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This is SKSE plugin that features various data structures for Papyrus programmers


Papyrus provides almost no usable data containers
There is no possibility to have nested data structures (arrays inside array/map and such)
Store a slight complex data inside a script is a pain and there is even more pain as no way to change data structure later


Mod implements mutable objects-containers :
JMap - associative key-value container
JArray - just a simple array
JDB - single, global object.

Key features:
- all containers are capable to store anything inside - number, string, form or another container
- export or import container data into human readable JSON format
- path resolving: access you data easily with ".youModName.playerData.arrayOfNumbers[10]" like paths
- thread safety: keep your data safe when two or more threads trying to write into one object

Documenation & Examples

List of mods using this plugin

Druids Den - Collectors Edition


In order to be sure that users using latest version you may not (unless given explicit permission) bundle this plugin into your modification.


skse team
boost framework authors
cJSON library authors
credits to Saerileth and Gooser, without your interest that project would not move forward