7 Days To Die
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Simple modlet thta allows you to craft Grandpa's Forgetting Elixir. Will be part of my future tweaks collection modlet available later on.

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Welcome fellow RP player !

This is another simple one. You just will be able to craft the respec potion, calld Grandpa's Fergit'n Elixir. Grandpa's lacking teeth and have imparied pronounciation, don't be mad at him, he tries his best to speak his words. He's old.
This modlet will be part of my future Tweaks Collection modlet, I just release it because some people would want that elixir before, as releasing a big collection of tweaks will take time to work and test.

Reasons :

Just because. It's hard, but at least it's craftable now. Don't be naive though, you won't be crafting these day 1 and not so easily even later on, just read the recipe. You'll understand.
And also to add utility to some items that aren't so much used in the game.

Simple description :

You can now craft Grandpa's sublime elixir which will hammer you till you forget completely who you are, like in the last student party you did last friday. But worse.
You can find a recipe in the loot, same lootgroup than other Grandpa's recipes. You can also unlock the recipe from Master Chef level 5, as shown in the screenshots.
Also I did add other languages to the localization file, but for asian languages I'm lost. I can speak and listen japanese, but I'm still learning Kanjis/Katakanas/Hiraganas. If you are Japanese, Chinese or Corean, and want to help for the localization line for your language, just throw me the line in a comment/PM, that will help.
For Russian people, I did it by comparing letters, I'm not so good at cyrillic, but I could recognize letters and copy/paste the line without translator. If you find any mistake, feel free to shout out to help me fix it.

Recipe :

For that marvelous drink, you'll need (~Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares music playing~) :

- Two cans of catfood (Kitty won't be happy but just find more it's ok)
- One Moonshine from Grandpa's Special Reserves (you know, downstairs, where it's dark and creepy)
- Two grain alcohol (aaaah, grain alcohol, also called Vodka, best drink in the world)
- One dose of testosterone (just take the one from your brother who wants to have big muscle, he won't notice)
- Two beers (just to render a more liquid drink, otherwise catfood makes it pasty/soggy)

As you see, you'll need to kill bears, or buy testosterone from Dr Jen if she ever has that. You'll also need that Moonshine, crafted or bought, or even found in loot. The rest is pretty "just useless shit" you find anywhere and have no use for, aside from the occasional challenge for beer, and eat to survive for catfood... and grain alcohol is used for first aid kits, but you find it in so high numbers that you either throw it out of inventory, or just let it rot on containers. So here's some usefulness for these items.

Credits go to Fun Pimps as usual.

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