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Homebrew Dwarf Subrace based on the characters in the Lady of Poison novel

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Aue, aue
Nuku i mua
Te manulele e tataki e
Aue, aue
Te fenua te malie
Nae ko hakilia kaiga e

Kaihanga: Osse Dwarf

Here is my latest geographical mod showcasing a group of Dwarves is from the islands surrounding Osse.
Osse is DNDs amalgamation of our world's Aboriginal cultures. So the surrounding islands seemed like  they could home Kingdoms of Dwarves who were excellent shipbuilders and loosely based on Maori culture. I kept it simple and didn't give them too much magic as they are just people, allowing you to be more expressive with you class choice.
Hope you enjoy. ┗| ' O ′|┛

Tattoos are very important to the culture and look of the character and uncalquera's Totemic Body Tattoo is perfect! Be sure to download and endorse that mod for the full character experience. Also I wasn't unable to make the face tattoo ideal to start, so be sure to change to "Totemic Throat" if you want to. (❀◦‿◦)
Also shown: Calimshan Pirate Outfitmore dreadlocs and curly hairstyles Vol.01 + Vol.02

Haka - Shout that cause enemies to be frightened and allies rallied
Chee hoo - Perform a jump that does area thunder damage to all and knocks enemies prone where landing
Summon Elemental Totem

Videos may be loud


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