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Outfit Studio created mash up of the MacCready duster & BOS knight under armor. Also comes with visible weapon on back support for Sam Fisher's Sturmgewehr 44, Wasteland Melody's Chinese Assault Rifle & TrophiHunter's MP40. Male Only Armor.

Permissions and credits

-Armorsmith, AWKCR & all DLC's


-Custom Armor retexture with BOS theme
-Support for Visible Weapon users
-Supported Visible Weapons include: 

1.Sam Fisher's The Sturmgewehr
2.Wasteland Melody's Chinese Assault Rifle
3.TrophiHunters MP40

-Armorsmith ready and raring to go.
-All armor can be created at the armorsmith workbench
-Use the armor bench to upgrade armor
-Separate backpack can be crafted & modified for 50 carry weight
-Craftable gasmask with a red glow.


-use NMM to activate
-All armor plus Visible Weapon items must be crafted.
-For the armor use the Armorsmith Workbench.

Items can be found under:

Accessories / Backpacks / BOSW Backpack

Hands / Gloves / BOSW Strapped Gloves

Headgear / Facemasks Full / BOSW Gasmask
                          BOSW Gasmask Red Visor
                          BOSW Gasmask Red Visor Glow

Headgear / Helmets with Hair / BOSW Black Stahlhelm

Outfits / BOS / BOSW Armor

Visible Weapons can be crafted at the Chem Workbench / VISIBLE WEAPON BOSW
They will not work if you don't have the original weapon mod installed and The Visible Weapon mod from Registrator2000. If you don't have all weapon mods installed (e.g only Sturmgewehr weapon installed) Use the console to acquire the items so you avoid crashes at the chem workbench. All Visible weapons except the throat slicer are configured for the backpack right side. 

Item names are:


KnifeSerrated (Throat Slicer)

NO VISIBLE WEAPON VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE. The No Visible weapon version comes with a static throat slicer that stays on your hip and a static laser rife that stays on the right side of the backpack.


-Tools used:  FO4Edit / Outfit Studio / nifSkope / Creation kit / Photoshop


-Crafting Highlight Fix
-Visible Weapons 3rd Person Holster
-Just Visible Holstered Weapons
-Holsters & Sheaths
-Commonwealth Safety Squad Stahlhelm & Other Gear
-Wearable Backpacks & Pouches


-Back cape / duster can clip or become inverted when using the chem lab in 3rd person.
Leg straps will clip if your male character is on the big side (e.g. Knight Rhys)

-Stahlhelm chin strap will clip on most characters especially larger ones
-Sentinel logo on Armor left breast will stretch / contort weirdly depending on the movement of character.


-Very special thanks to zikko for stahlhelm mod & releasing the assets to the public
-Stahlhelm model & textures are by zikko, I merely put a BOS decal on them.
-Friffy for outstanding Visible Weapon tutorial & mod
-Thanks to Friffy & zAlteredBeastz for knife sheath, gun holster
-Registrator2K for Visible Weapon framework & all his great mods.
-Thanks to Sam Fisher, Wasteland Melody & TrophiHunter for their excellent weapons
-Thanks to Aldebaran90 for the Backpack mod
-Thanks to the NEXUS community
-Thanks to Ousnius and Caliente for Outfit Studio
-Thanks to Gambit77
-I didn't forget about you Bethesda