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Adapted Kender Race from Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen.
Using Gnomes + Halflings as base bodies

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During the mythical origins of Krynn, Reorx, god of craft, indulged in an age of unfettered creation. Many peoples sprang from his divine forge, but not all among them remained as the god created them. Altered by unbridled magic, a group of gnomes were
transformed and given almost supernatural curiosity and fearlessness. These were the first Kender.

Greetings from Krynn, home of the Kender

This is my adaptation of the Kender race for BG3. Hope you enjoy!

The Kender are a people of collectors, usually excessively so. So you will find in you inventory, a nifty Bag of Holding.
Some even believe it is the Kender who introduced the item to Toril.

Your drive towards collecting along with your fearlessness are your main strengths. Among your spells and abilities are:

Fearlessness/Frightened Resistance: Not only do you have an advantage against being frightened. As a reaction you may avoid being frightened, after using this reaction you will have the "Tired" status applied to you. All this does is block the reaction from being used again. It is removed after long rest.
Vicious Mockery
Find Familiar
Planar Ally

Install as usual with LaughingLeader's Baldur's Gate 3 Mod Manager you will need the latest version of Norbyte's Baldur's Gate 3 Script Extender
Updated support for:
Eyes of the Beholder
Unique Tav
HGY Heads + HGY Heads for Shorties
Lydia's Heads
Ghouls Customization Compendium
Jerinski's Heads for the Short Lads

Thanks to everyone in the Down by the River Discord, a really great place to be and learn.
Special thanks to juumeijin for helping me so much!!