special ability is to allow you to swap out it's ammo type anywhere. This function replaces gun bashing, so in order to do it you need to push your favorite gun bash button and a menu will pop up. Don't worry, if you want you can still hold down the button to throw grenades.

This menu is separated into 5 options, to select 40mm Grenades (the default ammo of Grenade Launchers), to pick from your Contact Explosives, your Timed Explosives, or your Dart Weapons, or to cancel your selection. Each sub-menu will be populated with only the explosives you have on you, either in their grenade or sabot form, so the lists hopefully won't be too long unless you carry about every explosive under the sun. Once selected every grenade of that type will be converted to their sabot form and can be fired from your Grenade Launcher.

If you aren't happy the above options, you can now use the Loads of Ammo patch to swap what type of grenade is fired from your Grenade Launcher. Grenades must still be added converted to sabots via the Chemistry Station.

The most notable difference to using the Grenade Launcher over the way one would traditionally use grenades is that finally one can use VATS to aim their grenade throws. This works best with Contact Explosives (aim for the feet!) and Dart Weapons, but works with Timed Explosives as well (hopefully your target isn't running too fast). It also serves as just a nicer feeling method of deploying grenades that feels more reliable and more instant than holding down the grenade/gun-bash button. Also, thanks to a recent update, the Grenade Launcher fires all it's projectiles faster than throwing them by hand. This means you can fire them further than throwing them, and can aim your shots with a bit more reliability. Let the Grenade Launcher be a revolution to how you use grenades in your game!

There are now over 60 explosives and other items added through this mod. Here is a list of most of them:

Contact Explosives - Grenades that react on contact similar to Molotovs

40mm Grenade - 100 Ballistic Damage – The standard ammunition of the M79 Grenade Launcher, this grenade can only be fired from Grenade Launchers. Regardless, it is still craftable at a Chemistry Station, provided you have a Grenade Launcher on you.

Nitroglycerin - 100 Ballistic Damage – A notorious contact explosive, distilled down and put into a fancy bottle. When thrown it explodes on contact, however while it tends to do slightly less damage then a Frag Grenade, it is far easier to deploy.

Tesla Conduit - 100 Energy Damage – Like a Pulse Grenade but far more fragile and slightly less powerful. If you really hate robots, then this is your ticket to thwart their rebellious nature.

Buffed Rat Poison100 Poison Damage over 6 seconds – Take some deadly chemicals and add in more, put it in a can, and throw it away. When it lands it creates a cloud of poisonous gas. Duration of damaging effects increases with ranks of the Chemist Perk, increasing up to triple damage.

Liquid Nitrogen - 50 Ballistic Damage and cryo effect – A freezing cold and brittle container of cryogenic chemicals. Much like a cryo grenade, but breaks on contact with surfaces, enemies, friends, anything really!

Plasma Cell - 100 Ballistic Damage and 100 Energy Damage - A little packet of high-energy atoms that are waiting and ready to burn some faces. Best of both worlds, destroy flesh and steel in a single throw!

Compact Artillery Shell - 200 Ballistic Damage - Tired of those Minute Men never responding to your Artillery Smoke Grenades? Take matters into your own hands, deliver hell yourself! Be careful though, these shells don't throw like your standard grenade.

Acidic Vapor - 200 Acid Damage over 10 seconds – If you've ever been spit on by a Mirelurk, you know how this feels. Now you can make others experience the pain to! Only problem is the somewhat tight effect radius, but it's manageable. While the pool of acid is around, anyone who walks over it gets covered with acid as well! Duration of damaging effects scale with ranks of the Chemist perk. There is also a large chance that those who are unfortunate enough to die covered in acid will leave behind a puddle of goop to take their items from.

Damaged Fusion Core - 250 Ballistic Damage – A carefully crafted combination of a Fusion Core and a Ball-Pein Hammer. When thrown, it will explode on contact with an explosion not unlike a Nuka Grenade, however with less direct fallout damage. Technically not as powerful but a little more plentiful.

Overclocked Fusion Core - 250 Energy Damage – A carefully tweaked Fusion Core that releases all it's stored energy when thrown. Comparable to the Damaged Fusion Core, but with energy damage. Make those Sentry Bots pay for their existence!

Overloaded Alien Round50 Ballistic Damage, but high knock-back force - What happens when you take alien technology, break it open, mix in some chemicals, and throw it at your enemies? Well, it knocks them on their ass of course! But, if they aren’t on their feet and get hit, who knows where they’ll end up.

Concussion Grenade50 Ballistic Damage and breaks target's "head" - Ever wanted to dull your senses? Sight, hearing, feeling? Well then, this evil little device will be sure to take those sensations away in a blinding flash of light. To your targets, it breaks their "head" and lowers their perceptions. For you, the player, it'll blind you for seconds and give you a nasty case of tinnitus, so watch out.

Timed Explosives - Grenades that have a fuse or timer to detonate

Dud Frag Grenade150 Ballistic Damage, if it goes off – An intentionally (or unintentionally) compromised Frag Grenade that doesn’t self-detonate. Instead, it must be remotely triggered by any type of physical damage. It’s explosion, due to improper construction, is twice as large as a normal Frag. Great for tricking your friends! “It’s just a prank, bro!”

Dud Pulse Grenade150 Energy damage if detonated – Like the Dud Frag Grenade, but now with shoddy futuristic energy grenades. Did you honestly think something like this would last over 200 years? It’s explosion, due to poor storage conditions, is twice as large as a normal Pulse Grenade.

Dud Incendiary Grenade100 Ballistic Damage plus fire hazard – Like the other dud grenades, but now with 100% more phosphorus. A pyrotechnics' nightmare, now in one device. When detonated with physical damage, it has an effective radius of twice a Frag, a Molotov, or an Incendiary Grenade. Good for buffing hazards.

Incendiary Grenade100 Ballistic Damage plus fire hazard – A more sophisticated alternative to the Molotov Cocktail. It does more damage than a Molotov, however takes time to detonate so is harder to use. The duration of the fire damage after the explosion increases with ranks of the Chemist perk.

Energy Relay - 200 Energy damage - A sophisticated grenade that takes advantage of the Institutes most shocking technologies! While it's more powerful than a standard energy based grenade, it tends to have a shorter fuse, so be careful.

Buffed Mole Rat Repellent - 150 Poison Damage over 6 seconds – A little recipe from D.C. bolstered with everything else nasty you could think of. A powerful poison that may have some...completely intentional side effects. Now crammed into a prewar gas grenade canister, so it has a timer.

Dirty Bomb50 Ballistic Damage, plus 250 Radiation damage – A deadly mix of explosive and radioactive materials, also known as the poor man’s nuke. It does not explode on contact, however has a short fuse, so be careful where you throw that thing! Poking your eye out is the least of your concerns.

Flash Bang100 Ballistic Damage and breaks target's "head" – Pretty much the older brother to the Concussion Grenade, this nasty metal nightmare will do all the same and a little more damage than it's little brother. It is on a timer, so it is both easier to get away from and harder to hit your targets.

Dart Weapons - Weapons thrown like darts that stick into enemies for various results

Frag Stick Grenade150 Ballistic Damage – Ever wanted to play long darts, but was disappointed they didn't explode? Well, don't fret, because now there are stick grenades! Thrown like a dart, they stick into enemies and count around 5 seconds till their eventual explosion. Great for parties!

Pulse Stick Grenade150 Energy Damage – If you were disappointed your stick grenades didn't come in enough flavors, you should really have read further down. Pulse Stick Grenades function just like their frag counterpart, but now with robot murdering glory! Stick it to the man machine!

Plasma Stick Grenade150 Ballistic Damage and 150 Energy Damage – If you just can't decide what kind of damage you want to do with your new stick grenades, Ballistic or Energy, then just do both with the Plasma Stick Grenade!

Throwing Knife80 Physical Damage – A cheap, easy to construct throwing knife that will stick into objects and people! You can even get your knife back from your targets! The person you just stabbed from across the room won't be so happy that the damage scales with ranks of Big Leagues, but what do they know, they have a knife sticking from their brain!

Bleeder Dart - 10 points of Physical Damage over 10 seconds - Based on the Bleed out syringe, if your partner or enemy both look like they just have too much blood, help them out with a Bleeder Dart! Slice them open and drain them like a pig, this easy to build dart will make the perfect gift for their necks! Damage scales with ranks of the Bloody Mess perk (more than usual).

Stimpak DartInjects target with a Stimpak – Yep, now you don't have to wait for your friends to lay bleeding on the ground before you can give a helping hand! Throw them a Stim, and they'll be on their feet in no time! People won't mind when you throw a dart into their head to heal their injuries, unless they were simply a grouch to begin with.

Buffout DartInjects target with Buffout – If you feel your companion could do with a bit of bulking up, this classic steroid should do the trick! Make them healthy, strong and tough in just one shot. Effects last for 5 minutes, like normal Buffout. Side effects may include testicular shrinkage and addiction.

Med-X DartInjects target with Med-X – If your companion is feeling a little down, a tooth ache or bullet wound lingering on, then I think they deserve a shot of morphine Med-X! Make the pain go away, and increase their resistance to damage as well. If they start getting shaky after disuse, just give them more!

Psycho DartInjects target with Psycho – If you think your companion isn’t pulling their weight and pulling their punches, there is nothing like a dose of Psycho to give them a boost. Watch as they are filled with enthusiasm for their work, and won’t stop even for bullets! Now Cait, put down that Fat-Man!

Larva Dart - Effect, chance to spawn Bloatfly on death - Based on the Bloatfly larva syringe, now you can fulfill your sickest...fantasies? Yeah...fill em up, with your...larva and...ugg. Why, why would you do this to someone? It doesn't even do extra damage to them! In fact it just makes things harder for you when you have to deal with a Bloatfly afterwords! If you use this, or the Syringer equivalent, you're one sick puppy and I hope you know it!

Chemical Weapons - Containers of chems that splash various effects in a radius of eruption

Amnestic MixEffect, targets forget player’s location for 30 seconds – Based on the Mind Cloud syringe, it makes your targets forget you’re even there. Great for multiple sneak attacks, now you can carry it with your silenced weapon in hand!

Anger Air™Effect, targets attack allies for 60 seconds – Based on the Berserk syringe, you can throw it into a group and make them finish themselves off! While more potent than the original, to compensate it doesn’t last as long. If you’re tired of happiness and relaxation, take a whiff of Anger Air™!

Fear ToxinEffect, targets run in fear for 30 seconds – Based on the Yellow Belly syringe, it makes all that inhale the smoke afraid of you. They see you as something else, something terrifying, good thing no one has enough of this stuff to fill a city… Hmmm...hope no one gets any ideas.

Relaxing FragranceEffect, targets become passive for 30 seconds – Based on the Pax syringe, it combines all the wonderful things left in the world and weaponizes them. You’ll be buddies with raiders while they chill out over the smell of Mutfruit and Nukacola.

Paralyzing GasEffect, paralyzes targets for 10 seconds – Based on the Lock Joint syringe, enemies will freeze like statues to this chemical. Maybe it’s the smell, maybe it’s the deadly chemicals, but either way you should be able to enhance your mannequin collection at least.

General AnesthesiaEffect, reduces targets damage resistance by 25% for 2 minutes – Based on the Endangerol syringe, your enemies will feel all numb and wobbly after a simple huff. True, they may not be able to feel the pain, but targets tend to lower their guard and make themselves prone to injuries.

Tremor ToxicantEffect, has chance to disarm opponents – NOT based on Syringer ammo, this is a simple mix of lubricants and toxins specifically selected to cause butter fingers. Your target's hands have never felt quite so stiff, making it easy for a slip of the grip. Also, the side effects of the chemicals can be rather...unpleasant.

Cluster Bombs - Unusual explosives that spread their payload over an area in a unique fashion

Frag Bouquet - Deploys 6 frag grenades that collectively do 250 Ballistic Damage - If you've ever envied those clusters of frags dangling from a string as a trap, then this is the cluster for you! These are thrown in pairs of two, that then split into 3 each, then explode on a timer like frags like to do. Great for clearing out an area. Just be sure not to mix them up with that bouquet of flowers you were going to send your mother...

Energized Sentry Rockets - Deploys 5 shells that do 50 Energy Damage each - Again, we need a weapon to deal with those pesky robots. Ever since the Rust Devils moved into town, things have only gotten worse. That's why I bring you today a weapon to give them a taste of their own medicine. At first it's a cluster that fires from your hand, then splits into overly energized rockets that seek the ground and covers an area. Time to teach those soulless machines quite a few lessons!

Fire Bomb - Deploys 10 combustible shells that do 10 Ballistic Damage each plus fire hazard - If you weren't happy starting fires with matches then this may be the trick. Just take this 10 barrel mini arsonist and throw it at any unsuspecting flammables and watch as fire rains over them! Or throw it at one guy you really hate, go ahead, I'm not stopping you. The Ballistic Damage increases with ranks of Demolition Expert, and the fire damage duration increases with ranks of Chemist.

Cryo Cell Cluster - Deploys 10 small Cryo Cell mines that do 20 Ballistic Damage each plus cryo effect - Throw it in front of you to create a small minefield of touch sensitive Cryo Cells that don't do much damage on their own, but in a chain reaction can do some heavy damage. Great for groups but be careful not to get caught up in your own trap. Those things can end up anywhere! Don't worry, YOU can't step on them, but everyone else can.

Little Boy Pack - When damaged, will launch 6 Mini Nukes into the air after 5 seconds. - Perhaps one of the most deadly and sophisticated explosives on this list, this is a six pack of sensitive Mini Nukes (and not little boys!) When damaged, they don't need no Fat Man to launch into the air and spread their nuclear power everywhere. To use this device, one must practice all the caution! It will be tricky, but detonation will be sure to blast your target off this plain of existence.

Traditional Mines - Mines laid on the ground detonated primarily by proximity to enemies

Incendiary Mine100 Ballistic Damage plus fire hazard – If you didn't think there were enough options for catching everything on fire, here's one more for you! This is a mine that does exactly what you think it does, explodes and catches enemies on fire. It acts as a mine equivalent to the Incendiary Grenade, so think of it as a way to even the field.

Poison Gas Dispenser100 Poison Damage over 6 seconds – If you think your enemies are enjoying too fresh of air, it's time to spread some of these around. This is the mine equivalent to the different poison grenades. Like the poisonous grenades, the duration the damage applied by the poison lasts is increased by ranks of the Chemist perk. Make your enemies suffocate while they arguing who was the one delt it.

Acid TrapSmall radius, does 200 Acid Damage over 10 seconds – Watch your step, you never know when those milk bottles strapped together will be filled with powerful Mirelurk acid! This is the mine equivalent of the Acidic Vapor, and behaves much the same way. If any enemy steps on one of these, they're sure to be burned by the powerful acid within. If you're lucky, some of their friends will walk through the puddle of acid left behind while it's still around and start melting as well. Gives new meaning to taking a hit of acid.

Dirty Water Mine50 Ballistic and 50 Radiation damage, high knock-back force, and floats on water. – Ever wonder what you were disguising for the Disguised Dirty Water Mines (mentioned bellow) that could cause so much water to spew forth? Well, of course a sea water mine of course! This item enacts a large amount of force on whoever gets near enough to detonate it, able to stumble enemies or even throw them off their feat. As a bonus, they also float on water, in case you needed something like that.

Set Alarm ClockEffect, attracts enemy attention – After a bit of tinkering you get an Alarm Clock to work. Turns out no one knows what they sound like anymore and don’t know how to turn it off. When thrown into a group of aggressive enemies, they will attack the affront to their eardrums until it is finally silenced. If no one can be bothered to smash it up, you can simply pick it up and turn it off yourself.

Pipe BombEffect, attracts enemies’ attention and explodes doing 250 damage – The evolution of the Set Alarm Clock, the Pipe Bomb is more than a bomb made from a pipe, it's a bomb made from a alarm clock as well. Not only does it get your enemies' attention, but if that enemy happens to be, say, a feral ghoul or mussel head who like to take on his clocks up-close and personal, they'll face the wrath of the explosive force of an exploding pipe clock thing! If no one attacks it, you can always pick it up and use it later.

Disguised Mines - Similar to traditional mines, however can be thrown like a grenade

Disguised Fragmentation MineThrowable, looks like a can of Red Paint – Ah yes, America’s paint. Full of freedom, democracy, high explosives. Ain’t nothing more patriotic, with this you’ll be painting the walls red alright. Be sure to throw it into the houses of any dirty commies you see.

Disguised Pulse MineThrowable, looks like a Giddyup Buttercup Head – If you need to send a message, this is how you do it. However, horses have been gone for a while, so you’ll have to compromise. Any robot that tries to sleep peacefully at night will be met with a rude awakening.

Disguised Plasma MineThrowable, looks like a Teddy Bear – Come on, we all knew these things were deadly. How many have you seen around corpses, with strange objects, and hiding in cold dark corridors? Now you can rear them as your own and deploy them to unleash their deadly deathness.

Disguised IncendiaryThrowable, looks like a bottle of Vodka – Really it's not that much of a stretch, why not put a flaming bottle of Vodka inside a bottle of Vodka? What, impossible? Tell that to just about everything on this list. Not-so-gently place this on a shelf, bar, or floor and watch your targets combust just because they couldn't get over their drinking habits. Tragic really.

Disguised Cryo MineThrowable, looks like a Coffee Pot – What, never heard of iced coffee? If you’re in the mood to serve some cold justice, well this is at least an option. Someone sees this on the floor, thinks “Oooh, coffee!” then blam! Frozen.

Disguised Poison Gas DispenserThrowable, looks like a box of Abraxo Cleaner – Ever wanted to get clean? Like...really clean? Like, so clean you have to kill every cell in your body clean? If so, this is the product for...someone else, seek therapy. It will, however, clean up your enemies alright.

Disguised Dirty Water Mine - Throwable, looks like Purified Water - If your enemy is thirsty, and who isn't these days, take advantage with this new unique mine! Surprise them as they reach for a drink, only for it to explode into high pressure water dealing both 50 Physical and 50 Radiation damage! It'll stagger them, leading to an opportunity to strike.

Disguised Bottlecap MineThrowable, looks like a Vault-Tec Lunchbox – While you may argue this was unnecessary, come on, the normal Bottlecap Mine looks sketch as hell. You’d for sure get expelled for bringing it to class. However now you can pack your explosives in peace.

Remote Charges - Remote detonated explosives that are primarily triggered with a Charge Detonator.

Charge DetonatorActivates nearby live charges. – I'll start things off with something that technically shouldn't be on this list, but needs to be mentioned. All remote activated charges listed bellow will be resistant to damage and very difficult to detonate without one of these. Charge Detonators are located in the AID section of your inventory, and is usable like any AID item would be. It can also be hotkeyed so you don't have to detonate charges from your inventory. There is a certain range, so you can't get too far away from charges if you want to detonate them. You will have to craft this item, so it can be found under UTILITIES at a Chemistry Station.

C4 ChargeCan be exploded remotely for 250 Ballistic Damage – Top of the line in espionage, this plastic explosive is designed to be detonated behind the scenes while no one expects it. If you play your cards right, no one will even know it was you who set off the explosion. It is difficult to detonate by damaging, so it should be set off with the Charge Detonator. The damage done by all charges does not scale with any perks, but is reasonably high to start with.

Pulse ChargeCan be exploded remotely for 250 Energy Damage – Not to be satisfied with only Ballistic Damage, the Pulse Charge was made. It took months of research to figure out how to tape a Pulse Grenade to an explosive charge, but finally here we are. It behaves the same way as the C4 Charge and will require a Charge Detonator for easy detonation. This will be useful if you are exploring the lairs of any machine obsessed overlords, or robot obsessed raiders, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Plasma ChargeCan be exploded remotely for 250 Ballistic Damage and 250 Energy Damage – If you're the picky type that can't figure out if you need to sneak into a raider's hideout and use C4 or terrorize some robots and use Pulse Charges, then this is the perfect combination that will hopefully satiate your picky, picky heart. This will do both Ballistic and Energy Damage and behaves just like the other remote charges.

Nuke ChargeCan be exploded remotely for 500 Ballistic Damage and 100 Radiation Damage – How else do you think I blew up Diamond City in the trailer video? Haven't watched the trailer video? You should, I put a lot of time into it. Anyway, this is the perfect weapon for your fantasies of mass destruction. Put a few dozen of these down and one push of a button will see just about any type of target destroyed. Tinker Tom would be proud.

Ballistic Claymore TrioCan be exploded remotely for a shotgun blast that can do chaotic amounts of damage – This is an interesting chaotic weapon that may or may not cause you to blow yourself up. It's fairly unstable, and I honestly don't recommend using it on anything but even ground. If you do use it, beware that the area will be showered by explosive pellets that will blast just about everything in the room, but good luck aiming for anything specific. This has the potential to be either the most powerful non nuclear explosive in the game, or one of the weakest depending on your luck. Works best in tight spaces and again, on even ground.

This part of the mod has been kept light for now to reduce mod conflicts, but here are the changes to vanilla:

  • Most explosives have been added to grenade/mine spawn lists. Not every explosive is findable in the game world.
  • Standard Grenade Launchers have been added to Missile Launcher spawn lists. This only affects one record.
  • Energy damage from grenades now scales with ranks of the Science! perk. This only affects grenades.
  • Fire damage duration from grenades now scales with ranks of the Chemist perk. This only affects grenades.
  • The default GRENADE category in the Chemistry Station has been renamed GRENADES - TIMED.
  • The default MINES category in the Chemistry station has been renamed MINES - TRADITIONAL.
  • Baseball Grenades are now Contact Explosives and are in the GRENADES - CONTACT category in the Chemistry Station.
  • Molotov Cocktails have been moved to the GRENADES - CONTACT category in the Chemistry Station to match the rest.
  • Frag Mines and Cryo Mines now do the same damage as their grenade counterparts.
  • Nuka Grenades and Nuke Mines are now craftable at a Chemistry Station like any other explosive.
  • The legendary Grenade Launcher and a little secret have been placed in the world space ;)

For now the changes have been light to prevent conflicts with other mods. As of the latest update, no spawn lists have been modified directly. All items from this mod are added to level lists through scripts. That means that conflicts with weapon mods should be as light and minimal as possible. Even if every vanilla record from this mod is overwritten, the main functions of the mod should still work. Another thing to note is that the Science! perk has not been modified, but instead a new perk is applied to the player upon loading the mod that looks for what ranks the player is in Science! and applies bonus Energy Damage to grenades accordingly. The rest of the modifications are very simple and shouldn't cause too many problems with most mods.

If you run into certain problems, there is now a holotape located in the cave under the Red Rocket station outside of Sanctuary. This tape will allow you to trade your legendary Grenade Launcher for a normal version in case you somehow have extras. It allows you to reapply the Science! Extension perk in case energy damage on grenades doesn't scale. You can respawn the legendary Grenade Launcher under Gorski Cabin in case it never appeared for you or has gone missing. Finally, it also allows you to repopulate the game's level lists with the items of GXP2 in case for some reason the script didn't trigger, however only use this if you are 100% sure that is the case as issues may arise otherwise. This holotape is for debug purposes only, don't pretend otherwise and think you're not cheating by getting dozens of Saint Sean's Specials!

It is thanks to this software and these people that this mod was made possible. A big thanks to all of them!

Tools Used

Creation Kit - Plugin authoring
FO4Edit - Plugin editing
Automation Tools - Plugins for FO4Edit
NifScope - Nif manipulation
3DS Max - Model editing
Paint.Net - Texture editing
Material Editor - For editing material files
BodySlide - NPC model rigging (Charges, Alarm Clock, Pipe Bomb, etc)
FOMOD Creation Tool - Fomod creator for the compatibility patches
NormalMap-Online - Texture map creation



Aevi_Daudi of Bethesda.net - Beta testing, feedback, and the namer of the Saint Sean's Special
TrophiHunter of Nexus - Modeling support
Wenderer of Nexus - Scripting support
Battousai124 - All-In-One package
Gambit - Assistance with the Loads of Ammo patch


HQ Grenade Launcher Model - Nightfrontier of the Unity Asset Store
Weapon HQ #2 Model Pack - Craftwork Mobile of the Unity Asset Store
AT-Mine Model - Nightfrontier of the Unity Asset Store
Grenade Model - keksuka of TurboSquid
Pipe Bomb PBR Model - HQModel of TurboSquid
Stick Grenade Model - Austro of TurboSquid
Throwing Knife - The 3D Ninja of TurboSquid

All other model assets are modifications of Bethesda assets. This mod would not be what it is today without these people and their talents, so once again a big thank you goes to all of them!

This mod took a TON of time and dedication to create. I even felt it was worth investing money into it for some of the assets. This is a sequel to one of my most popular mods and I wanted to make it bigger and better than it ever was. Because of how much I've invested in this mod, this will be the first time ever I'll be asking for donations, but they are far from necessary. I just hope people will see this and like it enough for their endorsement. Thank you all for your comments over the months I've been putting a lot of my time into modding, I'm sorry that I can't reply to all of them and that my mods aren't always perfect, I do try to do the best work I can with the time I have. Thank you again for checking this mod out, as a gift for reading this far I'll tell you a secret! There is a secret explosive not on the explosives list that is the most powerful and deadly device in this entire pack. There is only one, and it is located near (not in) Fort Strong. That's all I'll tell you, have fun finding it ;)