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I am a user of BrowncoatGarrus' work and I find it joyful. While some parts of the official patches pack to those weapon mods are based on the old versions that not compatible with the latest copy. So I choose to do some favour. I do not only update the existing patches, but also make new patches for those mods without NC patches before.

Permissions and credits
As you can see, this is just a temporary remedy. I shall delete my patches when BrowncoatGarrus makes his own official ones. I am just a fresh noob on modifying Skyrim and Fallout 4 who cannot use Creation Kit. All of my job are done with FO4edit. I cannot guarantee that my patches with fairly enough quality, PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL IF YOU WOULD NOT LIKE TO RUIN YOUR GAME. 

Here is the list of available patches, in the alphabetical order of these weapons'  real names: 

AKM by ngabber, and you do not need to install ' AKM - Nuka World patch' to convert the default ammunition to Nuka World 7.62 rounds because it is included in mine. 

AK74M by FX0x01, turn two special AKs fed with M74. 

Browning Hi-Power by DeadPool2009 with support of latest version 2.0.1, overwrite the vanilla esp when installing. 

M1 Garand by asXas with latest version 1.6.5, the official patch only supports 1.5 and it will break third person animations. 

M14 by ff7cloudstrife. Quite an old mod which uses vanilla animations with wrong direction of bolt on the model. 

M1911 by DeadPool2009

StG 44 by Sam Fisher. Because the mod published earlier than DLC Nuka World, the New Calibers version of the mod by author himself still had used old version of M43 rounds added by New Calibers. I turn the available caliber of M43 into Nuka World one. 

There are also compatible patches who both uses third party animations and New Calibers: 

Battlefield 1 Animation Pack - Hunting Rifle by zestoflemon merging New Calibers. 

Chinese Assault Rifle Animations by wardaddy755 merging WM Chinese Assualt Rifle New Calibers Patch by ShawnPhillips. 

Overwrite vanilla esp when you intall these two patches. And of course you need the Chinese Assault Rifle of WastelandMelody first! 


Bethesda Softworks for the great game Fallout 4. 
zilav for FO4Edit, I cannot finish my work without it. 
ngabber, FX0x01, DeadPool2009, asXas, ff7cloudstrife, Sam Fisher, zestoflemon,WastelandMelody, wardaddy755, ShawnPhillips and BrowncoatGarrus for their original modifications. 
And myself.