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Replaces the feral ghouls of the Yangtze with uniformed Chinese Ghouls with Lore-friendly gear.

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Wasteland Melody's Chinese Assault Rifle-

Chinese Assault Rifle Animations-

Mauser Pistol-

Communist Arm'y Outfits-

Classic Army Helmet-

What this does: 
This mod Replaces the Feral Ghouls aboard the Yangtze with Uniformed Chinese Regular Ghouls. 

If the Alternate "Yangtze Crew Replacer Neutral"  is installed, the crew will be neutral towards the player until they or their Captain is attacked. 

Replaces Weapons in Armory with Lore Friendly weapons

Gear list: 
Chinese remnants on the Sub will spawn with a random assortment of gear including:

-Chinese Jumpsuit
-Chinese Commando Hat
-Chinese Combat Helmet
-Chinese Bandoleer
-Chinese Pistol
-Chinese Assault Rifle
-Chinese Fatigues