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Patch to use 40MM Grenades from Grenade Expansion Pack to SREP Redux and other grenade launchers, and a couple of bonuses.

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This is an ESP replacer. What it does do? I changed the 40MM Grenade ammo from SREP to use the one from Grenade Expansion Pack 2. I find that mod to be essential so I might as well change lump it up with a mod with an under-barrel Grenade launcher, they use the exact same ammo. You now craft 40MM grenades from GEP2 as well. OP? Probably but hey, let’s have a little fun shall we?

I also took some notes from SREP TWEAKS and applied the rebalance from that mod as I used that mod anyway and fixed the trashed receiver bug.

Since MW2 M4A1 is not only a mod that requires SREP but also a mod I use, I patched it for the 40MM Grenade launcher as well.

I didn’t want a single-use 300 Blackout Ammo in my game so I replaced the Honey Badger’s ammo with 7.62 ammo as it’s almost the same as 300 Blackout. Why not 5.56? Mostly for Variation's sake honestly given other Honey Badger mods used it.

Bonus: Since I like the functionality of Deadpool/Painter2099’s Service Rifle, I patched the Tier 3 SMG receiver to use 9MM. 10mm is removed entirely.

“Why is 9MM more powerful than .45?”
Honestly, I was debating on it for a while and I’m a vacuum, 9MM being slightly better than .45 made sense. Plus it gives 9MM some end-game use while I can use .45 for a 1911 for example.

They have switches places

“Why not patch 300Blackout from the MK18 mod to SREP”
Eehh I personally don’t like having the ammo type in my game. I don’t have much use for it. Plus I have some possible plans for some HyperX mods. Only time will tell. I hope you guys enjoy my take on this wonderful mod!