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Skyrim's potion names are awful

Ever been annoyed that Snowberries + Thistle Branch + Glowing Mushroom is marked as a frost resistance potion, when it also provides shock resistance? Had to dig through your inventory instead of picking from your quick menu because two potions with different effects have the same name?

Tired of it?

Proper Potion Names relabels any multiple-effect potions in your inventory with names that actually tell you everything they do. It's as simple as that.

Mod compatible

Potions can be exempted from this behavior by adding them to the PPNExempted form list, or to the JFormMap stored in JDB at .ProperPotionNames.exempted

User customizable

You can now exempt potions from being renamed, or choose your own names for them, by editing a file called ppnconfig.json in your Skyrim program directory. For example, the following ppnconfig.json renames Ale to be called Potion of Headaches, and exempts Poison of Paralysis from being renamed.

"Ale": "Potion of Headaches",
"Poison of Paralysis": null

Notice that the config file is based on potion name, not what the potion does. If you have two different potions called Poison of Paralysis and want to exempt only one of them, the config file is not the way to do it.

Version 1.0.1 and later require JContainers 3