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An auto potion system with many features. Includes the use of food/poisons!

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Skyrim -*
Skyrim Script Extender 1.7.2 -
SkyUI 4.1 -
JContainers 3.1.1 -

Swift Potion Reborn has now itself been entirely re-written from scratch! Many new features are included, and a much more robust auto use system is in place. Here is a list of the current features:

- All Potions Will Be Used
The system will keep track of all potions, alcohol excluded, including any effects created by other mods. There is no limit to the amount of potions that can be stored

- FOOD!!!!!
Yes the system will now track food and will allow you to use food automatically or via hotkey.

- Configurable interface via SkyUI
A brand new interface has been designed with ease of use and customization in mind. You have much more control over all the little options when it comes to any setting in Swift Potion

- Potion/Poison Hotkeys
10 hotkeys have been made available that will allow you to bind any effect to a key. This also now includes the use of poisons!

- Potion/Food Delay
You now have control over each effects delay. You also have a seperate delay for food. This will allow you to use food faster, and potions slower.

I want to put in a thanks for Chesko for originally getting me started on this mod. His auto potion system was an inspiration for me to expand upon.

Simply activate the mod and run the game! It's still pretty seamless and the potion system will start working right away.

In order for the system to recognize any potions/food/poisons you currently have you will need to remove and add them to your inventory. Going forward the system will monitor all potions/food/poisons that get added/removed from your inventory.

The hotkey system will only register the effects of potions/food/poisons that you have already picked up. So if you don't see an effect listed it is because you have not had a potion with that effect in your inventory.

The SkyUI menu will have many options when it comes to the details of potion use and potion hotkeys.

I suggest you do a clean save of any previous version of Swift Potion.
Load order positioning does not matter as I do not alter anything.

In order for the system to recognize any potions/food/poisons you currently have you will need to remove and add them to your inventory

To access the configuration menu Open up the Main Menu and go to Mod Configuration -> Swift Potion. You will now see a few new menus. Each one should be pretty self explanitory, and every option has info text associated to it. The Auto Potion System and Hotkey system each have their own menu now.


If you want to uninstall this mod, please make sure that you select the Uninstall option from the Swift Potion MCM General Options menu. Once it says that mod has been uninstalled you can safely disable it. If you do not do this, the potion data that Swift Potions stores will remain.

silvericed - Your amazing API is what made this possible. You rock!
Chesko - Without Swift Potion I wouldn't have known where to start.