7 Days To Die
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Requested by Conan351 : Adds little more lockpicks to containers, with double the probabilities, and modifies the recipes to cost less mech parts and make more lockpicks.

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Welcome Fellow Thief Master !

Simple modlet requested by Conan351 I did on the fly. Just made lockpicks found by 2 to 6 instead of 1 to 4 in junk, WST boxes and red tool boxes, and made them double the probabilities in junk and WST boxes, and triple in red tool boxes. Also I take the freedom to modify the recipes, as it was planned in my Tweaks Collection mod that I'll release in the near future.

Simple description :

There is now more chance to find lockpicks in junk and WST boxes (prob = 2) and in red rolling and normal tool boxes (prob = 0.6 instead of 0.2). You can also now make 10 lockpicks par recipe shot with 10 forged iron and 1 mech part (like come on, 1 mech part per lockpick ? mech parts are screw or gears or something like that, you need only one to link all 10 lockpicks now, in one lockpicking tool). The bundle is now 40 forged iron as usual, bit 4 mech parts. Seems more logical to me. Even if I'm rolling in mech parts it doesn't mean I want to spend them all to craft picks that break in 0.01 seconds when I try to unlock a gun cabinet, right ? You also know that. I see sweat behind your screen.

Probs are weighted probabilities, counted against all the items in the lootgroup/container, for all the bad at maths here, it means that even if I doubled/tripled the probabilities, you may not find many picks for a time, and then find lots of them when you don't need them anymore, RNGesus will bless or curse you depending on its will, if you need picks so much, by some lockpicking candies, or craft a bunch of them in case.

I also made a version of this mod with another of my tweaks that will be in my collection, that cut the time of lockpicking by half. It means that a 12 seconds chest, will unlock in 6 seconds with a Jailbreaker Candy now. I also made a version with only the buff on the candy, for those like me who prefer just that.

Credits as usual go to Fun Pimps for the game and Conan351 for the request.

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I now have a Paypal account. Some of you here and there told me they wanted to donate but I refused several times. Why did I changed my mind ? Well, I think it is important to let people who want to donate, do it. So I let the link here and people who want to can donate. But. Think of it. Some charity may need money. If you have money to spend, you may think of donating to charity instead. Otherwise if you really want to you can donate to me.