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Scrolls are no longer a non-renewable resource. You can now craft your own scrolls, like any self-respecting mage who dabbles in enchanting should be able to.

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Version 2.0 of this mod is a new mod. The only thing it has in common with the older mod is a concept, a name, and that I'm still using Tueffel's crafting table resources.

This mod does a few things:
  • create scrolls for every spell in Skyrim and the DLCs that could have scrolls and did not already.
  • match the magnitude of scrolls to the equivalent spells, since most scrolls are laughably underpowered.
  • enable the player to craft scrolls they've seen before in some form.

New Scrolls

Buffed Scrolls

Scrolls are meant to be a kind of non-renewable spell. You have to prepare them ahead of time in order to cast them when you need them.
In light of that, my scrollwriting has a few restrictions (all of these are configurable in the MCM):
  • You must know the scroll in some form, via disenchanting the scroll or knowing the spell. Disenchanting scrolls will remove them and grant you a fixed amount of enchanting experience, also configurable. While the number looks small, just learning all of the scrolls in the game will add up to a large number of enchanting levels as the game progresses. The reasoning behind crafting the scroll if you know the spell is that you may not have the magicka to cast it frequently in combat, either due to it being just out of your grasp or being from a school you don't have any perks in, or maybe you just prefer to use your magicka on other spells that are more essential. 
  • You must have the skill to make the scroll. Firebolt, for example, is an Apprentice Destruction spell, and crafting a scroll of Firebolt requires 25 Enchanting skill or 20 Destruction skill. The exact requirements for each threshold are configurable in the MCM.
  • You must have magicka to store in the scroll. This can be done in a few ways. The options are to use your own maximum magicka, filled soul gems, or just disable this requirement because it was very unpopular in the old version. Do whatever you want, I don't judge.

Magicka reduction is probably the truest version of how I picture creating scrolls, where you store your own magicka in the scroll to create the scroll. This will temporarily reduce your maximum magicka by a configurable amount based on the skill level of the scroll. The magicka reduction will decrease by 10 points every few hours (again, configurable) until you are at your full magicka.

To learn or create new scrolls, you will need to use a Scrollwriter or a Scroll of Inscribing. You may need to craft something or re-enter the menu after learning a scroll to be able to craft it; this is a limitation of the game and there's nothing I know of that I can do to change it. Scrolls of Inscribing can be crafted at a scrollwriter and are considered Apprentice level for costs. Scrollwriters can be found in the major Hold capitals near the court wizard, and in the Arcanaeum. More may be placed in future updates.

Crafting scrolls requires a roll of paper and an ink. Ink can be created at cooking pots, either by creating 3 ink from one Inkwell, or by creating 10 ink from combining iron ore and firewood. This recipe is basically to approximate iron gall ink, which is a plausible source of Skyrim's dark ink and more importantly, easy to make a simple in-game recipe out of common materials.
Finding rolls of paper is difficult in the vanilla game. I am aware of this. That's the main reason I created Project: Illiteracy, which is the most consistent source of paper rolls I can offer you.

Scrolls Don't Suck - no. A very early mod of mine, but its functionality is completely replaced by this mod.
Previous versions of this mod - definitely no. I just went ahead and remade the mod because doing it right with what I know now was easier than changing the old version.
Any other mod that saw the empty space next to Farengar's stuff and put something there - no. Easy to patch, though. The scrollwriter is a single mesh in the new version, and you can move it anywhere.
jContainers - not required, but will allow you to save your settings in the MCM if installed.

Simon Magus for the screenshots, and for reminding me that I like scrolls and had a scrollwriting mod that I should probably update.
tueffelachtein - the Modular Crafting Table resource is what I cobbled my scrollwriter mesh out of.
quilbRetexture for the Scroll is the base of my scrollwriter scroll texture.
Obsidian Dawn for the Arcane Circles brush pack that I used just like everyone else who has to draw a magic shape on the Nexus.
Dongle's Oblivion Daedric font set