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Adapted Ghostwise Halfling subrace.

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Haunted Warriors: Ghostwise Halfling Subrace

Introducing the Ghostwise Halflings; the 3rd major Halfling subrace. Split off after a war with their fellow Halflings; horrified by it, the Ghostwise live in exile away from the other Halflings. They are a territorial group and rarely venture outside their forests or away from their fellow clan members.

*Feel free to use these spells at the beginning of the game for added roleplay value*

Silent Speech - Detect Thoughts. The Ghostwise have the ability to communicate telepathically with anyone who speaks their language. Since everyone speaks Common in this game that doesn't really work. So instead you have the ability to detect thoughts, which seems comparable.

Clan Memento - In CC you will be prompted to select a clan memento. Which you'll be given a spell which spawns your "Clan Memento" into your inventory. This object is permanent and bound (like Shadowheart's Artifact). It is primarily for flavor, the object itself is just mundane and won't do anything.

Memento Refresh - Divine Intervention: Opulent Revival minus the healing and resurrection; once per long rest

Summon Baby Giant Owl - Find Familiar ;D

Thank you to LostSoulMan for all you help!!
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