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The Tag Framework is an API designed to allow mods to leverage some of the behind-the-scenes tag functionality, primarilly aimed at Race (REALLY) tags, Meta Race tags, and Exclusion Tags.

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The Tag Framework is an API designed to allow mods to leverage some of the behind-the-scenes tag functionality, primarily aimed at Race (REALLY) tags, Meta Race tags, and Exclusion Tags. Certain tags are forced onto new characters - particularly Baldurian and Illithid. When creating an Outlander character, or, as an example, a character of a custom race that would clearly never have been considered Baldurian, this becomes less than ideal. REALLY tags also don't apply for custom races, as they're set in the Osiris code. Tag Framework allows Mod Authors to register their tags with a JSON configuration file in order to mimic what Larian does behind-the-scenes for vanilla races.

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Whether you want to contribute directly to the framework, report issues, or if you just want to make your mod's goals work, the Community Library Team welcomes you. The Issues tab on Github is a place for reporting issues, proposing new additions, and discussing the future of the project.


Our Wiki on GitHub has useful documentation on using the Tag Framework.


This mod works with Baldur's Gate 3 Mod Manager, and possibly Vortex and Manual Installations. BG3 Mod Managers is by far the simplest method, and as such is recommended one.

Load Order
Inspiration Framework should load near the beginning of your load order, just after Community Library. It should load before any mods using Inspiration Framework.

BG3 Mod Manager
  • Download the latest release, and unzip the .pak file.
  • Open BG3 Mod Manager, click File->Import Mod.
  • Select the mod's .pak or .zip file.
  • Once imported, click refresh
  • Drag Tag Framework to the Left pane, beneath Community Library.
  • Hit "Save Load Order to File."

Recommended Mod Management Tools

Other Recommended Mods/Pages

  • Larian Software, for working on Baldur's Gate 3 and bringing 5th Edition to PC.
  • LaughingLeader, for explaining how to do Configuration Loading
  • The Baldur's Gate 3 Modding Community.
  • Kvalyr for explaining how to Expose an API effectively
  • https://github.com/ShinyHobo for their work easing the process of creating .pak files.
  • Alana for the creation of the Mod Manager Compatibility Images.
  • Focus for providing guidance on handling Background Goals
  • Kaz, for helping discover limitations of the tag system