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Simple choose-your-version modlet to increase spawns of zombies and zombie dogs for : natural spawns, random roaming hordes, or both. Available in x2, x4, x8, x12 and x16 versions.

Permissions and credits
Welcome fellow Role Players !

Well once more I bring you a modlet that will enhance your gameplay by a lot.

Cheers \o/ thanks for the 100 500 600 700 (!!!) endorsements everyone, you guys are all awesome, I'm really glad this mod pleases you all !

User zyocuh on Reddit : If you ever see this message, thank you so much for having shared my mod on Reddit, even if it's a simple post on a bigger topic, I haven't an account on Reddit yet, but if you see this, know that this is really cool of you. If you happen to pass by here, come take a cup o' joe.

Reasons : TL;DR : I like to RP when solo playing but there are not enough zombie spawns for my taste, so here you go, choose your version.

In fact, in solo play, I'm not activating Blood Moon Hordes, because alone, I don't find them funny like in multi play with my friends. In solo play, I like to role play, I like to immerge myself in the world, I don't like to prepare for somethign which is programmed like my phone is to wake me to go work (hell I don't like morning alarms they feed the shit me up). I like to take my time, as if I was the producer of some movie or series 'see what I mean ?) and do what I like to do.

As I don't like programmed hordes, I still like the concept of being attacked by hordes, screamer hordes, pitstop hordes, roaming random hordes... be it at home, at "work" pillaging houses or factories, or mining far from home. But I like it random, and the game doesn't offer me random enough hordes nor powerful enough. Usually it will take 20 to 30 seconds to clear those pesky Z and back to work.

And as you can already see, the world is bearly inhabitated, zombies are not common enough, and it's not dangerous at night, or when you walk in town you may encounter one or two, let's say three of four zombies. This is not dangerous. Even at higher levels. I know the dev's did not pushed the spawns because of performance, and it's ok, because what I bring you today, is available in multiple version so you can customize your worlds depending on your computer.

Remarks and FAQ :

- Beware the zombies ! They do pile up like crazy with my mod, because they are numerous. Pay attention to you base they climb each other to pass by your windows and take you by behind !

- You can add this mod mid game, no need to begin a new world for it to take effect. You can also change mid game from one version to another without side effect, other than a adaptation time for the game to understand the new numbers and respawn the right number of zombies. Server side only !

- I know jrbarrio did a mod like this. This IS precisely WHY I did mine. Because, respecting his work, I didn't want the other changes he made, for animals for example, and the respawn time, which I didn't touch (well this may be subject to change soon). I also altered roaming hordes, which he hasn't. I like his mod. And I DLed it. But I wanted more of MY work in MY game. Besides, I used another method than him, this also was to test my skills.

- And I know people are like me, I read Reddit, Steam, 7Days off forum, and even on StackExchange sometimes. I read people wanting to role play without Blood Moon Hordes so yeah, feel free to speak about this mod where you want. Obviously just take your friends to this page, don't reupload this elsewhere, at least without PM me before. I would recognize my work everywhere even transformed so don't try it.

- I didn't, at least for now, touch the pitstop hordes, as I need to study the file deeper. There is no mention of such hordes in the spawning.xml file, but there are mentions of entityspawners I don't know yet what they do. I may try something and upload new files down the road. This will be notified in the following section.
=> It seems these "pitstop hordes" I read about have something to do with random roaming hordes, in fact from what I understand, those are the same entityspawn blocks. The "pitstop" refers to where you are "approximately" it would seem. So if you're at home, this would be your home, if you're at your mining shaft, it would be this instead. Anywhere where you generate heatmap increasing activities. Well, to sum up, it seems that a "pitstop" horde is a roaming horde, but I may be wrong, it's difficult to have a clarification on this mechanic.

- Another thing is, this mod doesn't touch or alter the Blood Moon Hordes in any way, shape or form. Because you have a game setting to do that. Probably another mod also.

Updates History :

12/24/2023 : Uploaded Realism Edition for larger hordes completely updated for A21 with all 3 missing stages added correctly. The concept stays the same as before.
11/24/2023 : After rummaging through the files (for Higher Zombies in Hordes) I have seen the developers changed a little the hordes, so I fixed the files and added 3 missing stages that previously were animals, which are now humanoid zombies. Stages 4, 8 and 12 are now correctly added and will  throw a small number of zombies compared to other stages, as per the game base have them.
11/01/2023 : After a long hiatus I am finally back and updating my mods. I present you the 2.1 version of More Zombies in x2 to x16 versions for A21 !
What's new, and what to expect ?
- The Realism Editions are still good to use, as the gamestage wandering hordes haven't been touched yet by the developpers ;
- As such, the other Random Hordes files stayed the same, so the pack is still available for download, I just cleaned the files ;
- The Natural Spawns files have been updated with the new numbers from the dev' team, differently adapted for each biome ;
/!\ Beware though : As the spawns are increased in towns and cities, the numbers are higher than before. The new x4 version is approx 12 to 16 times the number of zombies compared to A19 depending on biome, and the x16 version is 48 to 64 times the number. So just know that night time exploration can be dangerous.
A19 versions :

03/11/2021 :
After a bit of testing, changes concerning the Max Alive number were reverted back, as it seems to no be applied. I had a yellow XML warning that told me the line could not be applied, this settings could be hardcoded, as some others are. It was a test, as even with 30 max alive Z at a time in the XML definitions, I had seen many times more than 40 or even 50 Z running after me as a wandering horde. Other changes stay the same, and new Realism Edition stay here, just not having the 60 max alive number. Files reuploaded.
03/10/2021 : Uploaded some files for the Realism Edition optional release. These files are 4 optional new values that are based on my tests and experience of multiple types of maps and game conditions. The values are low at lower gamestages, and raise a little more everyday to max out almost at gamestage 50, and are capped at choosen numbers following the version => See Description of the files part below. That "Realism Edition" is more about coherence than strict realism, as you are new to the land, and as such you did not attract many zombies at first, but your activities in these lands will attract more of them in the near future. For players who are playing for RP with Nitrogen for example and want a little less rough starting (Nitrogen is a off game application to generate maps, for those who did not know, it's faster than the game map generator, and generates really good looking maps, see Nitrogen official topic here). This is also the time to update the other file for Random Horde part of the mod, just a lesser update to modify the "maxAlive" value for wandering hordes, to 60, from 30 before. Download is not a necessity if you think you are good.
02/22/2021 : 2.0 Larger Hordes : Bunch of new files, and repack of all the versions in one Zip because it's more convenient. I changed back some things and improved the Wandering Hordes spawn by altering the gamestage part for it, see sticky post for more details. I chose to let the crazy version out of the pack, download them only if you want to challenge yourself. Posted screens of the 2.0 update, that was a 50ish Z hordes, wandering by when mining coal, they weren't aware I was here, one or two came and then I decided to play with them and take the pics to show the mod was working better after 2.0 update, it was difficult to drag them all and some of them have just wandered further. I am actually happy to see that, it was the biggest wandering horde I've seen in the game, and I feel it is a good start.
02/20/2021 : Deleted test files. Uploaded a bunch of new files : Hardcore versions x32 x64 and x128 Natural Spawns, and also x32, and x64 Nat Spawns with x16 Horde Spawns version. The final file is a Special for Tyrath911 (cheers dude, you're a celebrity now) with x128 Nat Spawns with x32 Hordes Spawns version. Hardcore mode activated. Download these at your own risk and don't cry if you have no FPS at all during roaming hordes. I may do a screamer horde version later. If enough people interested in this.
02/19/2021 : 1.0.1 for Roaming Hordes files : Changed method of implementation. I think it was hardcoded so I had to change the whole thing. I think it will work now the way it is but testing take time, so here are the files and you all can test if you see bigger hordes or not. => For coders : I created new classes which inherit from the "RoamingHordeSpawnDay" and "RoamingHordeSpawnNight" classes. This way I could have bigger hordes.
02/19/2021 : Uploaded another test file for test worlds to test with AngryScandanavian. This file and this line will be deleted later on.
02/18/2021 : Uploaded a test file with shorter respawn delays following AngryScandanavian's good remark. Download only for test worlds. More to come of tests are successful.
02/18/2021 : 1.0 - First Release : 15 files

Incompatibilities known at this day :

I tested Khaine's Max Animals, Zombies and Land Claim Blocks (found here) and saw that it is incompatible with my mod. In fact, it caps the number of zombies and animals in the local world, or maybe in the entire world. I had no zombies spawning during more than one game day just after having installed Khaine's mod. After deleting it, the result had been flashing in my eyes, zombies were spawning anew, only some game hours after.

Simple description :

There are 1 (Larger Hordes containing all versions) + 5 (More Zombies)  main files + 4 optional files in total, only choose 1 of each maximum. You can have natural spawns increased, roaming hordes increased, or both of those increased. Be careful when hunting the XP down. See Description of the files section for details.
Now you'll see 1 pack and 5 files, as of 2.1 update for A21. The pack contains all the Larger Hordes normal versions, the files are for the natural spawns versions. Extract the pack either on your desktop or a folder of your choice, and choose which version you want to add to your mod folder. You can change mid game and have a day of rehabilitation, time for the game to take the new rates into account. Don't put 2 versions at the same time, it won't be dangerous, but the game will overwrite changes of one with another, so it will be useless.
Crazy and OP versions are separate as they require computers to be bulky, and players to be experienced with massive hordes, or even to be on a server with multiple players to deal with zombies to protect the crafters and workers. => For A19 players if some still play in this version /!\ Do NOT use these with A21 as they are deprecated and will break your game.

For new players I'll throw and advice here : If you haven't figured out the mechanics and all the possibilities of the game, do not take more than x4 version. Even at x8 you'll see Z everywhere and they will come at you punching your walls down all night and you won't have much time to work or mine. Prepare your trusty mace or put spikes around to deal with them.

Technical stuff :

The spawns for roaming hordes are done by days, from 1 to 27 for Day, and 1 to 23 for Night hordes. There are some days which concern dogs, wolves, or vultures. I didn't touch vultures (hell nobody wants more vultures right ?) nor wolves, because they are animals and give meat, so for the sake of food balance, I let them as they were. As for dogs, I treated them like zombies. That said, for natural spawns, I did altered hostile animals so you may have more meat knocking at your door at night or morning. I like food delivery at my door.

For certain days, there are intervals of values. For the x2 versions I doubled all values, for x4 versions, I qadrupled all values, and for more than x4, I let the minimum at x4 values, only to increase the maximum values at x8, x12 and x16 for considered versions. This is for the sake of RNGejus, who, with all His Might and Power can decide to let you fight less zombies. I prefer to let the intervals be wider because it's more fun sometimes. You tell me.

Beware of performance for higher counts, you'll need at least a mid gen quad core CPU to have the x8 version on both, this represents a LOT of zombies sometimes - you could have technically until 200 zombies in one shot. Compare the roaming hordes with your prefered Blood Moon Horde setting and see if your computer is fine. The x16 version could lead you to 400 Z at the same time, a good CPU is adviced in this case. Really, please choose the file your computer can run, don't try to bitch it.

Core i7 two last gens or higher and NVidia RTX >1k Ti users should have no problem at all but be careful. Depending on your tasks, if using recording softwares or whatever, you could have issues and be killed easily.

For example I run an i7 8700k and a RTX 1070Ti and most of the time I'm fine, with ~less than Ultra settings. I didn't tested yet the x16 on my machine but I can run 64 Blood Moon Horde zombies no problems with molotov fire and 3 players shooting like crazy. This represents 64 * 3 Z so ~200 Z at the same time. Nonetheless the dev's made it so the Blood Moon nights consume less power to let players fight in good conditions, so take that in consideration. Try comparisons like this one to see if you can take the file you want.

/!\ Report any problems like these if you run into them, I don't stream at all so I can't be aware if this kind of issues.

Description of the files :

Natural Spawns : There are 5 files for natural spawns : x2, x4, x8, x12 and x16 zombie spawns. I altered zombies for day and night, and hostile animals also. With these files you will see more Z in the wilds, but the random hordes will be the sae size as vanilla.

Roaming Hordes : There are 5 other files for roaming horde spawns, same rates. You may not see those often, depending on your habits, if you move frequently, maybe you won't see them. With these files you won't see more Z in the wilds though.

Natural Spawns and Roaming Hordes : Lastly, there are 5 files increasing both natural spawns and roaming hordes numbers. With these files you should see more Z in the wilds, and it could be difficult to move unnoticed. The roaming hordes should also be a lot dangerous than before. But depending on your habits, you may not cross there path often.
Those files can also just be made on your own. Take the Larger Hordes and the Natural Spawns files you want and extract them in the same folder, combine into the configs folder and you're good to go.

Realism Editions : There are 4 files for those : the normal, Enhanced, Strengthened, and Intensified versions. Details :
Normal : From 8 at gamestage 1 to 38 at gamestage 43, cycling through the groups and gamestages ;
Enhanced : From 8 to 48 ;
Strengthened : From 8 to 58 ;
Intensified : From 8 to 68.

The 10 first gamestages are not modified after the normal version, they stay at 8 till 24, then following the version you choose, the numbers increase from 2 to 4 for the 6 following gamestages, then after gamestage 18 (I've stepped on those with dogs and vultures, wolves, bears and global animals in groups) they increase at 10 at a time. As you can guess by reading the data just before.

Credits go to Fun Pimps, and one part to jrbarrio as he gave me the desire to create my own modlet with his.

My Other mods :

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I now have a Paypal account. Some of you here and there told me they wanted to donate but I refused several times. Why did I changed my mind ? Well, I think it is important to let people who want to donate, do it. So I let the link here and people who want to can donate. But. Think of it. Some charity may need money. If you have money to spend, you may think of donating to charity instead. Otherwise if you really want to you can donate to me.