7 Days To Die
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This modlet halves the Heat Map Time added by fire based lighting sources, as well as dividing by 10 the strength of these.

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Welcome Survivors and Miners and Decorators !

I have been flirting with danger in these lands of doom and death. I have to hide, because only one torch can reveal my position to hordes of hungry and angry zombies. But not anymore ! I am fed up with being in darkness, I need light, as electricity is difficult to access. I have forges, campfires, workbenches, chemistry stations, and cement mixers runing all day and night without any zombies noticing them, and it is my torch that catch their eye ? What is this ? Some kind of bad joke ? So I invented a new kind of torch, one that do not attract zombies that easily.

Reasons : TL;DR : friggin' torch attracting more zombies than an army of Marines firing M249 all day had me down.

This mod is an original, I mean I didn't inspire from another mod or modder. I just read the wiki, and saw other players had the same problem than me. I went for more RP character so I didn't like to up the lighting/gamma, and needed more lights around my base/home without entire hordes of screamers visiting me. I mean guys, I put 8 torches, I have 4 screamers every night. I can't work in peace. So here we go.
I would understand that campfie cooking steak would attract zombies, but torches, dudes... seriously. I mean even a full 100 bullets magazine for AK would not attract as many screamers as 1 torch. Understanding that, I snook in the game XML files and saw this, and I decided to modify the values. Then, some time after, I decided to share it, as I have already released 2 other 7D2D mods.

As usual I won't take requests to modify this mod, I may release 1 or 2 less nerfed versions but that's it.

Updates History :

02/12/2021 : 1.1 - fixed version : I remembered that torches work differently : they accumulate what they should emit for 1 real life minute, and then release it in 1 block per torch per RL minute, so instead I chose to half the HeatMapTime, and divide by 10 the HeatMapStrength. Because, from what I read on wiki and think it's new, there is a pitstop horde mechanic which spawn if the heat map frequency resets to many times. So 400 was maybe too low and attract zombies too much. So then I think 2000 is a better choice and the strength of torches and barrels is now 0.1 and candles and table candles is now 0.05, still half the torch.
02/12/2021 : 1.0 - First Release

Simple description :

This modlet simply descrease grealty the attractiveness of fire based light sources. Instead of 4 torches needed to attract 1 or 2 screamers, now you should need many more, like 10 or even 20.

Technical description :

I have divided by 10 the Heat Map Time of torches placed by the player, as well as halved the strength of the heat map.
The HeatMapTime of torches is now 400 instead of 4000, and the HeatMapStrength is now 0.5 instead of 1 in vanilla.
Candles, Table Candles and Burning Barrels are included in this mod. You should now be able to decorate your base without attracting that many zombies, and see what you do in your home when you haven't yet found tactical weapon lamp/helmet light mods, or discover electricity or even discover the 7th book of mining which lets you craft mining lanterns.

Credits go to Fun Pimps, as usual, for providing us with a game where we can't see things I mean where we can do almost everything, and have so much fun killing zombies. And cook bacon and eggs, that important.

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I now have a Paypal account. Some of you here and there told me they wanted to donate but I refused several times. Why did I changed my mind ? Well, I think it is important to let people who want to donate, do it. So I let the link here and people who want to can donate. But. Think of it. Some charity may need money. If you have money to spend, you may think of donating to charity instead. Otherwise if you really want to you can donate to me.