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Adds the Artificer class and all its subclasses to the game: Alchemist, Armorer, Artillerist and Battle Smith.
Great video by Minstora showcasing the mod:

Permissions and credits
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For class icons you'll need the latest ImprovedUI + ImprovedUI Assets and do not use any other mod that updates datatemplates.xaml
Why? Every mod that adds custom class icons will override each other since they use custom xaml files (unless they also rely on ImprovedUI Assets). The only fix is for all those other mods to give their icons over to ImprovedUI Assets. And they'll do it even if they're just in the mods folder, activated or not.
Mods that are in the game folder and overwrite system files might also prevent some skills from working correctly.

Keep in mind ImprovedUI is only needed for selecting the class (scroll down in the class menu), class and resource icons, not for spells or items. Once you managed to select it, the class will work without any requirement.


Seems like the nautiloid spent some time in Lantan and picked up a few interesting folk from there with some very different and rare skills not normally found on the Sword Coast.

Introducing the Artificer class to Baldur's Gate 3!This is a full imagining of the utility and support that artificers bring to adventuring parties. The class includes 4 subclasses that can help any party to save the world. These subclasses include, the Alchemist for all your potion needs, the Armorer for when you just need a wall of metal at the front line or be as stealthy as a Rogue, the Artillerist for those that like to see explosions from a 'safe' distance, and Battle Smith who jumps in the middle of the battle with a trusty companion.

Enjoy the artificer infusion mechanics where those good old crafty folks push your magic items even further. Lovingly recreated by a dedicated group of those that have the need to just push it to 11. Please enjoy our rendition of the beloved class! We tried our best to keep the spirit of the class as well as keeping it as balanced as best we could within the bounds of the game. We are aware that some of our choices are not one to one with D&D 5e. So please give us the benefit of the doubt and much feedback so we can upgrade it as best as we can.

For more info check out the official repo, which also outlines all the changes and diversions from 5e and the reasoning behind them

We'll try to keep the class updated and add more stuff. In the future we plan to add more Battle Smith companions and also custom dialogue options.

Endgame gear is by the Dragonborn girl in the Blacksmith shop in act 3, and the Steel Watcher blueprints can be found by the kid vendor in the merchants Guild.


Known issues
Kindly offered by reddit user CADaniels

Known issues
- It shows up as "Wizard" in dialogues. This is temporary until we add actual Artificer options. It's a long process, please be patient.
- Infusion Slots action resource icon is missing -> will be added to ImprovedUI Assets shortly.
- No levels past 12 -> we're gonna add full level 20 support with complete progression, not just empty levels.
- Slots are rounded down when multiclassing -> this is an issue with how BG3 calculates them from the half/full caster coefficient. We will add a passive for compensate missing slots only on full casters.

Future Updates
- Working on custom gear (starting gear and campaign).
- More 5e faithful Homunculus summon
- Monocle coming soon!

If somehow you're still having trouble with ImprovedUI Assets read here.


Installation (Wiki)
Use BG3 Mod Manager
Load order for addons is after the main Artificer Mod (Artificer -> optional Artificer addons). ImprovedUI  and ImprovedUI Assets just need to be in the Mods folder and visible in the overrides section. And you might also need the Mod Fixer if you use ImprovedUI to get the icons.

Please make sure everyone in your party is using
- exactly the same mods!
- exactly the same mod versions!
- exactly the same load order!

Special thanks to Rumsar, Arash and Djmr, who may not appear on GitHub contributors list, but helped us too!

Incompatible with:
- Reported Meta Magic Extended Plus (Beta) breaks some Armorer skills with transmutation metamagic

Supported by:
- Attunement