Baldur's Gate 3

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Halfling Subrace based on the Maztica trilogy of novels set in the continent to the West of Faerun.

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Enter the True World. Marvel at the jungle's lush greenery, the desert's shimmering sands,
the birds' jewel-toned plumage, the people's gentle demeanor. Beware,
though, the dark side of this beauty: the gods of this place are very
much alive, and their troubles are the people's troubles.

Wild Halfling Subrace

Not much is known about these Halflings native to the jungles of Far Payit, vicious and superstitious. They specialize in hunting with darts coated in a special paralyzing potion. They do not like people and don't take prisoners for very long...

Feral Bite
Jungle Plant Growth
Jaguar Form

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