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Adapted Tinker Gnome Subrace based on the Spelljammer Campaign setting.

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Tinker Gnome Subrace

Tinker Gnomes, also known as Krynnish Gnomes or the Minoi, are a major spacefaring race native to Krynnspace who are commonly found throughout the Known Spheres in the Spelljammer campaign setting. Tinker gnomes are similar to their gnomish cousins from other spheres, except for their near-obsession with technology and invention. They are a gadget-happy race that will invent a device to solve a problem, then invent a second item to solve the problems caused by the first invention, a third invention to solve the problems of the second, and so forth and so on.

Spells and such:
Lab Conditioning - Gain dash after enemy misses an attack, reaction
Quickfix - Lockpicking + Detect Magic
Hot-Wire- Dominate Person but on constructs. Can revive some constructs, you need to use the ability a second time to hot wire them though
Life Quest - Twice per game you will receive a perk toward the ability score of your choosing. This is meant to symbolize a gnomes life quest and the skills they would develop in perusing their quest though this duration of the BG3 saga.
Tinker Tools - Since they are gearmeisters, I thought they should have a stash of goodies. Items are added to your camp chest via AV Item Shipment Framework

Mods shown:
HGY Heads for Shorties
Jerinski's Alt Hairs
Jerinski's Alt Makeup
Artificer class and all subclasses

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