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Adds a custom Garden Gnome subrace to BG3

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Cottage Friends: Garden Gnome Subrace

So this is my take on the Garden Gnomes for BG3. Hope you enjoy!

Garden Gnomes are a bit more magical than their Gnomish siblings. So you'll notice from the beginning you have a couple tricks up your sleeve.
Also included is a hat!. I can't work Blender so I can't make it pointy, but it is red-ish and close enough!
There are two main files, ONLY CHOOSE ONE, one has the "Baldurian" tag still included for dialogue choices (like when you meet Astarion) and the other file has it removed (my personal preferred)

I learned this side by side with my Race mod. I've really been enjoying getting into modding and thanks to the community for being a continued inspo.

Gnomification - Reduce
Druidcraft - 5e Spells  *NEW*
Infestation - 5e Spells *NEW*
Prestidigitation - 5e Spells
Animal Friendship
Speak with Animals
Find Familiar
Misty Step Wither and Bloom - 5e Spells *NEW*
Flock of Familiars - 5e Spells
Hold Monster
Greater Invisibility
Hold Person
Insect Swarm

Thanks to:
Trips for her amazing tutorial
ShinyHobo for the BG3 Modders Multitool
Norbyte for lslib tool
LaughingLeader for the BG3 Mod Manager
Everyone at the Down by the River Discord
Also featured in images Scantily Camp Outfit

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