7 Days To Die

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This modlet will allow you to harvest a working work station with your harvesting tool. It includes my other modlet for harvestable oil lanterns.

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Welcome fellow RP player and recycler !

This one is a another simple one. I added to each work station it's own item when you recycle it. It includes my other modlet Harvestable Oil Lanterns (click me) which allows to harvest the red oil lanterns you see sometimes on cobblestone blue sacks in POIs, because I think this should be the case. When you see one of these items working, you could take them with you. Now at least you can.

Reasons :

I play solo most of the time, and I am kind of fed up with the only viable meta early game : strength and intelligence. You need intel to craft the workstations, most of the time you don't find the schematics or the items at the merchant. Needing to invest 10 skill points just to be able to play the game is somewhat badly designed. At least for me, it's really rare for me to find forge + workbench + chemistry station + cement mixer schematics before first 2 weeks. So if you find a working workbench, you should be able to take it apart and reassemble it later on when you're at your house/base.

Remarks :
About compatibility and such :
If you have Custom Perks from Zuzul0l or any other mod that enhance your salvaging abilities, you can have twice the block. Like any other single block you can pick up by wrenching it, as radiators for example, you'll receive 2 of them, so you'll have to scrap it if you don't want it. I'm not aware or any limiting code in XML that could make the block drop only once, besides tricky tricks like conditional drops and such. I may do that in the future but I for now I will keep things simple as not so many players will have this problem.

Updates History :

04/13/2021 : 1.2 : I decided to transform the table saw in a container which can theoritically have the same loot list than the broken workbench, and also have now 500 (from 800) durability points. I haven't found how to make the fix I made before to not open the saw when interacted, so instead I went for another solution. Tests were done for interaction, but not yet for loot [As of April the 15th : Tests done for looting, the loot list is good and gives the same loot than broken workbench], in fact I'm not interested in the potential loot, but more in the storage capacity if I find a table saw in a POI that I want to make home, waiting for stability in a starting world. You do not need to update the version, it doesn't change much.
03/22/2021 : 1.1 : After some play time I discovered a "bug" with the table saw. In fact the dev' team chose to make it so the table saw inherits from the cement mixer. Which was a problem for me because wrenching a table saw gave you a cement mixer for free, but no materials. This version fixes that. Looking for some other things of the same type. Will update when find new ones.
03/16/2021 : 1.0 : First Release.

Simple description :

There are 2 versions. One that includes the campfire, one that doesn't. In case you are in the situation where you can't go outside searching for stones and have taken out the previous campfire which gave you only 3 stones... well, at least now if you take it back with your pickaxe it will come back as a campfire item.
Both version includes the red oil lantern modification as well. Just because.

Credits go to Fun Pimps as usual.

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