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Homebrew Alux/Duende Subrace, Fey-Gnomes found in Northern Maztica, based off Latin American folklore.

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Enter the True World

Alux: Fey-Gnome Hybrid

These are an offshoot of Gnomes from the Feywild. They live high in mountain caves and come down to cause mischief or protect their land. They are based off legends of the Alux and Duende. Very similar to Leprechauns. Also they are pictured usually wearing a hat.  As an option to go with their vicious Fey/feral roots I recommend Heads of the Many-Arrows (HotMA) for cool ears and teeth! Looks really good in game!

Enchanting Whistle - You stupefy  surrounding enemies cause them to be unable to take actions, i couldn't get the actual whistling animation to carry over though
Sever Phalanges  - "cut off" an enemies finger or toe, something Alux are known for doing. Causes bleeding gasping wounds, prone and disarm on
Fey Invisibility - Invisibility
Guiding Bolt Fey - High level guiding bolt

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