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This is an inspiration from Traditional Zombies from jrbarrio, but remade, fixed, and completed, as well as adding my own touch.

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Welcome Survivors !

You're here because you saw the word. Yes "headshots". And you like it, you like headshots on zombies. But... well they are not working properly, you're ok ? Yes you are. Well if you came here to increase your headshots damage, this is the place.

Well, my mod is kind of a traditional zombies mod, with classic headshot = kill (or close on higher rank zombies). It includes dismemberments and high damage headshots with all tools and weapons. As I said, it's somewhat heavily inspired from jrbarrio's mod (go check it), but I fixed some issues he left, for example spears not working when thrown, or new A19 version tools as ratchet and clank I mean impact driver. Also adapted head dismemberment values as I thought it was the best compared to IRL, but I might be wrong. Don't be mad at me it you think it would have been better this or that way.

I also chose to keep the perks and so I made the chances to dismember adapted to keep the interest of leveling these perks.

Cheers \o/ thanks for the 100 (!!!) endorsements everyone, I'm really glad this mod pleases you all !

/!\ A last fixed and uniformized version is available from my Little Tweaks mod page because I think they go well together and because it is a repacked version of the Lower Body Damage version + Special Bullet file replacement of this page. Plus you can modify values of the damage by yourself by following articles that explain how to do. Plus you can ask if you want more detailed steps.

I added two tags on zombies : One for helmet zombies, one for no-helmet zombies. This way I have been able to put different dismemberment chance
for those which have helmets and those which don't, and secondly the headshot damage bonus is also different.

To sum up :
- Zombies which have my "helmet" tag (football, biker, demolition, military, and utility) will receive twice the damage for headshot added to the base
damage bonus (which is +100% head damage). This means they will take +300% more damage for headshot instead of only +100% vanilla ;
- Zombies which have my "nohelmet" tag will receive ten times more damage for headshots. This means they will take +1100% more damage instead of +100% vanilla ;
- AP ammo (AP bullets, AP turret ammo, Steel Arrows and Steel Bolts) will pierce through helmets and have the same chance of dismemberment than AP ammo and normal ammo on no-helmet zombies head. This means normal ammo will have only 10% chance of dismemberment on helmet zombies, and piercing ammo will be a more reliable way for dealing with higher rank armored zombies in late game. You can't expect to deal with 120 military green zombies with 9mm bullets, even with +300% headshot damage bonus. Work on it and craft or buy AP ammo for those battles ;
- Obviously animals don't wear helmets, so with the way I added the "nohelmet" tag (to every entity that does not contain the 5 helmet words in the first line), animals and zombie animals are concerned by the +1000% bonus for headshots. This is obviously intended. Be careful when tracking bears and zombie bears with this 9mm rank 1 pistol you found on toilets though, it may not be enough to kill it with one bullet.

Fixed things compared  to Traditional Zombies - Sum up :
- Britney Spears throwing effect ;
- Missing ammo : turrets ammo ;
- Missing tools : salvaging tools ;
- Dismemberment chance system (I thought it was too OP for my taste so yeah).

Remarks :
- Pictures are not necessary but I will upload some at some moment, be patient. Yes I'm an artist, I'm so good at Paint, I know.
- I am still testing some parts of the mod though : I have yet to see if the chances work on helmet zombies with normal and piercing ammo, and I need to test some melee weapons and some tools, but as I coded the XML, I think this should be good to go, report anything that is not working as intended.
- This mod is adapted to MY style of gameplay, so it may not correspond to yours, I won't be fixing things to everybody's taste, some other mods exist on the official forum like "Headshot 25" or "TSBX Headshot 100" for examples. You can find anything you want.
- I'm taking inspiration from jrbarrio's mod, but not stealing his work, and I give credit to him for having done all of his work and inspired me, if you want to take my work, send me a PM, if you want to work around, just do what I did, inspire yourself from my work, but do not steal it, also you can link back to this page.
- I'm not taking request to modify the present mod aside needed fixes. I can but only if I have time and will to do it.
- I may have (I surely have) make some language mistakes on this page, you can also tell me where so I can fix them. Just don't be silly about it, be cool, be kind.

Updates History :

11/03/2023 : Updated to 2.2 version. Fixed spears power attack missing. Fixed syntax errors . Removed zombies that developpers removed. Removed blunderbuss ammo. Changed lower body damage from 10% to 20% for convenience and easier gameplay. Changed dead body damage for zombies bears and dogs to 200 and 60 respectively. This is the all in one mod so you won't need the old version anymore. Please replace your old version with the new one to avoid bugs.
10/24/2023 : Updated the Special Bullets file to version 2.1.1 for A21 and the new pipe baton.

A19 updates
09/05/2021 : Updated the Special Bullets file because I've noticed an error in the syntax, I've been mistaken with 2 lines for HP bullets and AP bullets, I apologize for those who downloaded the file.
08/20/2021 : Long due update concerning special bullets damage on different types of zombies. See the part below for more info. This is only a item file that you will replace the previous with. Find it on optional files category.
08/17/2021 : Revert changes concerning lower body damage for vultures, because it is a pain to kill them otherwise. Probably the last version for this mod, unless interesting requests.
08/13/2021 : Fixed the 3 files uploaded yesterday. I haven't considered that damage follows through death, and haven't put the condition to be a zombie to resist the body damage. Now living animals will take full damage for all limbs, more for head, and corpses will be harvested with full damage from bladed weapons. Undead animals will take 10% body damage because they are zombies, and their corpses have their HP reduced 10 times to compensate. I haven't found a fix other than that because the requirement system does not take stats into account. I couldn't make a condition relative to health value or else. Though for users it won't change anything gameplay wise, just numbers changed.
08/12/2021 : Added 3 files : Lower body damage. You can customize as you want like the Custom Version, by changing the 0.10 value to want you want. I did that because I wanted to spice up my bigger hordes and POI exploration with higher number of zombies.
03/11/2021 : Added a Custom Edition. Based on RLGOR request last time, I thought a different multiplier for melee and ranged damage would be good. See just below for values and how to change yourself if you want to.
02/23/2021 : Added a ranged only version by request of RLGOR.
02/17/2021 : Added a half OP version which needs the main file to work, as the previous, it is just a replacement for the entities file
02/09/2021 : Added a less OP version which needs the main file to work, as it is just a replacement entityclasses.xml file
02/09/2021 : 1.0.1 - Fixed one missing quotation mark on the 3 salvaging tools in the items file
02/09/2021 : 1.0 - First Release

Values for the Custom Edition multipliers :

For armored zombies : Melee has an added x2 and Ranged has an added x3 multiplier for Headshot damage ;
For non armored zombies : Melee has an added x4 and Ranged has an added x7 multiplier for Headshot damage ;

How to change yourself the values :
in the Config folder, the entityclasses.xml file contains the value. Lines indicated by the <!-- green comments --> are those where you have to change the value if you want to. You can change to whatever you want to, following your tastes. You could do that before, but the new Custom Edition bears commented parts rendering the edition easy for newbies.

***Concerning the NEW Lower Body Damage Edition*** :

I did a only 10% 20% (as of 2.2 version) body damage for ALL weapons and ammo, it is not taken into account by explosives, which means mines and nades will do their full damage. Now, the last update I made is an adjustement which had been asked since long ago by some users, and I did not take the time to do it. After more than 200 hours of playtime and playtesting over many worlds and conditions/settings, and reflexions over the RP term and challenge term, I thought I would finally complete this mod by doing it. I am speaking about bullets damage bonus/malus against armored or non armored zombies.
Normal bullets will do normal damage against zombies, little more on fleshy than armored ones, AP ammo will do 20x more damage on armored zombies (yes 20 times, because 10% * 20 = twice as damage as normal) and half against fleshy zombies (10% * .5 = 5% only) and HP ammo obviously will do the reverse thing.

Which means now, if you have those special ammo, use them ! If you don't then it's ok, but if you bought or crafted or gained from quest rewards some of those special bullets, then use them.

Turret AP ammo do bonus damage on armored zombies. Arrows and Bolts aren't touched. Shotgun slugs do bonus damage on fleshy zombies, and a little more elevated bonus on armored ones.

Best is, it's an optional file, so you might download it if you want it, and put it over the previous file in my mod folder in your 7D2D game folder, and you're good to go, because it doesn't touch entitie, only items. For that, open your mods folder, then my mod folder, and put the "config" folder and merge it with the previous and click yes to replace.

Below are the dismemberment values I used, so you can see better what do what :

Weapons - Ranged (by bullets) :

All bullets have base 50% chance to dismember, this gives 55% as with all level 1 SPECIAL (oops wrong game) I mean attributes, you have +5% dismember chance with associated weapons. It means that each level you invest in, you have +5%, for a total of +50% at level 10 of considered attribute.
As I said, as AP ammo work well on armored zombies, they have 500% chance to dismember head IF, and only IF, the target wears a helmet. Other targets that don't wear helmets force the AP ammo to have then normal 50% chance (watch XML file to see how).

Weapons - Melee (by type and tier and then attack type) :

/!\ values are always BASE values and will be increased by your perks and attributes if available

Bladed :

Bone shiv/knife : 15% for normal attack, 25% for power attack (common it's a bone knife, you won't be decapitating often with that)
Hunting knife : 25 % for normal attack, 35% for power attack
Machete : 35% for normal attack, 50% for power attack + bonus : these values of dismemberment are for all limbs

Bats/Clubs :

Wood club : 10% for normal attack, 20% for power attack
Baseball bat : 15% for normal attack, 30% for power attack
Steel club : 30% for normal attack, 50% for power attack

Electric Batons :

Junk : 15% for normal attack, 25% for power attack
Stun : 20% for normal attack, 30% for power attack
Plasma : 30% for normal attack, 50% for power attack

Spears :

Stone : 20% for normal attack, 30% for power attack
Iron : 30% for normal attack, 40% for power attack
Steel : 40% for normal attack, 50% for power attack

Knuckles :

Leather : 5% for normal attack, 10% for power attack
Iron : 15% for normal attack, 20% for power attack
Steel : 30% for normal attack, 40% for power attack

Sledgehammers (for these I have "set" instead of "append" so it may produce errors, or not work as intended, the console gives nothing back but I have yet to test them) :

Stone : 15% for normal attack, 25% for power attack
Iron : 25% for normal attack, 35% for power attack
Steel : 35% for normal attack, 50% for power attack

Tools (by type and tier, and then attack type) :

Construction Tools :

Stone Axe : 15%
Claw Hammer : 20%
Nailgun : 35%

Axes :

Iron : 25% for normal attack, 35% for power attack
Steel : 40% for normal attack, 50% for power attack
Chainsaw : 100% for all attacks and limbs (you will be the hero of a movie bro, keep up the good work !)

Pickaxes :

Iron : 20% for normal attack, 30% for power attack
Steel : 40% for normal attack, 50% for power attack
Auger : 100% for all attacks only on heads

Shovels :

Stone : 10% for normal attack, 20% for power attack
Iron : 20% for normal attack, 35% for power attack
Steel : 35% for normal attack, 50% for power attack (well ok with this animation you won't be cutting heads off but hey, it's still a game)

Salvaging Tools :

Wrench : 15% for normal attack, 25% for power attack
Ratchet : 15% for normal attack, 25% for power attack
Driver : 15% for normal attack, 25% for power attack

Well this is it. Credits go to Fun Pimps, as they provided us with this great game. Also once more jrbarrio for having inspired me with his mod.

My other mods :

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I now have a Paypal account. Some of you here and there told me they wanted to donate but I refused several times. Why did I changed my mind ? Well, I think it is important to let people who want to donate, do it. So I let the link here and people who want to can donate. But. Think of it. Some charity may need money. If you have money to spend, you may think of donating to charity instead. Otherwise if you really want to you can donate to me.