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Customize your torch, candlelight spell and more in-game with features like brightness, range and smart dynamic shadows. ENB compatible.

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Torches Cast Shadows

The first and only mod that allows your torch to cast shadows without glitches.
Customize your torch, candlelight spell and magelight spell in-game
by using MCM with a variety of features.

Available for Skyrim Special Edition


( '.  _ .)
A lot of hours has gone into developing
this mod. Please 
endorse if you like it. 

Thanks <3

All features are optional and toggle-able
  • Shadow casting torchescandlelight- and magelight spell.
  • Brightness adjustments for torches and the Candlelight spell.
  • Candlelight toggle; toggle the spell light by casting it again.
  • Disable the mod's dynamic shadows at specific locations to avoid CTD's, lag and other issues.
  • NEW! Scanner function that automatically disables the shadows from your carried light source when there are too many around.
  • ENB-compatible.*
  • Support for Chesko's Wearable Lanterns (only front facing lantern).
  • NPC functionality
  • ELFX Compatible.

*ENB users: Torches won't cast shadows at outdoor locations. You can toggle exterior
shadows on and off in the MCM menu depending on if you use ENB or not.


  1. Install SKSE
  2. Install SkyUI
  3. Install JContainers (simply install like any other mod)
  4. Install the mod using your favorite mod manager
  5. Play the game
  6. Enjoy all the features
  7. Live happily ever after

  1. Start Skyrim
  2. Go to the MCM-menu and look for "Customizable Lights" -> "Enable mod".
  3. Select "Uninstall mod" and wait for the message "Customizable Lights Uninstalled" in the top left corner of your screen.
  4. Done!
  5. Reinstall this mod again because you actually did this by mistake.

Side note: Scripted mods shouldn't be uninstalled during a play-through since scripts linger in your save file. However,
there should be no direct conflicts or issues when uninstalling this since no vanilla assets are modified and no scripts
are running in the background.

This mod should be compatible with all mods except those who alter the candlelight spell or magelight.
If you use a mod that replaces the torch mesh it will only work for NPC's, but the player will carry the modified torch added by this mod.
ELFX compatible.

Under the hood:
All scripts are lightweight and event-based; no active scripts running in the background. Scripts are also dynamically implemented and not attached to vanilla assets.


See "CHANGES" tab.