7 Days To Die
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This modlet lets you find more eggs in bird nests.

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Welcome Fellow Cook Master !

I, too, had enough of not finding eggs in nests for my breakfast, so I did a little patch to help me. Because vendors tried to scam me with hiding their eggs and not selling them to me. So yeah. I know there is another mod I used out there (https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/485 from moriakGG), but it modified feathers, and I have 2500 (10 stacks) of them in my chests. So I didn't need more. And A19.3 modified a little the lines concerning nests, giving always at least 1 feather. So I prefer just more eggs and still the same number of feather.

Cheers \o/ thanks for the 100 300 (!!!) endorsements everyone, I'm really glad this mod pleases you all !

Simple description :

11/03/2023 : Updated for A21 with changed syntax.

There is now 50% chance to find between 1 and 5 eggs when you search a bird nest. Nothing more, nothing less.
Added note : I have been able to find 1 nest with 8 eggs inside in the first days of a game, I do not explain that. I only modified the "birdnest" part, and not the "birdnestmain" so nests shouldn't give more than 5 eggs, I mean without loot bonus. With high loot bonus you could be able to find more than 5 eggs multiple times in a row. But hey, this mod goal is to find more eggs, so we shouldn't complain. This is explained by the count attribute in the birdnest lootcontainer, it can be 1 or 2, so 2 x 5 eggs = 10 eggs, simple. I did not see this count attribute at first, as it is in the first line, the line of definition of the lootcontainer.

Credits as usual go to Fun Pimps for creating such a wonderfull game where I cannot find any eggs in nests I mean where I can do whatever I want. I also give credits to moriak for the idea of modifying loots. Without his mod, I'd have never thought I would modify this.

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I now have a Paypal account. Some of you here and there told me they wanted to donate but I refused several times. Why did I changed my mind ? Well, I think it is important to let people who want to donate, do it. So I let the link here and people who want to can donate. But. Think of it. Some charity may need money. If you have money to spend, you may think of donating to charity instead. Otherwise if you really want to you can donate to me.